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Kandy Russell
Query: I am trying to find out about my grandfathers parents. My grandpas name was known as Ernest Oronoz. His mother's last name (maiden) Lucero. My grandfather has 4 children, Debra Oronoz which was my mom, Ida Oronoz, Cindy Oronoz and Ernie Oronoz. If anyone knows anything at all about this family please help me thank you
Posted: July 2011

Query: I am doing some family history. My Dad believes that somewhere in North Carolina/Eastern Kentucky one of our ancestors married a Cherokee woman 1750's-early 1800's. I believe that her "christian" name is Elizabeth Meredith and she married one of the "long knives" by the last name of Skaggs. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Posted: July 2011

Ralph Raymond Drew Jr.
Query: Father's name: Ralph Raymond Drew
Born: 1910
Jenks, Oklhoma
Roll? 72

Father Full blood Cherokee
Name: Ralph Raymond Drew
Jenks, Oklahoma
Posted: July 2011

Query: Searching HUNT surname. Looking for mother and father of Henry Clay HUNT. Born March 1835 in Fleming county, Kentucky. Henry Clay Hunt's mother was said to be of Cherokee decent, his father white. In censuses Henry's parents are both listed born in Kentucky but their names are not listed. I don't have any siblings names either.
Posted: July 2011

Patricia Torres
Query: I have been told that my great-grandmother's name was on the Dawes roll...I can't find any documents proving this. My dad was born in 1911 and died in 1986, so I really have no way of getting much information. The family came from Hickory, North Carolina to Sparta, TN in the 1800's. She married a Lewis and they had several children.
Posted: July 2011

Lloyd Dauer
Query: My great great grandfathers name was yow My grand mother told me this and that he was an indian was just curous as to which tribe since she didn't know. She was from Tennesse. her maiden name was Tibbs
Posted: July 2011

Margie Chaney Angle
Query: It is said in my family that there is "Cherokee Indian blood" through the Hale line of my family. My paternal great grandparents were Stephen J. T. "Pete" Chaney and Nancy Hale Chaney of Patrick Co, VA. Nancy's father was Thomas Hale, born in Franklin Co, VA, and his father Francis Hale (born in NC), whose third wife was Nancy Leffew of Franklin Co, VA. I do not know for sure but wonder if the Indian connection is actually through the Leffew line. Would like to hear from anyone who might have information and pictures on the Hale and/or Leffew lines. Thank you.
Posted: July 2011

Jay Moore
Posted: July 2011

Mavis Washington
Query: My great grandmother was half cherokee and half european. Her name was Martha Hargrove Adams. She is from somewhere on the east coast, Virginia, Maryland, or something. She married Arthur Adams. She was born in the late 1800's
Posted: July 2011

Cindy Rogers
Query: I am the granddaughter of Cohassie (Hassie) Ward, her married name is Hall, she is cherokee indian and i am trying to find my indian heritage. I was told that I have indian blood on both my mother and fathers side.My father's name was Carl Ray Keen and my mother's name is Kathy Georgean Hall.My mother is the only one left living and I would appreciate any information anyone has.Thank you.
Posted: July 2011

Charles Christman
Query: I am tryingto find my grandmothers family. Her name was Ethel Dobson. Born in Kansas. Her father was George W. Dobson, her mother was Mattie. She had two brothers. Want to know any info possible.
Posted: July 2011

Query: My father's family is from Portsmouth, Va. This area was commonly referred to as Nansemond County VA. up until around the late 1920's. There is a tribe of indians by that name as well. My grandmother's name was Geneva Gray and her maiden name was Brown. She married Charles G. Gray who was born in Nansemond County, VA. on Jan. in 1893. My grandmother's name, (Geneva Brown) showed up on the Dawes Roll as a 2 year old child. She had an older brother named TICTOM Brown and another brother often referred to as Monk Brown.
Posted: July 2011

Query: My Grandmother's name was Molissia Jackson and her maiden name was Dupree. She was born in Ravenna, Tx. But her family was from Eufaula, Ok. Her g.g.g. grandfather's name was Josias Dupre who was born in France in 1654. He sailed to Manakintown, VA. on the ship Mary Ann. I found two of her relatives names on the Dawes roll: William Ellington Deupree b. 5/21/1791 Died 3/7/1835 and her niece Laura (Hill) Gentry. Her niece is the youngest daughter of her oldest sister Rosie Lee (Dupree) (Hill) Brakeen. Anyone having any knowledge or information concerning these name who is willing to share it would be greatly appreciated.
Posted: July 2011

James Coats
Query: Need info on Mahala Duncan West, born 6/21/1821, died 11/27/1879. Buried in the West Cemetery at Strang, Ok. Mahala married James S. West.
Posted: July 2011

Gilmer Phillips
Query: Married to Thomas SMART. Died in Jackson Parrish La. late 1890,s Had a daughter Eudora Smart
Posted: July 2011

Darrell Wayne Peveto
Query: My deceased mother's name is Mildred Louise Parker from Texas.
Posted: July 2011

Leah Jacobsen
Query: My great-grandfathers name was Albert WATERS. He lived in Virginia, his first wife's name is Candace Waters, he remarried after her death and I think her name was Elsie. He had a daugther named Sylvina, and several other children as well.
Posted: July 2011

Melissa Dumont
Query: Great Grandmother Ruth emaline Samples born in Marion county TN, married name Ruth Friel, had several children; Raymond, Lester, Velma, Mary Ruth, to name a few, resided in South Pittsburg, TN. Researching if she was 100% Cherokee. Died around 1910
Posted: July 2011

Christine Hancock
Query: I have searched and searched, i cannot locate my great grandfather and great grandmother. i know they were from the cherokee reservation in north carolina. my mother cannot remember my ggrandfather's indian name but his english name was erksine vesta smith or ev smth, my ggrandmother's maiden name was thelma jane blanche cash and she was from cash creek, nc. if i could please get any information would be greatly appreciated. thank you.
Posted: July 2011

Cassandra Moss
Query: I have question; just wanted to know about my heritage. My great grandmother was full-blooded indian. When she was living her name was Abby Wootson. I dont know her Maiden name. She was born in May 1863 in the state of Georgia; Her residence - Militia Districts 432,518 Irwin, Georgia. Her Husband name was Joe T or H Wootson. Both were married 18 years. He was born in 1860 in the state of Georgia. I believe his wife Abby parents were born in North Carolina. I dont have her parents birth dates. Its a possibility she was cherokee, because her daughter was Half-Indian. My father when was alive told me she was part Cherokee. Just wanted to if possibe that I might have a percentage of Indian Blood. My percentage is 64% African, 31% European, and 5% Asian. (Maybe) you can help me. Thank You - have a great Day - Cassandra Moss
Posted: July 2011

James Wooldridge
Query: Seeking info on Eli SANDERS who married Nancy Jane CAMPBELL in 1827 in Alabama. Need anything on him prior to 1827.
Posted: July 2011

Julia Carswell Sweitzer
Query: I am seeking more info on my 4th Great Grandfather..he was a full blooded CHerokee named Ransom Pickney Cloud...he married Katherine Hildebrand...I am a descendant of their daughter Sophronia...He also was a Reverend. His parents were Joel Cloud and Nancy Denton. Here is what I have on him:

Ransom Pinkney Cloud was born on or about June 9, 1805 and was a full-blooded Cherokee Indian. Ransom Cloud was very much interested in education for the community and in 1843 he was appointed one of the first commissioners of Common Schools of Burke County by the Court of Pleas and Quarter Sessions. He was also one of the first ministers of the St. John Baptist Church located in Southeastern Burke County in what is now known as Lower Fork Township. Ransom Cloud died October 25, 1850 of a fever he contracted after working day and night for several days repairing the dam of his mill pond which had been destroyed by a flood. He was married to Katrina (Catherine) Hildebrand, born February 10, 1806 and who died on May 9, 1895. Their children are as Follows:

Elizabeth (Betty) Cloud who married Joseph Reynolds.
Katherine Cloud who married Samuel Huffman.
Joel Cloud who married Angeline Hoffman.
Sophronia Cloud who married (1) Thomas Carswell, and (2) John C. Chapman.
Abel Cloud.
Terrell Cloud who married Jane Walker Smith.
Emilie Cloud who married Isaac Franklin.
Mary Anne Cloud who married Joseph Franklin.

Is it possible to find out which tribe he was with and any other info would be appeciated.
Posted: July 2011

Jo Spencer
Query: We have formed a research group to focus on my ancestors who were in the Tazewell County, VA area. I descend from Gabriel Arthur and Nikitie "Hannah", a Cherokee woman. What we are finding is that these families were mixed-blood, representing several tribes. Please contact me if you also have ancestors in that area.
Posted: July 2011

Query: I am trying to find out anything I can on my great grandmother. Her name was Ann Bowman or Boman and she married Franklin Huff. Ann Bowman was born abt 1818. My other great grandmother was Minnie (or Nannie) Carroll. Her mother was Loveday Anne Moseley. Anything anyone can tell me is appreciated ..thank you
Posted: July 2011

Query: Would like to know more about the stephens family. great great greatgrandfather was full Cherokee. percy stephens was born in Elija georgia 1907? Any information would be helpful.
Posted: July 2011

Karen Blanks
Query: My grandfather William R. Sims was reportedly full blood Cherokee. He was born between 1826 and 1835, lived in Tallapoosa County, Alabama. He married several times, but only two wives are known: Rachel Elizabeth Daniel and Sarah Jane Davis. His known children and grandchildren were: James Robert Sims, Sarah Francis Sims Davis, Eston Sims, Henry Preston Sims. Eston married Sam Rind and then later married a Porter, and she lived in Muse Oklahoma, Tallapoosa county, Alabama and also Tennessee around Nashville. Please contact me if you have any info on this family: Karen Blanks, 2808 49th Avenue SW, Lanett, AL 36863, or email karendevore@yahoo.com
Posted: July 2011

Bobbi Todd
Query: My Great Great Grandmother was Mary Fletcher. She was born 31 Oct 1924 in Good Hope, Leake, Mississippi. She married William Edwin Bailey in 1838. They had five children before her death in 1845. Does anyone know who her parents were?
Posted: July 2011

Ken Cooper
Query: Isaac RAGSDALE married a Cherokee woman in Georgia when it was Cherokee Nation East and went west to Indian Territory with the tribe. He settled in Flint District (now Adair County, Okla.) but also had a farm across the border in Arkansas. Trying to determine in which county his farm was located.
Posted: July 2011

Deneen Underwood
Query: I am looking for Cherokee heritage for Mary Ellen BAKER who married Samuel Underwood May 28, 1872 and dued January 6, 1928. She was the daughter of Sarah and Isaac Baker. Thanks.
Posted: July 2011

Ralph Thompkins
Query: Fannie Williams & Delia Allen Williams
Posted: July 2011

Eugene Patillo
Query: Andrew Jackson Patillo, spouse Barbara Ellen Taylor, Lucy Elizabeth Patillo Page.
Posted: July 2011

Renee Heath
Query: Preslar
Posted: July 2011

Bonita Roberson
Query: Looking for Info on Mandy Smith married to John Nicholson,she was born around 1854 or so. Full-blooded Cherokee Indian. She had a daughter Lillian which was my great grand-mother. Lillian had a daughter Vivian Frankie and married to Donald L Phelps. My mothers maiden name is Phelps
Posted: July 2011

Miranda Marcum
Query: Hello, all of my life I have been told stories about my great-great grandmother, Mirinda Frye. The only information that I know about her is that she lived in West Virginia and was married to Richard Tomblin. If anyone has any information, I'd appreciate it. Thank you!
Posted: July 2011

Query: I am looking for my grandfather. I do not know his name. I do know he was from the Delton, Mi area. His fater was full indian. My grampa was a forman at a factory. He had three kids. His wife was short and petite and was a nurse assistant. I know this is a long shot but I dont have much to loose. Thanks Michelle.
Posted: July 2011

Query: I am looking for folks who may have connections to the Stephens, Newberry and Smith families of Warwick, New York. This family has been mentioned many times as being Cherokee, but they are in all the census' as white. Of course, if they could claim to be white they did, in order to protect themselves. The Smith and Stephens families are difficult to follow backward in N.Y. so I am assuming that they must have come from somewhere else. The rumor is Georgia. Mary Smith was the daughter of Samuel Smith and Jane Stephens. She was married to James Newberry in 1811. They began their westward trek in 1819, travelling with the Mormons arfter 1830. Any help from folks in the south who may have been related, would be greatly appreciated. I recently found a photo of Elziabeth "Betsey" Brown Stephens and wondered if she could have been related to some Browns who came out of Rowan, N.C. and who were Cherokee/Abenaki.
Posted: July 2011

Ramona Isom
Query: Smith
Posted: July 2011

Josephine Carnell
Query: I am trying to find out more about my family I'm looking for information about my great grandpa James Howell he was in the army and married my great grandma clover howell sometime in early 1900s they had 18 kids he had to change the spelling of his name to go into the army i know a few names they are Dorthy Howell, Bill Howell, Alice Howell, Elmore Howell that is all i know if you know more please contact me and help me out with any information
Posted: July 2011

Lydia Zazueta
Query: I am trying to find my grandkids roots there greatgrandmother, grandmother was full blooded Cherokee she does not rember her name but she was married to John Russel Garvin and they were from Oklahoma I am new to this and I am tryinf real hard to find out for them but I dont realy know how to start I am willing to pay so that I may get the help I need. We are planing a trip there so that they know where there roots are from.Thank You Lydia Zazueta
Posted: July 2011

Eve-Marie Hughes
Query: Seeking information on my great-grandmother Mary Magdalene LOVE Harris. Born 12/15/1862, adopted approx 7 years later into the LOVE family(Jim and Nicey Love in Bastrop Texas). Siblings Arminda LOVE HARLESS, Georgia Ann Love. Married James Pius HARRIS and had several children, including Jessee Harris, John Sheridan Harris, Noel Harris, Ruby Nicy HARRIS CHRISTIAN. I'm not worried about registering, I'd just like to know more about my family. Would be grateful for any assistance and happy to share what information I DO have if any of my cousins are out there looking.
Posted: July 2011

Karla von Soosten-Rowland
Query: I am looking for information on my great grandmother Sissi Combs-Collins married Monroe Collins in 1907. Gave birth to Mable Collins 4/3/1920.
Posted: July 2011

Janna Meyers
Query: I am looking for information on (possibly full blooded Cherokee) Tennessee Julian, parents Julian and Lizzy. Tennessee married William Jernigan before 1895, children: Bessie M, Walter V, Ethel C, and Luna W. Thank you for any assistance.
Posted: July 2011

Jacki Long
Query: I am searching for any information on my great grandparents. Letha Lee SMITH and John BAILEY. I beleive she was from Kentucky or possibly Ohio. My great aunt Carrie Lee was born in Carter Cty Kentucky approx. 1896. I beleive they were later divorced and John died in Beckley WV in 1928.
Posted: July 2011

Ro Doty
Query: I have been searching a long time for any information on Lula Alpine Chavis who was born in Darlington late 1800's and I think either had ancestry from the Cherokee, Pee Dee or Catawba nations. Lula is my grandmother and I have been tracking her information. I saw some records to indicate her father may be Alonzo Chavis. Has anyone information please?
Posted: July 2011

Cheryl Mason
Query: Looking for the genealogy on my gg grandmother. She was Cherokee. I think she was born around Cherokee NC. Her name was Hannah Haney. She married Edward Chambers & moved to Tennessee.
Posted: July 2011

Pamela Evans
Query: I was adopted and 3yrs. ago I found my bfamily. My bmother passed away 6mos. prior. My Great Aunt gave me some info. on the family, but she herself doesn't know much about them either. She did remember after her father (my great grandfather) died his 2nd wife told her he was born on the Rez in Oklahoma. The only birth record we could find was one from Ohio. He and his family moved several times in and around Ohio. His name was Edson Boner, his father was John Boner who was married to Lara Etta Irvin. She was from Michigan. Also the name Sweetwater was mentioned as another ancestor on his side. If anyone has any info. on the name Boner or Sweetwater from Oklahoma I would appreciate any kind of info. There aren't alot of family records and Edson's grandfather (also named John Boner) there is nothing except that he was in and died in the Civil War. He was from Kentucky. Married Phila Ann Ashley. Thank you
Posted: July 2011

Teresa Kerr Cinnamon
Query: I needed to know where my sister and i can take a blood test to find out if we have cherokee in us I was told our daddy Lonas,was part cherokee and his parents was cherokee also I would like to know what to do because i only draw widows benefits i need to get money up
Posted: July 2011

Bruce Davis
Query: Rupe
Posted: July 2011

Donald Tucker
Query: Any one with knowledge of the connection of william b. odom and his connection to the Cherokee.
Posted: July 2011

F. A. Walker
Query: Looking for any information on Mariah ROBINSON and family before 1870 when she and children were in Gonzales County, Texas. Mariah was born around 1830-35 in Kentucky (per census recs). Her children Carolina "Carrie" (b. 1852), Sarah "Sallie" (b. 1853/54), David C. (b. 1855), and Alice (b. 1862) were all born somewhere in Arkansas. Sallie's grandchildren were taught that the family was Cherokee, who were later mixed with Negro and Irish (not necessarily in that order) and that the family were never slaves. I assume Robinson is a married name for Mariah but I don't know for sure. Any help, leads, or guides to my finding info on this family before 1870 Texas would be greatly appreciated.
Posted: July 2011

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