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Sally Dishman Edwards
Query: I am trying to find info on Kezziah Doublehead Dishman.
Posted: June 2010

Marilyn Runnels
Posted: June 2010

Mary A. Vivian
Query: I am seeking any proof at all that my ancestor Philip "Buck Spike" Williams Birth: 10 Feb 1753 in 96th Military District, Death: 12 SEP 1848 in Volga, Johnson County, Kentucky Charleston, South Carolina was married to Ann Floating cloud.b: 1754, and died 1840 in Volga, Johnson County, I have a cousin that says Ann FC was married to Philip's brother James and not to Philip. I can not find anything to back either up. Any documention at all would be so very appreciated. Email account is very limited. Please just email me first.
Posted: June 2010

Georgia Jensen
Query: My father was born a cherokee, but was adopted by white fmily. how can i find out who i am.
Posted: June 2010

Query: I am looking for info on a Hellen (Ella) Hughes, born approx 1873-1877, married to an Orville Stevens. Her father is listed as born in Tenn but her mother is shown from N.Carolina, Georgia and Alabama in various censuses. I see the name Hughes shows up in the Dawes list and this is the area for the Cherokee. DNA test shows I am between 5-12% native american. Any info is great. Other associated names are Vance and Wilder from Kentucky.
Posted: June 2010

Rebecca Crider
Query: My great grand mothers parents escaped the great removal and ended up in west tennessee in the late 1830s. her name was josephine lafever and she married my great grand father john hickerson windsor who migrated from north carolina. mother always said josephine and her parents were cherokee and i would like to know their story,where they came from how they survived. Does anyone have any information regarding a cherokee school in what is now northwest tennessee during the late 1800s.
Posted: June 2010

Paula Fears
Query: I was told one time that I have indain blood in me. I don't know what side of the family it was. my mom's last name was Bruce, My last nmae is Fears. How can I find out if I do have Indain blood in me. I was told that is was the Cherokee tribe. I don't know wich one it was. I hope you can help me.
Posted: June 2010

Marilyn Runnels
Query: My husbands Grandfather last name ROACH was a Cherokee Medicine Man he was from Red Clay Ga and died in Indiana used to go to Pow Pow's every summer in full dress. Any info on him would be appreciated.
Posted: June 2010

Wenonah Clear Skies Waugh
Query: Chief (Doc) Fisher King (born Oct 14, 1834) Indian Territory OK married Katie Fish Henzine (Born June 6, 1852). Lawerence Reserve, OK. They had 18 children, 7 of whom where left behind in OK in 1927 when they moved to OHIO (Tuscarawas County). Their kids: Josephine King (Never Married), James and William King (Twins - James unsure of marital status) (William - Never Married), John and Walter King (Twins - John married Irene Brown) (Walter - Never Married), Allabrantha King, Herman and Estella King (Twins - Walter married Amanda Myers) (Estella died in infancy), Thomas King - Never Married, Cheif Fisher King - (Married Josephine Farley), Carmillia King - (Married Elmer Myers). Great Uncle John and Aunt Irene's kids we don't know who or how many there are. :(
Herman and Amanda (Myers) King
Margaret King
Herman King Jr.
Dean King
Don King
Flora Jane King
Juanita King
Roger King
Carol King
Martha King

MY Grandfather Cheif Fisher King, and Josephine Farley King
Hiawatha G. King
Pawnee F. King
Juanita E. King
Allabrantha A. King
Jean A. King
Fawn N. King
Lassy W. King
Wenonah C. King
Alvin R. King
Brenda L. King

Carmillia married Elmer Myers
Walter James Myers
Elmer Myers Jr.
Geneva Myers
Wanita Myers
Glenn Myers
Floyd Myers (never married)
Victor Myers
Paul E. Myers

THESE children would have grown up in the Tuscarawas, OH area and also in some parts of Cambridge, New Philladelpia, Newcomerstown, Old Washington. If you RECOGNISE ANYONE from my family.. PLEASE EMAIL ME.
Posted: June 2010

Dee Njuguna
Query: I found my North Carolina Cherokee gr. gr. grandmother's parents names were George W. JOHNSON with wife listed as Hatie. My gr. gr. grandmother was Linna born 1825 who left for Missouri in about 1836. Any info would be greatly welcomed.
Posted: June 2010

Dr. Lee W. Woodard
Query: Looking for any more info RE my Indian Great Grandmother Elizabeth or Eliza Reynolds Gardner. She died and was buried in about 1899 or early 1900 when probably living in Delaware County around Maysville. She married Eli Francis Gardner in about 1890, in Adair or Chrokee County of Indian Territory. She was mother of my Great Uncle, James (Jim) Gardner and mother of my grandmother, Luella Gardner. By time of 1900 census Eliza Reynolds had died. Although she had been living in Cherokee Nation, she probably was from Choctaw Nation, down around Whitefield.
Posted: June 2010

Erin Webber
Query: I am searching for information regarding my great, great grandfather Walter James Warr, who was claimed by my family to be of Cherokee decent (they said he was a chief, but none now alive are sure). Born 12/26/1872, died 06/19/1969. His mother was believed to be Adelle Manor.
Posted: June 2010

James Willis
Query: Looking for information on the parents of FLOYD JAY. Lived in Illinois. Wife was from Kentucky.
Posted: June 2010

Barbara Heath
Query: I'm looking for info on William Wilson who was superintendant of Deleware Dist, then possibly judge in Old Skin Bayou Dist of Cherokee Nation, and later Seqouyah District. Is he the same William Wilson who ran a ferry that Wilson's Rock was named for? Does anyone have info on his wife and family?
Posted: June 2010

Query: Does anyone have any information on Chief James Johnson? I've been told that my GGGgrandma was full blooded Cherokee and that her Father, James Johnson, was a Cherokee chief. I've never been able to find any more information about them. I just saw a reference to a document about this chief of Turkey Town in 1837. I'm wondering if this could be my GGGgrandma's Father. All the information that I have on her states that she was born in 1835 in Hawkins County Tennessee. I just found an 1880 census record for Overton County (which is where they were married) and it looks to me like it is her and her husband, but it shows her age being 35 and her husband, O.B. Dodson, being 47. His age is accurate and it says he is a Minister, which he was. She is shown as A.M. Dodson. One of their 8 children is L.C. Dodson and is the right age to be my GGgrandma. I'm confused though, because all the records I've seen (Family Bible, typed out online) shows they were married in 1851. That would be impossible, of course, if she was born in 1845. Their names are Orville Bradie (or Bradley) Dodson (born Jan 8, 1833) and Alta Mary Johnson (born Nov. 26, 1835 or 1845)and their daughter was Louisa Cornelia Dodson (born May 29, 1864 / married to Jesse Gilliam in 1881). I've also seen their names as Stephen Orville Dodson and Mary Alta Catherine Johnson. It's TOO confusing to me, PLUS the court records are gone because there was a fire at the courthouse. Please, if you have any information on this family AND/OR Chief James Johnson, let me know. Thank you so much.
Posted: June 2010

Heather Davenport Robinson
Query: Im looking for information on Daisey Garrett. She was my grandfathers great granmother. she walked in the trail of tears.. If anyone has any informations pls contact me thank you
Posted: June 2010

Heather Glasco
Query: Looking for family of Nora Gunn married Joseph Wilson on Dec 9 1907 in MO.
Posted: June 2010

Robin Hill
Query: BROCK, RECTOR I need help trying to trace back to my indian heritage. My grandmother was Johnnie Willie Brock named after her father John William Brock and her mother was Fannie Ida Rector.
Posted: June 2010

Sue Carter
Query: Hi everyone...here is my question. I am trying to trace the heritage of my gg grandmother Nancy Elkins. Nancy was full blood Cherokee and married a Robert C McGeeHee. She is supposed to be buried in the CedarBluff Cemetary around Marshfiled Mo. My g grandmother was Jane (McGeeHee) Finch who married William Franklin Finch and my grandmother was Stella Mae(Finch) Dishman. Would really appreciate any info on Jane Elkins. By figuring this all out .....my brother and I would possess 1/16 Indian heritage. We are extremely intrested.
Posted: June 2010

C Pfalzgraf
Query: I am searching for the the ancestors of my 3rd great grandfather, Pleasant H HARRIS. He was born in 1839 in either Tennessee or Alabama. He married Nancy Ann MILLER, who's mother and father disowned her for marrying an indian. Pleasant was a full blooded Cherokee. The 1880 Federal Census lists his father's birthplace as South Carolina, and his mother's as North Carolina, and his own as Tennessee. I've been told that his father was a chief but no one knows his name. Any information would be greatly appreciated.
Posted: June 2010

Iris Hickman
Query: Looking for family of Elizabeth FISHER who married Henry ADELL in the 1850's in Ohio.
Posted: June 2010

Query: I'm told my Grandmother was 1/2 Cherokee and am putting together the tree on her side of our family. Here's what I've learned so far but am having trouble getting further. Francis M. Robinson born 1861 Missouri or Kentucky - is listed as a Widower on a 1920 Census Record. His Son was Benjamim Harrison Robinson born 1898-Arkansas. Benjamin married Gertrude & they had (6) kids: Cecil, Ruby, Leola, BH, Agnes & Beatrice all last name Robinson. Ruby Mae Robinson (my Grandmother) DOB 6-13-1914 to 5-16-1999. Birthplace: Wayne, McClain, Okalahoma. She had Neoma Jo (my Mother) Illegitatmitly per story on a farm in Purcell, OK w/o a Birth Cert. where Ben & Gertrude took care of her. Any suggestions how can locate specific info., as well as, was Grandma 1/2 Cherokee, or Cherokee/Choctaw or ???.
Posted: June 2010

Christopher Simmons
Query: I am looking for my grandmother on the rolls her last name is hogsed (spelling variation - Hoxit/Hogsett/Hogsed) she was born in Murphy NC. married to a man with the last name Anderson and had five kids three girls two boys and lived in ducktown,ten. were she died if some one has info on this last name or is family to or knows of where to find the info are can help me find her on the rolls i can give her first and middle name as well i am looking to join the cherokee tribe and would like the help
Posted: June 2010

Edwin Allert
Query: I am a desendant of Cherokee's Smith and Keeners. I have some information, but need more to finish my registration with the Nation
Posted: June 2010

Sue Leatherman
Query: My grandmother was Alifare Bloomfield (Married to David Smith). She was a healer and midwife in Lewis and Carter counties Kentucky. Her family is related to the Horsleys who have a Cherokee connection. She is believed to be Cherokee and all the famiy have dark hair and eyes and high cheekbones. Just looking for the Cherokee connection!
Posted: June 2010

Marilyn Buck
Query: I am looking for information on my great grandmother, Mary Jane Scrofe. We have been told our entire life that she was a Native American. We were told Cherokee, but unsure. Is the name Scrofe a native american name?
Posted: June 2010

Martha Gentry Holloway
Query: Looking for any information on Rhoda Ann Choat. All I know about her is that she was borned in Mississippi about 1824 and married Solomon F. Holt. They lived in Shelby Texas and were the parents of my Grandmother, Fannie E. Holt. Fannie married my Grandfather William Shelby Gentry in Texas. Please help if you can.
Posted: June 2010

Jerry Raney
Query: Daniel C Triplet born 1774 South Carolina was supposedly married to a native american. Does anyone know if this is fact or fiction? If true how would I research this?
Posted: June 2010

Query: James Woodfin Bell , North Carolina died Approx 1940
Posted: June 2010

Query: My family has been told that my great grandfather was Cherokee--His name John Jones--he married Dora Jane Alexander and had a family that died and another later with children: Estell. Kathleen, Curtis and Purvis, and Clementine. John Jones' siblings were: Ott, Charles, Sara, and William that we know of. He was born in 1898 in Tennessee and died 1978 in Poplar Bluff, MO. His SSN 486-38-0879. We do not know his parents names. Father we believe was also John Jones though.
Posted: June 2010

Query: I am searching for my boys grandmother on their Dad's side. All I know is her name was/is Dora Mae SULLIVAN as listed on their Dad's birth certificate. She married and divorced Thomas Chalmer McClelland. They lived near Proctor WV. Information relayed to us indictated that she was a full blooded Cherokee Indian. I have no other information other than she may have been in a nursing home in Washington PA. She gave birth to 3 kids. 2 were placed in an orphange in Wheeling, WV and my kids Dad was placed with a family at 2 days old. I have no idea of where to start searching. Can anyone offer any advice.
Posted: June 2010

John Delph
Query: My family history on my fathers side stops back in the early to mid 1800s when my dads grandfather was adopted from a family of Cherokee Indians in tennessee with the surname of Bunch. The person that adopted him had the last name of Delph, I'm not sure what his first name was. My family and I can't find any records on this, any help would make us feel not so incomplete. Thank you.
Posted: June 2010

Anna Anderson
Query: Try to get proof about me being part cherokee, and part choctaw.
Posted: June 2010

Kimberly Moran
Query: My ancestors were said to have lived in Indian Terrirtoy, Oklahoma at the turn of the century. My Grandmothers name was Aley Elizabeth Garner, Father-Andrew F Garner, Mother-unknown Blasingame. I have found she may have been Elizabeth Mae, or Eliza Blasingame. Thank you in advance for your help.
Posted: June 2010

Brenda Atkins
Query: My father once told me that I had some cherokee blood lines and I was interested to find out if I did and to what % any help would be appreciated.
Posted: June 2010

Query: I do not know much. I am looking to trace back my ancestry. My great-grandmother Dora Jane Alexander (maiden name) born 1894 in Tennessee on the 1900 census she was listed in Henderson, TN. She had a sister she called sister--my grandmother does not know the name of Dora's parents. Dora may have been married twice. Her first family of children died from tuberculosis (I believe like 5-7 children including a set of twins) and she had another family later in life with John Jones in southern MO. I believe she or her mother were Cherokee based upon snippets of family history talking about Cherokee but she never talked much about her life before and including her children's deaths. I am interested in any information and help. Thank you.
Posted: June 2010

S. Walters
Query: Does anyone know anything about a Florence or Elizabeth Tucker who was the mother of J. Henry Toole and William Gray Toole? She was an Indian woman of Cherokee or Catawba descent. She lived in North Carolina from 1815 through 1850? Also a Meta Abernathy or Meta Abernethy. She is a grand mother who lived in North Carolina during 1880 - 1910? She was of Catawba or Cherokee descent...
Posted: June 2010

Joanne Jeffries
Query: I am tring to find my biological father..John Stone who is as I'm told part Cherokee ..he was in the US Air Force.. in the Antarticia ,,on somethomg called Opperation Deep Freeze.. in the earli 60s.. he came to Christchurch New Zealand Air base for R&R.late Oct -early Nov 61...and I was born August 62.. my mother Elizabeth Jeffries (aka Betty or nick name Jacky) lived on base with her foster family The Frews...any help would be great as I would love to find him be for its to late as he will be in his 70s now...I now live in Australia ..Thank you Joanne Jeffries
Posted: June 2010

James Noble (Starkey by adoption)
Query: Searching for both mother and father information...any sibs I might have. Was told that both were Cherokee...Her last name was Starkey...Mary I believe...Father was supposed to have been Kituhwa...I was born 10/21/55...0she was 16...like to find family...PLEASE help.
Posted: June 2010

Libby Chapman
Query: Does anyone have any information a family last name HUNTER... My husbands Grand mother was Laura Hunter Chapman....They lived outside Huntington West Virginia..He was very tall thin build in the 1 photo we have of him.
Posted: June 2010

Linda Ramsey
Query: Person looking for John Adair, do you have dates or places, John is a popular name in the Adairs. I have a book "Cherokee Adairs"by the Adair Family Reunion Book committee, I bought in Tahlequah Museum during Cherokee Holiday. Its a large book, lot of hx. If you can give me more info I will attempt to help you get more info.
Posted: June 2010

Cassie Dawkins-Griffin
Query: I am looking for information on mary ann wooten-dawkins married to william dawkins. I am looking for her father and mother names.
Posted: June 2010

Daniel Bradford Howard
Query: My Grandfather on my fathers side was said to be a cherokee chief. Although I cant seem to find my grandparents names. My father was Bruce Bradford Howard. Bruce was disowned by his father years before I was born. If you have any information please contact me. Thanks
Posted: June 2010

Cal White
Query: I am looking for any information on my great great great grandfather Frank Jones that lived in Indian territory, but moved to Grayson County, TX. He was full blood Cherokee and married frances ford.
Posted: June 2010

Sharon Nordic
Query: My Great-Great Grandmother survived the Trail of Tears. Her maiden name then (I believe she would have been about 14) was Suzie Seabolt. She later married Edward Mole. One of their children was Annie Mole who later became Annie Holt and had my grandmother, Frances Holt Woody, who was registered as full-blood on the Dawes Roll. Her roll number was 28080 or 28081, I have seen both listed. I would greatly appreciate hearing from anyone who would have any information regarding my ancestors. Thank you!
Posted: June 2010

Ken Brown
Query: I am told that my ggg grandfather was Green Berry Brown and that he was a Cherokee scout in the war of 1812. It is said that in Greenup county Ky that he had a son Lewis that served in the 54th Ky mounted infantry in the Civil War, This line leads straight to me. Does any one know of Green Berry Brown that lived in Greenup county. Born about 1760 - 1780s. Thanx, Ken Brown.
Posted: June 2010

Irene (Queen) Ferrin
Query: I am looking for anyone serching the "Queen" name from Cherokee, NC. I will be happy to share!
Posted: June 2010

Tiana Cliburn
Query: I am a decsendent of Chief Jolley. My name is Tiana, as in Tiana Rogers, married to Houston. Am looking to find out if I am related to Will Rogers and related family.
Posted: June 2010

Rhonda Lee Clark
Query: I am trying to find out which BAND of the cherokee my ancesters whre from. I have all the way back to George LOWREY was married to Nanny OCTLAOSA, and her parents were OCANSFOTA (a minor chief in Tenn.?) And GHI-GO-NE-LI. Any info on this line would be much appriciated!
Posted: June 2010

Maurice Johnson
Query: Looking for information on my grandfather, ADDISON JOHNSON, born around 1886, died around 1942 in the Cherokee Hospital. Attended Carlisle School.
Posted: June 2010

Marilyn Gallagher
Query: I suspect my great-great great grandfather was Cherokee, but all the information I could find of him was that he was the father of Mary Polly Griffith who married Alexander Cook of Madison Co. Ky. on April 10, 1817 in Madison County Ky.He "Made his mark ( X ) " and posted a fifty pound bond. The only other information I had was that the bond said they were from Allen.I don't know if that was a town or a county.
Posted: June 2010

Patricia LeBeau
Query: My grandfather on my mom's side was cherokee and on my dad's side is mother was cherokee. I am interested in finding out who I am related too.
Posted: June 2010

Lisa Ellison
Query: Hello, I am trying to find out if someone I know is a current member of the Cherokee Nation, because I have been asked to adopt this man's son, but we cannot get a hold of him to find out if the Cherokee Nation has jurisdiction over adoption proceedings. His name is Leonard Sean Thomas, who used to be a member of the Cherokee Nation in 2002. Born 12-20-74. Thank you!!!
Posted: June 2010

Mark Shields
Query: Seeking any information on Isaac and Tabitha Sneed, N and S Carolina mid 1800's, and Cherokee connection.
Posted: June 2010

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