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Daisy L. Steed
Query: I was told my Grandmother, Nancy Lou Turpin was part Cherokee. She was born in Crockett County Tennessee Oct. 15th 1865.
Posted: October 2007

Elizabeth Akins Love
Query: My maiden name is Akins, and was told that my great grandmother was Cherokee. My father's family was from Austin or Dallas, Texas---last name Akins. My mother's maiden name was Warlick from Asheville, NC surrounding area. Would love to know more about the Cherokee connection. Would love to talk with anyone who may have any info. Parents were both in 1920's.
Posted: October 2007

James L. McLemore III
Query: The Immigrant James McIlmorrow/Macklemore (Scottish and early American spellings, respectively) arrived in the Crown Colony of Virginia, probably before October 1689 (and certainly by early 1690) from his native Colmonell Parish, Ayrshire, Scotland, where his presumed father William McIlmorrow had died in July 1664, leaving a widow Mary Aitken and some "bairns" (children) which are believed to have included an oldest son William, a second son Mungo (who also immigratred, by 1681), James aforesaid, and Abraham, who apparently came to America with James. All of these children were younger than 10 or 12 years old by their father's death, and their mother raised them thereafter in obscurity, probably among her Aitken relatives.

James married, within a year or so of his arrival in Virginia, Fortune Gilliam (whom he called "Fortain" - the Scottish equivalent of Fortune, in his will), the daughter of John Gilliam (d. 1671) and his wife Margery (Hinshaw) Gilliam, the daughter of parents who were both 100% English in their origin. Neither were Objibwa or any other Indian tribe or blood As some have reported. This was the mid 1600's, and no English settlers had any contact with tribes as far from eastern Virginia as the Objibwas!

Following her husband John's death in 1671, Margery (Hinshaw) Gilliam married as her second husband, Henry Briggs (with whom, and with whose family, the McLemores had neighborly relations) and raised her children in the same household as Henry's five sons from his first marriage. One of these step-brothers of Fortune's was later an Indian trader and interpreter among the Nottoways along the Southside of Virginia (the then location of the frontier), and it may have been from listening to his tales a generation later that James and Fortune's 4th son Charles got interested in doing more or less the same thing.

James and Fortune had six children mentioned in his 1734 will: William, born about 1691/2, named for James' father; Margery, born about 1693-96, named for Fortune's mother; John, born about 1698+/-1, named for Fortune's father, James Jr., born about 1701+/-, named for James himself, Charles, born about 1704/5, named for Fortune's brother Charles Gilliam, and Ephraim, born about 1707-10, named for some unknown member of James's family, who seemed to have had a lot of Biblical names amongst them. This followed the traditional Scottish naming pattern.

James and his family moved about 1720 +/-7 to the banks of the Roanoke River in NC, just below the VA line, where James died about 1734/5. His will left (among other devises and bequests) a large Island in the middle of the river to be divided between three of his sons, with Charles getting the westernmost of the three parcels. His life at least from then on (if not earlier) began to be tied up with the western frontier, and with the Cherokee Indians living to his west in the Great Smokie Mountains of western NC, eastern TN and northwestern GA. He was known and reported to have been among the Cherokee in the 1750's and early 1760's, and is mentioned by Timberlake in his journal on his sojourn with the them.

It was this Charles McLemore who thus provides the link between the Cherokees and the McLemores, as he is reported to have married a Cherokee woman named Quatsy Wolf (which presumably but not certainly indicates that she was of the Wolf Clan). They were known to have had two sons, Robert (or Robin) McLemore and John McLemore, whose descendants are usually referred to as full blooded Cherokees, and who each figured to some extent in later Cherokee history, each signing one or more treaties with the United States (with other Cherokee Chiefs) on behalf of their fellow tribesmen.

At this point I start to transition from my information giving and move on over to my question.

John seemed to be more Cherokee than Robert, it seems; he apparently went west to Arkansas in the early voluntary relocation after the turn of the century. Robert stayed behind in the east, and set himself up on a farm between two arms of Lookout Mountain, which little valley or "cove" has ever since been called McLemore's Cove. It was the site of the earliest skirmish of the Battle of Chickamauga whose main battlefield lies only a few miles away to the north.

There on his farm Robert and his wife So-Kinny Smith raised their family, until later when they were forced to take the "Trail of Tears" west. But the genealogists seem to differ on just who were in this family, and the situation with Robert's brother John is even worse.

There are some that say Robert had a daughter called "Runafter" who married first John Lowery, and second John "Wagonmaster" Benge. However, those who do make her Robert's daughter (and there are many), seldom if ever include any other children. Yet there are others who say Robert had a large family of eight children: Benjamin, Betsy, Eagle, Jennie, "Partridge" George, Peggy, Sally and Tom (the later named for So-Kinny's father John Thomas Smith). Please note that Runafter is not mentioned in that list. I have looked recently, and have not found a single instance where she AND the other eight are ever listed together in the same family (of Robert). It is for this reason that I (and a small handful of others - admitedly a minority) carry her instead as daughter of brother John; I also have John as father of a John Jr. as two John McLemores are shown at the same time in several of the censuses and Cherokee immigration and settlement lists of the early nineteenth century.

My Question to all of you Cherokee McLemore researchers out there is thus:

Who were the families of John and Robert (Robin) McLemore, and who specifically was father of "Runafter"? Who was John's wife? Does anyone have any linage for descendants from any of Robert's other children other than "Partridge" George, who has an extensive list of descendants? Do you have sources for your answers?

Be forwarned, however, I am doing all of this research, even though this is not my line, because I am trying to research and write a book on the McLemores from early Scotland down to time of the American Civil War, and I may be using the information, with or without attribution, in that future publication, the purpose of which will be to set the record straight and to connect as many McLemores born before 1865 as possible back to the immigrant brothers James and Abraham. Your help is ernestly solicited, and will be greatly appreciated.
Posted: October 2007

Lois Lynn Horsey
Query: Looking for info on ancestors of Lanier Brewer 1746-1824 married to Cherokee woman 1740-? North Carolina. They would be my ggggg grandparents. Had a son George Brewer 1775-1855 also another son Wiley Brewer.
Posted: October 2007

D. Parrish
Query: I am looking for Hill, Wilson, and Evans families of Fentress and Overton Co. TN. area. Thomas Calvin Hill m. Mary Wilson Evans, my 3rd great grandparents. Other family names are Rowe, Jenkins, Briscoe, Means, Gray, McCord, Clark, Greer, Keith, Coffey and Seaton. Some were of native amererican descent and relocated to Oklahoma and around Wolfe City, Hunt Co. TX.
Posted: October 2007

Maria Van Moppes
Query: Seeking info on parents of Martha OWSLEY, b. 1845 in KY. Have no first name for father, no name at all for mother, no dates. Martha's mother is reputed to be half Cherokee. Father may be identifiable by a title included in his name, as he has been referred to as "Captain Owsley" in some stories. Martha is supposed to be their only child, and she is our Ggrand mother. Any input is greatly appreciated!
Posted: October 2007

Donna Lundt
Query: Would Charles Vaughn please post his updated email address? I have some of the information he would like for Annie & George Martin.
Posted: October 2007

Sharon Yost
Query: I have a water color picture of a young girl, with a hat on and indian feathers in the bonnet. I bought at an estate sale. The name on the front is Zula Evans, the girls name on the back is Jesse Roberts dated 1917. Anyone know either?
Posted: October 2007

C. Appleton
Query: I am researching my father's maternal line. We know all our ancestor's names up to my great-great-great grandfather, JOHN MCLEMORE. We even have copies of the paperwork showing the US government's "purchase" of his land before forcing him onto the Trail of Tears. However, we cannot find any documentation proving the link from John to his grandson George Franklin McLemore (my great grandfather). Can anyone help me with this? We have been researching this literally for years and are at a dead end.
Posted: October 2007

Billie Parsons
Query: I am looking for some info on my grandgrand mother on my dad's side, she was supposed to be full blooded Cherokee, her name was Ellis Bice, she was married to a Henry H. Harris, not sure how many children, but one daughter was named Janie Marynell Harris born Feb. 14, 1909, died Dec 18, 1984 buried in Childersburg, AL. IF you have ANY info PLEASE email me, thank you Billie
Posted: October 2007

Marge Smith
Query: Siyo, I am looking for information about the students of Fayetteville Female Seminary in Arkansas. My understanding is that Sarah Bird Northrop Ridge left Cherokee Indian Territory after the murder of her husband John Ridge and took a group of girls, including some Martins, with her in 1939, and that the girls attended the Fayetteville Female Seminary in Arkansas under Sophia Sawyer and later Lucretia Foster Smith. I'm very interested in who attended the school and can't seem to find it. I have a Hannah MARTIN born circa 1836 in my tree who married a Peter SMITH and moved out of state to Iowa. I think Peter may have been Irish, but Hannah was of Cherokee and Scottish descent. Sgi dv, Marge
Posted: October 2007

Rhonda Hubbert
Query: I am looking for information on a Alice Moonshaw. She was supposed to be a Cherokee indian from North Carolina. Does anyone know of that name she is either my great great grandmother or great I'm not sure. Would like to find out thanks a lot.
Posted: October 2007

Joyce Hurt
Query: Looking for Clampet, Clampett, Clampit, Clampitt. Thanks in advance.
Posted: October 2007

Cassie Townsend
Query: I am looking for information on Americus (Runnels) Shrader. Americus's tombstone in New Hope Cemetery, Alabama claims that she is full blooded Cherokee and a Runnels. Lately I have found internet posting claiming that Americus was neither a Runnels nor a Cherokee but a Shoffett daugher of Peggy Cagel and an unknown Shoffet? Does anyone know if this is true. I do know that she married Henry Shrader but that is about the only factual information that I have. Any information would be appreciated.
Posted: October 2007

Query: I have very recently (within the last 2 months) been told that my father was Jack Bushyhead, a full-blood Cherokee born in Tahlequah, OK and died in Fayetteville, Arkansas. If anyone has any information, please contact me. My father met my mother while in Germany, during WWII. I was born in 1946 but I don't believe my father knew what happened to us.
Posted: October 2007

Query: I am looking for any information regarding the Surname Click and their link to the Cherokee. I know I'm part Cherokee, just want to prove it. Specifically info on Clicks from Indiana, North Carolina or in relevence with Harold K. Click would be appreciated.
Posted: October 2007

Danielle Burch
Query: Hi, I'm compiling my family heritage. I'm trying to find out more about my deceased Great Grandmother's family. We dont have any documents for her or her sister. And their relatives seem non-existant... We only knew her father, but no documentation for him either. All we know is that suppossedly they were of Cherokee heritage and may have had their surname's spelling changed. The Name is Hunnewell, previously thought to be Honeywell. All I've found so far is two Honeywell on the Dawes Rolls, but it doesnt really help. So if anyone has any geneology information regarding either Hunnewell or Honeywell, I would greatly appreciate if you could share it with me so that I might try and trace my Big Granny's heritage and family.
Posted: October 2007

Query: My ggreat-Grandmother was a baby approximately one when left behind on the Trail of Tears. We are not sure if she was left in Missouri Or Illinois. What we have heard is she was born in Ky 1837. Then that an older couple in Ill. took her in. The older couple passed on and a couple by the name of Drury adopted her. That is the name on her marriage license to Mark E Horrell in Perry Co. Mo 1857.Any help on who the Drury's where or how to locate her Cherokee family would be Greatly appreciated.
Posted: October 2007

Walter Wallace
Query: My mother is Katie Jean Swayze Wallace. Her mother was Anna Lou Jordan Swayze. Her mother was Annie Lee. Annie Lee was supposedly the daughter of Annie ODell Lee and Jim Red Bird Lee. My grandmother often told me of how Jim Red Bird Lee was retuened to Oklahoma and buried with his horse and belongings. We have no records or birth certificates or Bibles. I am hoping to find anyone who might be on a similar search or who may have run across some of these names in their own search.
Posted: October 2007

Sherrie Ott
Query: I am seeking information on my great grandmother. Her name was Lula Reynolds, I know she married Andrew Kesner in Feb. 2, 1898. I can't find any information on her. My grandmother died before I was old enough to ask questions about her. I've searched at the library on the scroll of film. I saw that a Lula Reynolds was listed. How else can I get more information on her and her family? I know that her children did not have numbers, why I do not know. How can we check this and verifiy?
Posted: October 2007

Query: I am looking for a native american married to Baptist Preacher in or around Jackson Ms. The preacher was a Sanderson. How would I go about locating this information.
Posted: October 2007

Susan Kamp
Query: Emmaline Susan Green, she was full blooded Cherokee Indian. Born in the year 1849 Cherokee Co. North Carolina. Her parents were Silas Green and Susan Morning simmons; they were married oct. 7, 1832 at logan Kentucky.
Posted: October 2007

Tina Grimm
Query: I'm looking for Chloe Chole or maybe its Chloey anyways her last name was Lnu b. abt 1783 in North Carolina she married John C. Covington he was from North Carolina.
Posted: October 2007

Carla Meier
Query: My sons are trying to find some information on their grandfather and great-grandfather, both believed to be named: Sherman Raymond Smith. To my knowledge, they were Cherokee...if the great-grandfather was the one who married a woman named Edda Martin, that would make their grandfather 1/2 Cherokee. What I do know about their grandfather is that he lived in Central, IL and was a Springfield police officer, and may have worked in surrounding towns as well. He died a few years back. (I submitted this query in response to one posted by: David Treacy in hopes that the named "Sherman Smith" might possibly be the same individual.)
Posted: October 2007

Pamela S.
Query: I am doing research on the MORGANS from Morgan City, TN. I have some names but the ones I am having trouble with are Alexander MORGAN whom married Mary Jane STRINGFIELD, they are my G Grandparents and Alexanders parents are suppose to be John MORGAN and MAHALA JANE BIRD, it is said she was Cherokee and possibly Apache both, I found Mahala on and 1880 census for Wartburg, TN with here husband John, but cant find no more info after that, does anyone have a clue where I would look next? for these mysterious family members.
Posted: October 2007

Heather Savant
Query: Looking for information on Mary Elizabeth Furr who was born in 1939 in Mississippi and died in 1999 in Mississippi. She was married to Edwin Johnson and was decendent of the Blackfeet tribe. Please email with any info.
Posted: October 2007

Stanley Brown
Query: I am the son of Allen Lee Brown who was the son of Thomas M. Brown and he was the son of Henry Clay Brown. My father was Cherokee. I am attempting to find out more about my Cherokee heritage. I would appreceiate any help. My grandfathers lived in Georgia, Alabama, and Louisiana.
Posted: October 2007

Wendy Berdovich
Query: My Great Grandfather was (according to my Grandmother) 100% full blooded Cherokee. The last name was Edwards. How can I find out more info. and prove my heritage?
Posted: October 2007

Matthew Todd Hatchard
Query: My grandmother's father was born on the reservation in Talequah, OK is there some way to confirm this. His name was William Arnold and he was a respected artist. Born approx 1890's.
Posted: October 2007

Query: I have been searching for my ancestor Elizabeth Redblood. I can not seem to find anything. Any one else ever heard of this surname? Any help would be appreciated.
Posted: October 2007

Mary Beaton
Query: Can someone help me with this? Jeremiah Youngblood was born 1797 in Limestone, Co. Al. His father was Jeremiah and his mother is listed as Full Blood Cherokee. No name, and I'm trying to find who she was. I would appreciate any help you could give me.
Posted: October 2007

Samuel H. Campbell
Query: I am looking for Descendants of Charlie Sizemore from Yadkin County, N.C. Charlie was a soldier of horse for the U.S. Army in 1850's sent to Wisconsin during the war between the states. He was A Master Sgt. when he retired from the U.S. Army {Late 1800's} & was the brother of my ancestor Isiah Frank Sizemore. I would like to Re-Unite with Charlie's descendants, as our families have been separated since Charlie went into the U.S. Army, brother Isiah Frank Sizemore went to Cherokee Mission School from the Reservation.
Posted: October 2007

Gladys Garrett Lester
Query: I am researching Garrett's, Jones's and Ross's trying to find my Cherokee heritage. I would appreciate any help. Garretts were from W Va. Ross's early 1800's from Tenn, KY, and NC. Jones's late 1700's mostly KY and VA.
Posted: October 2007

Pamela Whitehead
Query: I am seeking information on my line. I have always been told that my G-Grandfather was of cherokee descent percentage unknown. His name was James Spurgeon Rutledge his wife was Alley/Allie R. "Tincie" Tuggle Walker County Alabama. Would like to hear from anyone that might about this line specially about the indian percentage.
Posted: October 2007

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