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This Month's Genealogy Queries

In search of any info

my family destroyed our records of our native history along with any history. The only thing I have is that her American name was Sara(h?) and my grandparents last name is Smith.  I have no idea where to start to be honest with so little information. Any help would be nice or eve. Point me

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Mary E Kellogg Sappington, Born 1876, was my great grandmother, and I’m told she was full blood Cherokee but refused the Dawes Roll. I’m wondering if her brothers or sister are on the roll. Melinda Gifford Kellogg was her mother. James Kellogg the father. Siblings Maggie Kellogg, Bill Kellogg, Elias Kellogg.


I’m trying to find out more about my lineage. My grandfather was Walter Alexander Bankston and lived near Huntsville, Alabama in the Walnut Grove community. I was always told that his mother was full Cherokee but I never knew her or was told her given name. There is no birth certificate for him since he

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