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Mark Pulliam
Query: I am looking for information as to the origin of Cherokee Indian linage in my line. Any info on any of my list will be greatly appreciated. Benjamin and Elizabeth Wilson had a son John Henery Wilson,b.1785 in Md.,d.1869 in Belmont County, Ohio. He married Isabella McGirr b. 09/28/1791 in ?, d.07/27/1867 in Belmont County Ohio, they had Hannah Jane Wilson b. 02/05/1813 in Pa., d. 10/26/1900 in W.Va., she married John Franklin Givens b. 1809 in ?, d. 1905 in I.T. Ok., they had a son Benjamin Franklin Givens b.1832 in ?, d. 1905 in I.T. Ok., he married Mary Elizabeth Wilson b. 1836 Ohio, d. 1907 I.T. Ok., they had a daughter Hannah Janey Givens b.1868 in Indiana, d. 1959 in Ok., She married Benjiman Shuman in possibly Ark., Then John Wesley Yingling in I.T. Ok., they Had Elva b. 1906 in Eucha Ok., she married Ralph Wright in Ok., togather they had Velma Wright b. in Ok., she married Archie L. Pulliam in Hugo, Ok., togather they had me Mark A. Pulliam b. in Tx. My mother told me that her Grandmother and my Great Grandmother Hannah Janey Givens was Full Blood Cherokee. These dates and places are not carved in stone so close at this point is a bulls eye!!
Posted: August 2010

Lisa Myers
Query: My husband's family has Cherokee ancestry. His mom's father, William Bradley Madden from Bracken, Kentucky had a mom or grandmom that was full blood Cherokee. Trying to find the lineage.
Posted: August 2010

Query: I am looking for any information I can find about my gmother and her family. She if from Tishomingo and her name is Pauline Day, maiden name was White. Have been told my ggggfather was Chief WhiteCloud, once Chief of the Cherokee Nation. I am trying to trace my family.
Posted: August 2010

Esther Linton
Query: Searching my ggg-grandmother Keziah Hicks b-1832 in Tennessee -came to Smith County, Texas between 1840-1847,because she married William M Maxfield 1847 in Smith Co,TX. She is buried in Marvin Cemetery Van Zandt Co,TX. I have always heard and even read where Keziah Hicks was a full blood indian. I would like to know if indeed she was.
Posted: August 2010

Ashley Hutchinson
Query: I am searching for information on my great grandfather for my mother. His name was Lanie Parks. His first name may have been spelled Laney. She doesn't know much about him except that she was told he was full blooded Cherokee. He married a woman named Pearl Mayor. Lanie may have born in 1893. Pearl may have born in 1982. They had at least one daughter that I know of named Ruby Izzeta Parks (My grandmother) born in 1920. Please can someone help me find some information on Lanie and Pearl?
Posted: August 2010

Query: Looking for information about my great grandmother Minnie O'Neal married to Jesse Leroy Pace in 1915 if anyone can help it would be greatly appreciated.
Posted: August 2010

Myra McDonald
Query: I think that my Grandmother who was my father's mother had Indian Heritage somewhere in her background. Her name was Edith Gram Later Graham I guess as the records showed. Her father was Robert Gram and Her mother was Hattie Gram.
Posted: August 2010

Cindy Potter Detrick
Query: I was born Cynthia Potter, and my grandparents were Jesse James Potter and Ova Hendren Potter from around Eucha. My great grandmother, Hester Downing Potter, gave some of her Indian Territory allotment to establish the Row Cemetery that is in Colcord, OK and my great grandfather, John Potter, was the first to be buried there. I have never been to Oklahoma and was wondering if you have pictures of the cemetery and of my great grandfather's headstone, if there is one. My father, Hubert Potter, is living in California at age 81 and has a genealogy book but there are no pictures of the cemetery or the headstone. Thanks for your help.
Posted: August 2010

Velma Lea Thompson
Query: My grandmother, Elizabeth Hall Murphy was 1/2 Cherokee. She always said she was from Sand Mountain AL, a Cherokee reservation. Her mother was Cherokee and her father was a man named Sam Hall. He would sometimes visit her and my grandfather late at night and bring her Indian blankets made by this tribe. I am just now starting my research and hope you can shed some light.
Posted: August 2010

Melissa Thompson
Query: I'm researching grandmother's Cherokee ancestors. She often told stories of her grandmother Dinah Luvina Fox. Dinah's father was a Chief Red Fox. Dinah lived in Tennesee in the early 1900's. She married a White man named Mathis. One of there children was named Joseph lawson Mathis. Dinah had twin sisters. One was named Bell. Any info on them would be appreciated.
Posted: August 2010

Query: Ok, here goes, this is just a shot in the dark. I was left in a hotel room in Denver in 1950, appx. age was 2 or 3 yrs. Possibly mother was employed by the hotel, which hotel, I don't know. Police were called (wish I could find out report case number). Then given over to Denver Child Services who then gave me over to Catholic Charities. I grew up in an orphanage for the next 14 years. After two queries with Catholic Charities, they say they don't have any information. They have to have the police report and Denver's Child Services report, but they won't give them to me so I can do some major research. I used to be called the little indian at the orphanage and many indians I have met say I look Cherokee. When I can affort to have a DNA test, I will have it done to see if indeed I am indian.
Posted: August 2010

Jerry Ortwein
Query: I live in Tulsa and lost my roll card was wondering if there was anywhere close to reobtain it thanks.
Posted: August 2010

Milton Childs Jones
Query: GREEN, JIM born in Millington, TN in the late 1700 or 1800's of slave and Cherokee.
Posted: August 2010

Wesley Barrett
Query: My great grandmother or my great grandfather was Indian maybe Cherokee. Their names were William and Liza Brown, lived in Georgia, buried in Gainesville, Georgia at Lebenon church. Any info will be appreciated.
Posted: August 2010

Candis Mathis
Query: I'm trying to prove my Cherokee lineage. I know that my great-great grandfather was 1/2 Cherokee. His name was Henry Gilpin. He lived in West Virginia (presumably Lincoln County) and died sometime when my grandmother was young. She was born in 1940. Henry Gilpin's mother was full blooded Cherokee, but I can't seem to find her name. My grandmother knew that Henry had at least 1 brother and 1 sister and there was a Bertha in the family. I'm not sure whether Henry's sister's name was Bertha or his wife. I do know that Henry's wife's maiden name was White. Please, if you have any info at all contact me.
Posted: August 2010

Janice Weeks
Query: I am looking for anyone with info on the Smith+Phillips line out of Treutlen Co, Ga. My Father was Ned Smithmhis mother was Jenny Smith, Her mother was Nancy (rumored to have been a traveling in south Ga and northern Fla). I'm told that our Native American was traced to the 1700's but I can't find the person who was able to do it. If anyone knows anything I'd love to hear from you.
Posted: August 2010

Query: I have been told that my great, great, great grandmother was native american. My grandmother, who's deceased, always said this was true, but I'm having difficulty proving it. Her name was Rhoda Ann Swengo (b 1815 in Kentucky), and her parents were John Swengo/Swango (b 1783 in Virginia)and Sarah Wise Melton (b 1792 in Caswell North Carolina). My guess is that Sarah Wise Melton was native american. Any information on my family would be greatly appreciated. They moved to Wayne County, Il in the late 1800's, which is where Sarah died.
Posted: August 2010

Cynthia Diane Wood
Query: I am looking for more imformation on Talahina Rogers and her decendents As she was my great 5 x grandmother.
Posted: August 2010

Anthony Powell
Query: Can anybody give me some information that can lead me to other ancestors of these individuals, and just any info period will be appreciated. Johnnie Sue Scurlock Johnnie Darrell Scurlock - father, John Joshua Scurlock - grandfather, Amy Eldora Scurlock - grandmother, Joe Garden Scurlock - great grandfather, Antonia Scurlock.
Posted: August 2010

Tyrone Tilson
Query: Was told my 2 great grandfather was born in Midville GA Burke cty his name was Bob Murphy and then last name became Tilson, was told this is around 1799 pls help if possible.
Posted: August 2010

Dianne Thompson
Query: I know nothing of my family heritage. My parents divorced when I was quite young. I've been told that the ESKEW family was Cherokee. And that I'm half - My father was Franklin D. Eskew b. 1926. His father was David, mother Ethel. My dad married Zelta M. Harmon in 1944. That is all I I Cherokee or not?
Posted: August 2010

Query: Looking for Cherokee heritage of John P. ELLIS and/or his wife, Mary Jane FERGUSON b. April 20 1855 in Parkerville, Polk co, TN. Father was Robert C. Ferguson (indian name Hannah). Mother Manervy Farguson. both b. Polk co. living in 1907 at davis, I.T. Mary Jane's grandparents were Moses FERGUSON and Jane HANNAH. Jane Hannah is claimed as source of FERGUSON cherokee blood. Mary Jane wrote an eloquent letter to guion miller board explaining why Cherokees lived on ther own farms or in houses & did not register to Cherokee tribe. "Because they will take away our land & place us on the reservation." source
Posted: August 2010

Dorothy Willard
Query: Since I posted the following Query, I have learned that by 2nd great grandfather was William Buchanon Brown (Buck) and my 2nd great grandmother was Martha Carson Fanning. My great grandmother Sarah Francis Brown Worley's Indian name could have been Morningstar. Please send email if you have any info about them.

Query: My great great grandfather was Buck Brown and could have been William Buck Brown. His Indian heritage was from the Chickasaw tribe. He lived near Healdton, Oklahoma between 1880 and 1890. He was a preacher and was shot and killed on a reservation around 1890. Please contact me if you have any info on my great great grandfather and his wife and/or children. Buck Brown had two sons named George & Simeon and three daughters named Sarah Francis, Mineola, & Nona. Buck Brown's wife's name may have been Martha or Sarah. Buck's daughter Sarah Francis Brown married my great grandfather, Albert Dewitt Worley and he was also a preacher.
Posted: September 2008
Posted: August 2010

Susan Chivers
Query: My father's name was Donald Gillum, his father was James (Jim) Gillum. my great, great Grandfather was Elijah Gillum or Gilliam. My maiden name is Gillum also. I was told my father's father and Grandfather were cherokee or Blackfoot Indian and so my father is part Indian as well. they were from Kentucky. My father and his brothers and one sister all have jet black hair, and dark almost black eyes. I am trying to find out about my native american heritage. If anyone has any info please respond.
Posted: August 2010

Melva Abernathy Fowler
Query: My grandfather, Noah Andrew Abernathy better known as "Ode" Abernathy came from Hanging Dog, NC. My grandfather, Hubert Waldrop had relatives in Alabama. My grandmother Bertie Davis from Ellijay, Ga.
Posted: August 2010

James Kenneth Wilks Wright
Query: Father's side:
Grandfather-William Robert Wright born in NC around 1905
Grandmother-Marie Elizabeth Turner born in NC around 1915
Mother's side:
Grandfather-Lloyd Lyles Humphries-born in Gaffney SC around 1916
Grandmother-Della Jane Hamrick born in Gaffney Sc around 1920

Need info primarily on Turner's of NC/SC border of Cherokee descent & Hamrick's of Cherokee and Catawba from the NC/SC border area
Posted: August 2010

Query: Great grandfather WILLIAM WOODS {WILD BILL} married MARY LOWERY from Cabel, GA. MARY was born 1-1-1836/died 1916. Want to research family.
Posted: August 2010

JoAnn Ware
Query: Searching for info on Jessie(Jesse) Clark Bobo born approx. 4/9/1886 died approx. 1/4/1937 married Dolphus T. Bobo 1907 in Laurens SC or Alcorn Cty MS.
Posted: August 2010

Victoria Bohannon
Query: Was told g.grandmother Rosa Whitworth was half Cherokee. She was born Stonepile Rabun County Ga. 1879 Her mother's name Arritta/Retha born 1844 married William Whitworth 1860 Franklin County Ga. Wm. died 1879, Retha died around 1880/1881 and Stange Family of Franklin County Ga. took Rosa and raised her. It was said her family would not because she was Indian. My grandmother (Rosa's daughter) said Rosa's name was Lucrecia Rosanna Clovine Sylvester Whitworth. Anyone know anything of my story?
Posted: August 2010

Query: Brown, Parkins, Perkins.
Posted: August 2010

Terrance Bolton
Query: My Grandfathers named was Henry Thomas and i was informed that he was a cherokee native and i was wondering if anyone had any information on him and he married a molly russell. if there is any info on them can you please contact me.
Posted: August 2010

Charisse Gee
Query: I was told by my grandmother that her grandmother on her fathers side was Cherokee. Her name was Jessie Lawson, she had two long braids and smoked her pipe. She went by grandma Rye. We are from Stewart and Florence county, Ga. Omaha, Ga right on the state line with Al. I have the date of 1897 when she married. I am having such a hard time tracing our roots. I think grandma Rye was the daughter of a Ani Kawi Chief or a Deer Clan Chief.
Posted: August 2010

Query: My grandmother was full blooded Cherokee her name was Vertie Adkins, I don't know if Adkins is her maiden name or not. She married Everett Hatton, and had 3 children(Aaron Paul- Amos- Anna Mae). She lived in Pikeville Ky. when her children were born. Vertie also had a sister named Nell Adkins. I am trying to find out where she grew up*reservation?) location, and her parents names.
Posted: August 2010

Cynthia Guthrie
Query: I am looking for info on Letitia ESTES. She was born in 1740, Hanover county, Virginia. She married John RICE. It is said that she was an Indian maiden, specifically Cherokee. Her parents are not listed as Indian, possible adoption? Any info would be greatly appreciated!
Posted: August 2010

Lorene B Randolph
Query: My great, great grandmother was Cherokee. She was married to TOLIVER WHITE abt 1850 to 1860, Monroe County, Tennesse. She had two children: SUSAN ELIZABETH and MATILDA MARIE WHITE. She died when Matilda Marie was a baby too young to remember her. TOLIVER WHITE married a third time to NANCY CAROLINE, also a full blood Cherokee (last name unknown) and had three more children. Nancy Caroline married a second time to JOHN ROGERS, and died about 1872. Does anyone have any information about two Cherokee sisters being married to TOLIVER WHITE?
Posted: August 2010

Jerry Williams
Query: I am trying to find any information on my grandfather Efram Cox. When my mother passed I had to fill out the death certificate for her parents my grandparents. I had not known my grandfather and had to ask my mothers sister and she told me that he was Cherokee. I have been trying to find information without any luck. Hope you can help.
Posted: August 2010

Joyce Mauk
Query: Hi Everyone, I am looking for any information on my Greatgrandmother and grandfather or decendants. They were Peter Williams and Nancy Shook. She was full blood Cherokee. If you have any information and would be willing to share, I would love to hear from you.
Posted: August 2010

Pam Weikle
Query: I would like to get some info on the Stedham, Steadham, or Stiddems that live on the Cherokee Reservatins in North Carolina and Oklahoma. Thanks for your help.
Posted: August 2010

Joyce Judd
Query: Looking for family of Amanda Katherine Dyer born 1861 Arkansas USA. She married David Mclain around 1880 Arkansas. Any help?
Posted: August 2010

Joan Holley
Query: FREEMAN - Lillin Freeman born in Algiers, LA (aka) Leila was married to John COLAR the son of my Great Great Grandfather. Are we talking about the same person.
Posted: August 2010

Shelly Potter-Lathrop
Query: I am seeking my POTTER/STOUT/ANDERSON/FOWLER/FIRESTONE MILLER lines from TN/NC/AR/MO/OK. Johnson and Sarah Guinn Potter TN. Peter and Elizabeth R. Hinkle Potter TN. Alfred Whitfield and Mary Francis Anderson Potter TN/OK I.T. Call 252 801 9258 or email me.
Posted: August 2010

Fay Snyder
Query: Looking for all information about my Great Great Grandmother. Bethana Victoria Casey Shoemake. Born: 1852, Iredell County, NC Died 1943, NC. Married Burlison Shoemake ~1867. Photograph of her shows all Native American features. Mother unknown Father: Fate Casey.
Posted: August 2010

Roberta Sullivan
Query: Supposedly there was a full-blooded Cherokee indian in my family. My mother heard that rumor a lot. Our Terry lineage is Wanda Mae Terry (Oct 11, 1933); Mack M. Terry (Mar 19, 1901); William Terry (Jan 1856); Charles Terry (1832); John Terry (1790); John Terry (1760); William Terry (1724); William Terry (about 1653); and John Terry (No info) but possible spouse is Elizabeth Gale Pierpont. AR, TN, KY, MO, IN.
Posted: August 2010

Fred Cawthon
Query: I am looking for information on James John Goins who married Rhoda Duncan. He is in my family tree and I am trying to find out which tribe he belonged to. I believe it is the Choctaw. I have a Choctaw Application Number 55 but am not sure what that means. Thanks for any assistance.
Posted: August 2010

Tracy Johnson
Query: Hi, I am wondering if anyone has any info on Ralph Johnson, married to Stella. Ralph was my great grandfather and it is rumored that his grandfather was a Sheriff in Missouri and married an Indian Princess...Ralph had brother named Lee and died in Orville, CA in the early 198's. I have some great-great grandfathers Cherokee name was Mehiline... later to be Mehiline Johnson and he would marry Dora Bristo. Dora Bristol was the daughter of Maiden and Ed Bristo. Ed Bristo was the Sheriff of Springfield, MO for many years. My Grandfather Mehiline would have two sons, Ralph Edward Johnson and Leeland Johnson.....if you have any record of my family I would love to know.
Posted: August 2010

Cynthia Cooley
Query: My great grandfather was married to Estelle Smith who I understand to be a cherokee indian. I live in Forsyth county Georgia, and to my knowledge so did they. She married Ed Rickles who is my great grandfather. Does anyone have any info on this?
Posted: August 2010

Kelly Siech
Query: Looking for information on Greenberry (b. 2 feb. 1814 d. 25 oct 1871) and his brother John Hobbs (b. 10 mar. 1816 d. 6 march 1880). They are from TN and family tale says they were adopted by a William Hobbs. William remaned in TN and it is unknown if he was every married, but the brothers moved to MO.
Posted: August 2010

Carmelita Allen
Query: One of my maternal great-great grandfather was a Cherokee freedman by the name of Andrew Johnson. Andrew was a drifter, so to say, and was in and out of his family's lives, until he finally left one day and never returned. His "disappearance" is a mystery that I would like to solve. Foremost, I would like to learn more about my Cherokee ancestry.
Posted: August 2010

Dean Loy
Query: Annie Josephine Dial Birth Sep. 1873 in Tennessee. This is my gg Grandmother I was told she was full blood Cherokee I can't find any thing on her at all Kizzie Melvina Long Birth 7 July 1894 in Anderson, , Tennessee, USA Death Sept. 1976 in Bean Station, Grainger, Tennessee, United States of America. This my g grandmother Annie was her mother I was told me was 1/2 or more her father may have been Cherokee also. I need to know if I'm Cherokee.
Posted: August 2010

Diana Crocker
Query: I am looking to research my family's lineage. I am told that I am mostly Cherokee but do not know how to go about researching my family history. My family name is Roberts.
Posted: August 2010

Tiffany Taylor
Query: Looking for information on ELIZABETH JANE GRIFFITH circa 1811-1911 married to ISAAC BAKER b.1811 d.1911 Hazard, KY.
Posted: August 2010

PAUL Helms
Query: I was told by my father that one of my great grandfathers a german was married to a cherokee woman. I am interested in my native american heritage if I really have one. My fathers name William Edgar Helms, his fathers name Alonzo Edgar Helms mother Goldie.
Posted: August 2010

Shirley Byerly
Query: Looking for info on VASHTI VANN, b.North or South Carolina abt. 1774; married BENJAMIN JERNIGAN, d. Pensacola Florida 1821.
Posted: August 2010

Kathy Campbell
Query: My sister-in-law was born in Tahlequah in Dec. 1938. Her name was supposed to be Minta Chloe Hastings. She had a brother named Dale Hastings. They were adopted out along with other siblings. The mother, Lillian only kept the baby and one child that was broght back. The families lived in Arvin, CA She is obviously Cherokee & we're trying to find her family. The adoption would have been '41, I believe.
Posted: August 2010

Mary A. Vivian
Query: I am seeing more information on our Robinson family. I will add all the info I have on this family below. If you can help, please do so. By main block is for Thomas P. Robiinson and his children. I need proof of birth dates, place born died etc. Yes I need a

Please see if you have any of the following information in your family tree.
birth dates were taken from 1860 US Fed Census.
Thomas P. Robiinson b 1816 married Elizabeth Reed b 1828
Children were Thomas, b. 1855,
Susan b 1844,
Mercus L. b 1846,
Eliza L. b1848 ,
Martha F.b 1861,
Joseph W.b 1854 ,
Elizabeth b 1856,
John F. ,1859
Joseph W. Robinson is my connection to the family.
We are also descendant to the taylors.
Joseph Robinson married Nancy Taylor.
Their children were
(1) Lizzie Robinson m: William Plummer - No Children.
(2) Thomas Speedball "Speed" Robinson b: 1879 Laurel Co, KY d: 1966 buried Pinnacle Cemetery, Madison Co, Fayetteville AR
m: Gertie Ledford daughter of Samuel & Nancy (Maney) Ledford buried: Pinnacle Cemetery, Madison Co, AR
Children Ruby, Jack,
(3) Bell Robinson d. 10-31-1935 m:#1 Sam Porter #2 ? Last name Dean
Children: Ralph, Raymond,
(4) Mary Tennessee Robinson 8-17- 1883 m: Nathan David Lacy 5-15-1904
(5) Harve Robinson b: 5-14 1887 St. Paul, Madison Co, AR d. 6-1975
m: Mamie Thompson b: 1891 Springdale, AR d: 10 Feb 1969 age 88?
Alice Robinson b 8-15-1912 Springdale Ark. m. Mitchell Sexton
Bonnie Robinson, b. 3-09-1915 Springdale Ark Md. Vernon Cupps
Lorraine Robinson b. 8-9-1917 Springdale, AR m. Richard Elmore
Children Linda b. 9-9-1938 m. Ronald Shaffer
Willliam Joseph Robinson b. 9-11-1923 d. 12-04-1969 m. Betty Bowlin 10-08 ?
Chiildren, Todd b. 12-10-1953 appears to at least one more child but can't read.
(6) James Leroy Robinson b: Dec 1889 St. Paul, Madison Co, AR d: 02 Mar 1921 Johnson, Madison Co, AR m: Dorcas Thomas, on
18 Sep 1911, in Madison Co, AR Both died very young leaving one Child Viola
(7) George Robinson m: Sally Ketcher 1889 - (Sally is believed to be a full blood Choctaw)
(8) Ida Robinson m: Frank Yates
Children: H.B. Yates Robert Yeats, Marguerite, Marry, Frankie, Andy,
(9) Fred Robinson Never Married d. abt 1925 in service
(10) Marie Robinson b. ? d. 4-14-1977? m: John Weir 4 boys and 2 girls.
Children: Leon, Howard, Bill, Duane Adeliade, Anna May
(11) John Robinson m. Delia Lacy
Posted: August 2010

Debra Rose
Query: I am looking for any information on Mary Elizabeth Gentry. Was told that she might have had the indian name of Rainwater. She was born in surry, North Carolina.
Posted: August 2010

Guy Wells
Query: Looking for information on the family of Rachel Berry born about 1765 cherokee Indian Nation N.C. Married William Colvard.
Posted: August 2010

Melanie Kimball
Query: Tommy Hawk a Cherokee indian, he is deceased, nayone know anything about him, He was in Georgia.
Posted: August 2010

Julie Pointer
Query: My great grandfather, William Clayton Hopper (died in 1941), was researching his heritage and trying to link his heritage to the Cherokee Indians. He was born in Inidiana, his father, William Sr was born in Kentucky, but have no information before William Sr, who was born in 1828. Grandpa Hopper moved to Enid OK back in the early 1900's, because he had family there. His mother was buried in Mcintosh Co OK, but no info on when she died. Can anyone help with this or has any information? Grandpa Hopper had a twin brother, Thomas.
Posted: August 2010

Lisa Harris
Query: Chester Emmitt HARRIS born in Taylor, Texas 1/3/1897 father was Edward Walter HARRIS mother was Mattie HARRIS he spoke of an uncle who went by the name Roan Red. Looking for relatives or anyone who knows of him.
Posted: August 2010

Query: Allison
Posted: August 2010

Michael Mendershausen
Query: Trying to confirm my Cherokee ancestry. Oral family history has it that my greatgrandmother Ida Lambert was Cherokee. Her father and mother were Jacob A Lambert and Martha Anne Lambert (maiden name apparently Lambert). Jacob was born in North Carolina Feb 1853 and died in Paragould, Arkansas in 1931. His fatherís name is unknown, but his motherís first name I believe was Francis, born 1920. In addition to Ida, born in Bolivar, Tenn in 1876 and died in Michigan in 1949, their other children were Minnie born 1878 died 1951 and married Walter Noble and had a son Robert Noble; Grace born 1886; Herbert born 1890 and died 1940; Bessie born 1893 and married Clarence Newton Hardesty and either had a child or adopted a child named Mary Ann Hardesty in 1925; and Jack Raymond. Ida married William Mendershausen and had my father, his brother, and their sister Mildred who married Logan Donathan Campbell. Ida divorced and married James Coleman Ford and had Ida Louise Ford.
Posted: August 2010

James Yates
Query: I am looking for my Cherokee roots. I have very little to go on so I hope some one can help. My grandfathers name was Glenn Collins. He lived in a little town called Bradleytown Pennsylvania. He passed away when I was young so I don't remember the year. I was told by a man, Floid Collins, that we were cousins and he lives in Venengo County Pennsylvania. Floid has done the background check and has proof that he is Cherokee but he wants me to do the work myself to find my roots. This is a good thing but my problem is that everywhere I have looked I can't find any records. Like they never existed. I'm stuck and could sure use a point in the right direction.
Posted: August 2010

Judy Knight Lunn
Query: Hello. My name is Judy Jnight Lunn. I have been trying to find some info about my past relatives. Mothers name was Billiw Adams and Grandfather was George Adams. My father was George Adams. I also have relatives in Ohio with the name Fields Fathers name was Vincent Henry Knight. I never met his side of the famply. Any info would be appreciated. Thank you so much
Posted: August 2010

Steve Witkowski
Query: I am looking for information on Martha Cherokee Woman Whitney. Born 1820 in Cherokee, Al, died 1863 in Jack, TX. Married Mathias Mack Cooley in 1839 in Missouri City, TX. Resident of White River, AK in 1850.
Posted: August 2010

Shawna Schlup
Query: My family is on the rolls... I was just wondering if anyone knows anything about the Combs and Strange families?
Posted: August 2010

Query: I am looking for information on a Cherokee connection to Elizabeth CROW (b. 1757 in SC, d. 1855 in Pickens Co., AL). She married John THORNTON in 1789 in Spartanburg, SC). Anyone know who her parents were?
Posted: August 2010

Marilyn Anderson
Query: Barbara Cox Bantau, a Cherokee, was my grandmother cant find any info on her of proof of heritage was in trail of tears and lived in oklahome died in california around 1957. Her husband was James Bantau.
Posted: August 2010

Lesley Benjamin
Query: Looking for info. on Louisa Buckhart last known from around Jackson Ky. Married Meridy Patrick Fletcher. She was my Great Grandmother. My grandfather was born in 1890.
Posted: August 2010

Billie Emerson
Query: I'm looking for information on the parents of my Grandmother. My grandmother's maiden name was Mayes; I know her mother was Eva Mayes (possibly Eva Mayes Wright), and supposedly full blooded Cherokee. The roots stem from West Virginia (around the Charleston area). I don't have information on who fathered my grandmother, Mary Lou Mayes (born two dates listed 1922 or 1924).
Posted: August 2010

Maggie Wright
Query: Looking for info on Jane Davis who married a Hardin in NC in the 1700's. My GGGG grandparents.
Posted: August 2010

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