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This Month's Genealogy Queries

Marriage between Self and Moytoy

Is there a document or record proving the marriage between William Presley Self (1732-1812) and Catharine Ghi-Go-Ne-Li Rising Fawn Moytoy (1730-1800)? (Any other proof of her relationship to her tribe would be wonderful) Rising Fawn was also allegedly married to Ghi Go Ne Li Bushyhead.

Bud Moore- Cherokee Indian Chief

Hello My Name is April Mancias and I am looking for information for my fianc√© Shane Letson, about his great grandfather Bud Moore and his great great grandfather (we don’t know his name) and his great aunts’ (we don’t know their names either) just that they died of TB. So if you have any information

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My Great Grandfather’s name was Hugh, Ragie Hugh Duncan. His mother was Molly McCuen. She was “an Indian woman” per Great Grandma. Other than Great Grandpa was born in Durant OK and his father was Clifton Jefferson or Jefferson Clifton Duncan I have very little information. G G GRANDMA could also be McEwen. Is anyone

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Rebekah, great granddaughter of Talaquah, NC & MS

Searching for info (if there is any) of Talaquah, reputed to be :King of the Cherokee Nation and either grandfather or great grandfather of 1/2 Cherokee, Rebekah whose father was a white man named John Robert Hardin/Harden and Cherokee mother named Tallulah. Rebekah was born ca 1765 in NC,; married to John Hutchins in Anson,

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