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This Month's Genealogy Queries

Sosalene Caroline – Cherokee

I am looking for information on my great great grandmother. I am told that my great great grandfather went to church in order to find a wife after his previous wife passed away. That is where he and Sosalene (spelling??) met. She was born 25 April 1855 in Fayette, Georgia. They married (John Henry Atkinson & Sosalene Caroline ____)

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‘Indian Jane’

I am looking for information about my grandmother 6 generations back. Her name was Jane (aka Indian Jane, Jane Hubbard, Nancy Jane). She was born abt. 1740 in Patrick Co. Virginia, married to Charles Rakes and had 12 children. She was adopted by Joseph Hubbard as a baby. I would like to know when she

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Finding my Cherokee roots

Looking for info on America Bear Paw Spears. said to be born in Arkansas 1820. Died in Maud, Seminole, Oklahoma 1909.  She married James Granville Craig (who is also full Cherokee) born 1819 near Red Clay, Tn. Died in Washington, Co., Arkansas. America married 3 more times James Phipps, Cyris Card, and James Rose.

How humidity affects your piano’s performance

Do you know that weather temperature can change the sound track of the piano that enables it to get out of tune? It is because the soundboard, which is made of wood, enhances when there is high relative humidity. The soundtrack of the piano can go up and down and won’t get to grasp the

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GG Grandmother Sarah Jane Harper Griffin

I was told by my Grandmother and several cousins she was full Cherokee, born 1856 Rutherford Co NC, to Francis, Franklin or Frank Marion Harper and Sarah Elizabeth Moore whose parents unknown. they lived in and around Rutherford, and Henderson Co NC. I have photos of her. I was recently told that she worked for the Harper

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