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Irene Lowery
Query: My grandmother was born in 1898 in wachita county oklahoma on July 14. I can find no record of her and do not know the name of her parents, I am wondering if she was indian and the names of her parents.
Posted: February 2013

Query: My grandmother was a cherrokee named mae who married a white man named john CALHOUN. mae & john had four children...sammuel, robert, Margaret and charlie. i have no more information....please help me find someone...i dont know if any one have children.my farther is charlie he was the youngest.
Posted: February 2013

Kathy Summer Hawk Martel
Query: I am trying to find out information on an Edward HENRY, who was my Cherokee granfather...i did find him on the rolls, and did trace both my mom and dad's side back to indiana...but anything on Edward HENRY would be appreciated. i never met him; he was a family "secret"... my grandmother crossed over with all the information still inside her...I so badly want to connect to my Cherokee family, and would welcome any information at all... wadodv...
Posted: February 2013

Jean Williams
Query: I am trying to find out if the surname MUNLIN is linked to Cherokee history in the states of NC, SC, and/or Georgia.
Posted: February 2013

Mari Simons-Swirczynski-Miller
Query: Verbally my mother said my grandfather Theodore SIMONS (SIMMS) ancestry had French- 1st nations connection, but due to serious prejudice issue native peoples faced, it was kept a secret. Mother hinted about being "black dutch". Trying now to find my grandfather's heritage. Oklahoma 1910 census shows he was born in Missouri, and his parents born in Tennessee. Having trouble locating his parents/names in any census. I don't expect them to be on a native roll since they did not leave in the 1838 Removal and possibly hid. Just checking if this might be a possible starting point.
Posted: February 2013

Dot Driggers Morgan
Query: Does anyone have a photo of Moses DRIGGERS and/or Elizabeth "Scatchwah" DRIGGERS?
Posted: February 2013

Heidi Chappell
Query: My great grandmothers name was Zula TONEY, she married Virgil CHAPPELL, their son Wayne R. CHAPPELL is my grandfather, his whereabouts are unknown. My siblings and I are trying to identify ourselves with the Cherokee Nation.
Posted: February 2013

Charles McKay
Query: My grandmother, Matty Regan MCKAY, lived in what is now Gene Autry Oklahoma. She was 1/2 Western Cherokee. Met my grandfather David MCKAY in Gene Autry Oklahoma in the late 1800's, married around 1895. She wrote to the BIA in the early 1900's for a roll number but was refused due to being Western Cherokee. Any info?
Posted: February 2013

Kelley Keasler
Query: Martha PARTON or PARTIN may have been my Great Grandmother. She married a German man named KEASLER (or KESSLER). Her son, my Grandfather was David KEASLER.
Posted: February 2013

Donna Nordby
Query: Great grandmother: Pauline Dunn CLAY. Great grandfather: Waldo Ercle CLAY. Looking to find out if they were Cherokee or if there is a paper trail of their heritage.
Posted: February 2013

Liberti Smith
Query: I am searching for Native American heritage. In the process, I found out that my 5th great grandmother is Mourning Dove CALLOWAY (b 1774) married to John BANKS Jr. and their children when Rachel Elizabeth BANKS. I have read so much on Mourning Dove and I am wondering if there is any truth to my genealogy. Thank you.
Posted: February 2013

Carol Gulley
Query: I am searching for information on my paternal grandmother. Her name was Ada Myrtle WHEATCRAFT before she married my dad's father Columbus ASHBY. I was told that she was full blooded Cherokee. She lived in WV. She had several children including my dad. Here are a few of the names that I know. Herman ASHBY, Virginia ASHBY, and Ernest Herold ASHBY. I would appreciate any information you can find.
Posted: February 2013

Query: I was told my great grandmother was Cherokee Indian. And she went by the name Aline PITMAN. I have no birthdate for her.And my great grandfather's name was John CARROLL who was not of indian descent. I was told by my father she was from Cherokee North Caroline. But they moved to atlanta,GA. And my grandmother was born 1915.
Posted: February 2013

Donita McCary
Query: I am seeking information on Lavicia (Lavicey) NATIONS. She was born in 1824 or 1825, Alabama, and married Archie BLACK and had 11 children. We were told she was Cherokee. Would like to know. Any info would help.
Posted: February 2013

Rhonda Archer
Query: My grandmother is listed as being born in the"Indian territory, Oklahoma" but I do not know exactly where. Her name was Emma Ellen Flossie WALLACE. Her mother was Cenia HONEYCUTT. Her father is Richard Joseph WALLACE. I am unable to find any information beyond the listing of her being born. How would I find the records of her birth and where she was born? I would like to find any other family members of Cenia HONEYCUTT. I do not know if this was her birth name or if it was changed when she left the Cherokee lands.
Posted: February 2013

Carol White Clayton
Query: Have been looking for WHITE/WHITEPATH familys in al. ga. my second great garndfather is william WHITE. need to know how thomas WHITE and my william WHITE are kin. and how. thomas WHITE of al. was son of town chief WHITEPATH of turnip town gimer co. ga. died on trail teers. does anyone know anything about this. WHITEPATH was full blood cherokee indian. was william brother to thomas of al. please help me.
Posted: February 2013

Sherri Moorhead
Query: I am looking for roll info for descendants of Ross ASBILL who married Elizabeth BECKNELL they had the following children: Orvella Arvella, Martha, Charles William, Alexander, Lydia, Nancy, Jaley, Mahala Jean, John D., Thomas, Joseph W., Mary Frances, Lydia I. - Ross' parents are William and Nar-Nee "Elizabeth" ASBILL.
Posted: February 2013

Query: I have run into a stonewall concerning my gggreatgrandmother, Obedience Lamb. Headstone dates her birth as 9/27/1802. She was born in North Carolina. She married a Stephen WALLACE. One of Obedience's grandsons was a bastard child due to the father refusing to marry Obedience's daughter Jane. Family history insist she was Cherokee, but she may have Lumbee. If anyone recognizes her name assoicated with the birth date please contact me. This board may be my last hope.
Posted: February 2013

Query: My Great-Great Grandmother was full blood Cherokee. I am having a very hard time trying to find history on her. I do have this: 1896 BIA Application: MCDANIEL Sarah J. - Cherokee # 2938. Now how do I use this information??? Please help.
Posted: February 2013

Mike Turner
Query: James M. SMITH - married Margarette, Had 5 children - daughter named Emma - any info would be appreciated.
Posted: February 2013

Edward Haynes
Query: I am looking for information on my great-great grandmother. She was a Cherokee woman married to Stephen JONES (born about 1848 in NC) probably before 1870. They most likely lived in one of the SW border counties of NC or the SE counties of TN. Stephen JONES had 4 children; George, Wiley, Mary and Tommie (and all born in NC according to 1880 Census). My great-great grandmother is a mystery in our living family, and I am trying to solve it. Any information at all would be helpful in my research, even if unverified.
Posted: February 2013

Query: Seeking information on great grandmother who was full blooded Cherokee. I don't know her native name. However, the name ALLEN may be of some help. She is said to have lived in Hayti, MO, at some point in time, and died at the age of 106 in 1938.
Posted: February 2013

Teresa Lewis
Query: Searching for information on the family of Rebecca PAYNE (b 8/12/1844 in AL; died 5/12/1930 Scott County, AR) and her sister Susan [Susanna] Taewsanak PAYNE (b 9/29/1834 in AL; died 3/27/1989). Rebecca married James W. POOL and lived in Yell County Arkansas. Susan married Josiah Johnson RAINS in 1857)
Posted: February 2013

Sheila Pierce Skaggs
Query: looking for info on a woman named racjel born in tennessee about 1812 married abel PIERC rachel died in1842 in missouri
Posted: February 2013

Tami Langdon
Query: Looking for picture of my grandfather Empie Lester SMITH full blooded cherokee lived in whiteoak county in NC.
Posted: February 2013

Mary Kay Kuss
Query: Looking for information on Nancy Jane ROBBINS (BIASS/BICE and DOUGLASS). The info I have is that her parents are Levi ROBBINS & Hester QUINTON. On her Cherokee applications she states she was born in Goingsnake District, I.T., Oklahoma but census records that I believe are attached to her show birth in Arkansas. I cannot locate a birth or marraige certificate. If born in Oklahoma Indian Territory, where would I find a birth certificate?
Posted: February 2013

Query: I am searching for relatives of Ida M. BEASLEY. She was originally from somewhere in Oklahoma. She was married to a man named Will (last name unknown) and did live on a reservation during her life. She had 2 sisters who's names are unknown and 3 daughters: Alice, Mariah and Ida. She was my great grandmother and my family is searching for more info about where we come from. Any information would be GREATLY appreciated.
Posted: February 2013

Beverly AVERY
Query: Looking for info on Carrie Bell either WERNER or WAGNER. she was born around1885. My grandmother informed me when I was young that she was half Cherokee. I can't seem to locate any info on her.
Posted: February 2013

Larry Brown
Query: I'm looking for a possible link to Chief JUNALUSKA for Esther "Gantanaga" BLACK d.1863 married to Nathan "Dutch" THOMPSON.
Posted: February 2013

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