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Delores Brown Morgan
Query: I am trying to find out what my greatgrandmothers name was. She was Fullblood Cherokee from Tenn.-married a Full blood Cherokee from Tenn. His name was James Henson BROWN. They went up into Oklahoma. If anyone know any thing about them Please email me.
Posted: May 2013

Shelby Charles
Query: Shelby Catherine CHARLES
Posted: May 2013

J Clark
Query: Looking to contact people of past posts seeking information on Hattie FOX born 4/10/1879.
Posted: May 2013

Query: I am a relative of Cynthia "Jincy" Jane CRAIG b. abt. 1815 in Red Clay, TN to parents John W. CRAIG 1775-1832 and Modare ? HARLIN. Siblings were George W. CRAIG, Sally Ann CRAIG, Polly CRAIG, and James G. CRAIG. Father was 1/2 Cherokee and mother was full blood. Jincy's father, brother George, and mother are all said to have died in 1832 and that is when Jincy was placed on the Trail of Tears. She never made it to Oklahoma, in a letter she wrote to her daughter she states that Caleb BALES arranged for her release and she married him in Batesville, AK. Due to her early removal (rolls were taken in 1835-38 to my understanding?) and the fact that she never made it to Oklahoma, she never received her roll number. Does anyone have any information on this family? Did any of her siblings receive a roll number?
Posted: May 2013

Mary Rae
Query: I'm interested in finding if the GIPSON family of South Carolina has any Cherokee roots. Millie GIPSON (app 1820-1882), daughter of John G. GIPSON (1785-1830) and Margaret MATTHEWS (1780-1825), married Washington Melmuth COKER (1814-1870+). We know he was mostly Cherokee, and think she was also, but I haven't been able to find any info. Any help will be appreciated.
Posted: May 2013

Paul Thomas
Query: Polly "Morning Dove" OVINGTON - My g-g-g great grandmother, born; 27 Feb 1773 in Edgecombe County, North Carolina, died; 1862 in Mercer, West Virginia, United States.
Posted: May 2013

Charlotte Adams
Query: Chief BLACK CLOUD and Rebecca BRAZIER were my father's great-grandparents. George W. HUGHEY and Ellen BRAZIER were his grandparents. His mother was Nellie Mae HUGHEY. Her second husband was George Palmer PERYY. But I cannot find her first husband who would be my father's father. My father's name was John Henry ADAMS. He passed away in July of 1991. He had three brothers Claude ADAMS and Thomas PITTMAN. Nellie and George had one daughter, Vera PERRY. She was my father's only sister. My grandmother's name was Nellie Mae PERRY. We are also African American.
Posted: May 2013

Dru McClellan
Query: Searching for the names of Julia WARD's parents. Born abt. 1830. She was married to a BARGNO (?) had a son named Samples and then married or lived with Andrew DOLLARHIDE and had a daughter named Hannah who married a STORY. These are my gggreat grandparents.
Posted: May 2013

Mary Lou Steadman
Query: I am looking for my gggrandmother Katy Ellen RUPE. She married Wm. BARBER in 1890 in Muskogee, Oklahoma. I then found her on a 1900 as a wife to George JOHNSON. My ggrandmother was Myrtle BARBER. Thank You Mary Lou
Posted: May 2013

Terry L Snively
Query: I have my blue card and one of my daughters. my youngest now wants hers how hard will it be to request hers?
Posted: May 2013

Tammie Greening
Query: My 2nd Great Grandmother was named KAMZAIDAH. She was reportedly on the trail of tears with her brother (Zeno), and sister (Martha ?). I believe they were from Tennessee. She and her sister escaped, but never admitted their heritage due to fear of what might happen. If you have any information of a family with these names I would appreciate any help. I have run up against a wall as I don't know their last name. Please help!
Posted: May 2013

Toni Melton
Query: Alvin Clarence MELTON 2/29/24...I am trying to contact anyone related to him or would have any information about his family....or indian heritage.....i am the granddaughter of Alvin Clarence MELTON and daughter of Alvin Ray MELTON.
Posted: May 2013

Crystal Marler
Query: I am trying to tie together the ends of my Great Great Great Grandfather JAMES BENTON MARLER. He born Nov 6 1830 in N.Carolina and died July 13 1874 in Missouri. James Benton MARLER was married to MARTHA ANN STEWART. They had SAMUEL ALFRED MARLER born Oct. 6 1856 and another son JAMES T MARLER for sure. In a 1860 Census they list JAMES B. MARLER and MARTHA A. MARLER and their children SARAH, JULIETTA, SAMUEL, ALLICE. On the internet and through this one person I am being told that ALICE MARLER was Cherokee, and that MARTHA ANN STEWART as Cherokee. I know that SAMUEL her son was as white as white can be and so was her husband JAMES. Now in the 1870 census ALICE is not named as a child of the MARLER's so was ALICE a cherokee baby? Was she like a neice just staying with JAMES AND MARTHA in 1870? Is MARTHA cherokee? cuz from the photo I have of her she doesn't really look native. Any help would be appreciated.
Posted: May 2013

Shirley Gadis
Query: My great-great great grandmother Charity a full-bloodied Cherokee was born on an indian reservation she had 3 daughters Anabell, Carabell (twins) and Ruth. Grandma Charity followed her father as he was being sold as a slave, she ended up on the Pugh plantation. I found out later Ruth married a man named Dosh STACKHOUSE. Im trying to find out Grandma Charity's last name to find out the reservation she was born on.
Posted: May 2013

Heather Weichman
Query: Looking for lineage for my grandmother.
Posted: May 2013

Query: First of all I don't even know where to start looking for information regarding my grandmother. my grandmother was born in Missouri (don't know where) supposedly on 4/1/1920. her mother was full Cherokee and her father was Irish. She was immediately put up for adoption. All I know is that her adoptive mother was a school teacher, that's about it. My grandmother passed away in 2005 and we were really close, but I could never really get much information about her childhood and where she came from. I don't even know where to start in looking for information. I do know her maiden name though. and she was also a WWII W.A.C. but her records have since gone missing. Any help on where to look for information would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!
Posted: May 2013

Alexandra Johnson
Query: Hello! I am hoping to learn more about my 5th great grandmother, Nancy "Running Hawk" SMITH and her Cherokee heritage. This is what I have on her so far - she was born in North Carolina in the year 1804 and died in Texas in the year of 1865. She was married to John BAKER.
Posted: May 2013

Denise Hall
Query: Looking for information on my paternal grandmother whom I was told as a child was of Cherokee blood...her name was Helen L FARMER born 7-13-1913 in Kentucky...married Clarence R BIBEAU and moved to Michigan...had one son, Raymond Clarence BIBEAU....I have very little information and wish to know more and where the cherokee blood line is from...Thank you.
Posted: May 2013

Mike Walters
Query: Richard LANDRUM - 1860's - N.C. - Daughters: Queen Matelda LANDRUM 1870, Vermell LANDRUM.
Posted: May 2013

Query: I am working on my family tree, and am having a hard time tracing the bloodline on my mother, and my fathers side to the Cherokee. On my mothers side of the family we have pictures of my great, great, great, grandmother in full indian head dress and clothing. She was supposedly Cherokee. Im having problems finding her name, or any childrens names, except her daughter, Sarah ADAMS. On my fathers side, my great grandmother, Willa Mae SMITH was full blood as well, but her father did not take a roll number. At one time we did have all of the documentation for both sides of the family, but unfortunately it has now been lost. We are interested in obtaining documentation of our heritage, and any and all help is appreciated. Our ancestors all seem to be from the Carolinas, Tennesee, Alabama, Mississipi, Georgia, and Missouri. I can find leads to many of them, but they most all go cold after the 1850s. I do not know names were changed to evade persecution or not, but I am suspicious it. Willa Mae Smith lived most of her life in Arkansas, and Sarah Adams in Oklahoma Choctaw territory. Sarah also goes cold after 1887. Once again any and all info will help. We have several cousins on my fathers side with Choctaw, and Cherokee documentation, but unfortunately do not know their names giving us no means to speak to them about it.
Posted: May 2013

Query: I am looking for information about my Grandmother, Mary Frances WENTWORTH, whose birthdate as abt. 1886. She was a full-blooded Cherokee Indian from Oklahoma. She was adopted by Kate WENTWORTH. They lived in Platte County, Missouri in the late 1880's-1890's. Kate WENTWORTH married Silas Smith TARTER in 1891, but Mary Frances WENTWORTH kept her name as WENTWORTH (not TARTER). Mary Frances WENTWORTH married John GLADDEN in 1909.
Posted: May 2013

Chesslie Neal
Query: Need information on Susan F COMSTOCK born about 1845 Missouri City, Fort Bend, Texas, United States, married Cambell W NEAL about 1871 Carter County, Missouri. Susan is believed to be a full blood Cherokee but I have not been able to find her father or mother or place of birth. Since it was illegal for American Indians to live in Missouri at that time many records are missing or incorrect for this period. Can you help me? I have searched the Dawes Rolls but have been able to locate her.
Posted: May 2013

Katie Kurtovic
Query: I am writing to find out more information on my great grandfather, Dewey Edward RICE. He was married to my grandmother in the Orange County area of California from 1920-1929 and has three daughters with my grandmother, Bettie, Jeane and Ruby. I have searched but have come up with only little info on him. My mother says he was half Cherokee on his mother's side. Thank you so much for any information. Our family will really appreciate it.
Posted: May 2013

Query: I am trying to find out anything about fathers grandparents, her name was Permcalia CRONIN and his name was Samuel LANCE. The names are names I have never heard of and was wondering if anyone knows anything that could help, thanks.
Posted: May 2013

Tammy Stoneberger
Query: I want to track my Cherokee heritage but not really knowing where to start that dont charge $ my grandma was said to be full blooded Cherokee her daddy I was told was a Cherokee chief his name was said to be Grover Cleveland CARTER Bedford Va is where my roots are any help would be appreciated.
Posted: May 2013

Rebecca Rooney
Query: Looking for any information on Mahala COKER, born GA abt 1818. In 1833, she married James ELLIOTT and they moved to Henry Co. Alabama. When did she die? Where is she buried? Who were her parents? Did she have any siblings? Any information would be greatly appreciated.
Posted: May 2013

Robin Cummins
Query: Trying to find info for great grand-mother full blood Cherokee LAURA PARTIN(PARTAIN)(PARTON)(PARTTON) come out of Oklahoma-white husband settled in Harrisburg, IL...WILLIAM LAWSON PARTIN daughter JEWEL...records Saline, co. IL. born 1888. Daughter of LAURA PARTIN JEWEL married LEAVY CUMMINS.
Posted: May 2013

Query: Searching for information on Eula ELLIOTT PEDDYCOART from Oklahoma. Any information would be helpful.
Posted: May 2013

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