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Julie Lundgren
Query: I'm looking for information about Cornblossom and tracing descendants through Sarah TROXELL, Malinda BELL, James Henderson BELL, and Samuel J. Tilden BELL.
Posted: January 2007

Sarah Lollar
Query: My Great grandmother on my mothers side was 1/2 Cherokee and 1/2 Choctaw. I would like some information on her. Her name was Sherlda Jarnigan.
Posted: January 2007

Lisa Elam
Query: I am looking for information on my grandfather John Jefferson Pate. I do not have a lot of information on him. My grandmothers name is Mattie Cleo Pate. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Posted: January 2007

Julie Boyce
Query: I am searching for anything on my cherokee ancestors. Surnames are: Danks, Dennis, Purdy, Sanders, Allison, Priest, Gilbert, Stone, Williams, and many more from Kentucky and Virginia. Can anyone help?
Posted: January 2007

Query: I am searching for information on my great grandfather William Lester Briggs. He was 1/2 Cherokee and was adopted by John and Rebecca Millemon. William Lester Briggs was born 7/7/1901. Any help will be apreciated.
Posted: January 2007

Chuck and Crystal
Query: We are looking for information on anyone with the name of Lott. Was told he was on trail of tears, may have been slave.
Posted: January 2007

Query: I know this is a long shot, but I was wondering if anyone has any information that could help me. I am looking for the name of my great-great grandfather. I know that his son's name is Arvil Francis "Red" Hawkins, b. April 21, 1908 in West Virginia, d. September 2, 1950. My great-great grandmother was Mary Pearl Potts (b. 1889, d. May 14, 1954) and she was never married to my great-great grandfather, nor would she tell anyone his name (much to my dismay). She later married a Joseph Hawkins, which is why my great grandfather has the last name of Hawkins. I realize that no one may be able to help me solve this mystery, but I thought I would try anyway.
Posted: January 2007

Rita Livingston
Query: Searching for Bertha Parsley. Married Billy Mullins. Their son Willis, married Mary Mathly, think Mary's mothers name is Lizzi Goodnight.
Posted: January 2007

Ginger Donsion
Query: Looking for Phoebe Herkercimer's parents, Phoebe's birth 1846 Death 1911. She was mother to Eva Rebecca Friel born 8 Apr 1876 Sioux City Iowa and she was 1/4 Cherokee. We are looking for her mother and father. Eva Rebecca's Daughter Ethal Agnes Hart was 1/8 Cherokee. Who's daughter Ethyle Mae Lommen who was 1/16 Cheroke was My Husband (Donald A. Donison)'s Mother. Would that make Donald 1/32 and ifso where do go to find more information on him registaring as an American Indian? Any help you could give us would be greatly appreciated.
Posted: January 2007

Marie Naish
Query: I have been told that my great grandmother Kiziah or Kizziah Lowery was full blooded Cherokee. I am seeking any information about the truthfulness of this information. Her father's name was John L Lowery and her mother was Mary Francis Davis Thames. She was born around 1852 in Alabama.
Posted: January 2007

Alice Watson-Thomas
Query: I am looking for information on my grandmother who is full-blood cherokee from Silver City, Oklahoma or Tulsa, Oklahoma. Her maiden name, (I think) is Cherry Bell Smith, she married a Black Man name Steve William Watson from Tulsa, Oklahoma. My dad name, her son is Steve Dean Watson, born July 3, 1935 in Tulsa, OK. Her oldest child is Eldoris Watson, Tommie Watson, Delores Watson, Alice Loretta Watson, Ruby Watson, and Edward Watson from Tulsa, Ok. She died when my dad was 10 years old and she is buried in Silver City, Oklahoma. If any one has any information, I would appreciate it.
Posted: January 2007

Manuel Satawake
Query: Hi my name is Manuel Satawake I live in California. My grandparents name where Daisy Sutton and John Satawake I do know the story on how the name was changed if we are from the same family e mail me.
Posted: January 2007

Teresa Hunt
Query: My great-grandmother was Hattie HURST sh lived on a reservation in Oklahoma around the year of 1910. she married Isaac JOHNSON before 1918. She had been married before so I don't know if HURST is her maiden name. They move to Arkansas where they had 8 children. My grandmother was one.Ada Lorraine JOHNSON, she was born on Nov.17 1918 in Ledwidge,Perry County Arkansas. I know she had a reservation number and was wanting to see if I could fin out what is was and maybe some of her family.
Posted: January 2007

J Lori
Query: I'm looking for Sallie Mae (Pauline) JOHNSON, Hunter Co, Georgia around 1900.
Posted: January 2007

Michele Tidwell
Query: I am trying to find information on my great great grandmother on my mother's side of the family. I don't know her first name or her husband's first name, I quess his last name would have been FAULKNER. Her daughter's name was Lena FAULKNER, born 10/20/1877. Lena was married to Leeroy LONG, born 10/06/1850. Leeroy and Lena FAULKNER LONG lived in or around Ethridge, Tennessee. Lena past away 04/29/1954. It has been told to me that Lena's mother was full Cherokee, but our family doesn't have much information on her. Those who would have known have since pasted away. If anyone can help me I would be most appreciative.
Posted: January 2007

Query: I am interested in finding more information about my grt,grt,grt grandmother-Mary "Polly" Ulan Rosson who was full blooded cherokee. She was born in Marshall, Tennessee abt. 1820 and married John Norman and was buried in 1882 in Gainsville, Texas. Her parents were Henry Rosson and Rebecca?
Posted: January 2007

Rhonda Reinoehl
Query: I am looking to find any information on my great grandmother, about whom I know very little. Her name was supposedly Elizabeth Bailey. She had grown up on a reservation, but we don't know even what tribe. She met her husband, Samuel Thompson, in Missouri. They moved to Newton, IL and had several children, including my grandfather, Thomas Thompson, who was born in 1899 in Missouri and died in 1966 in Robinson, IL. One of Thomas' siblings was named Robert. Tom was a war veteran and some is known of his history, but nothing of his parents. Thanks for any help I can get.
Posted: January 2007

Tonja Yeager
Query: I am looking for any information on Ida Connard. She was a full blooded Cherokee. She married George Allen Massey. Their son George Osborne is my Grandfather. Please help!
Posted: January 2007

Query: Hi, I might have posted here before, if so I am sorry, if not thanks for letting me post. I hope I find my Cherokee family though this site. I am in search of my GG-Grandmother. Mary Polly Smith was born in Va. like her mother, her father born in NC. Polly's date of birth was around 1850 in VA. First marriage to Andrew Phares, they had 7 children one of which is my Great Grandmother MARGARET Elizabeth Phares/Meggie she was born Dec 1873 in WVA. and married John Wesley Tharp on 01 Oct 1891 in WVA. They had 9 children, my grandmother Hester A. Tharp born in WVA. whom married Clarence Everett Gum 24 Oct 1921. Mary "Polly" Smith's Second marriage was to a William Stallman on 05 Sep 1891 in WVA, he was born in WVA and with him they had 1 child William B. Stallman born 20 Jul 1892. Polly and her son is no where to be found after 1900 census. Would like to find my Cherokee Family, Polly's Parents names and or her sibling's names if any. I am not only doing this for myself but also for my Son so he may pass this to his family and down to his children family's. Any help please contact me.
Posted: January 2007

Michael Henson
Query: I am trying to find information on my father John Henson I was told he was adopted from a reservation in Texas in the 1920s but have been unable to find any information about the adoption we are not sure even which tribe. So any information would be apreciated.
Posted: January 2007

Alma Bunch
Query: Hello to all; my 3grandma name was Margaret Ellen Hunter, her father was Nicholas Hunter, he was half blood indian, and his mom was full blood indian. I need to know how to find their roll number'.
Posted: January 2007

Sarah Hoots
Query: Has anybody ever heard of Kiessie (I hope that is the correct spelling)? We seem to have hit a brick wall and don't have any further information on him. Please help if you can.
Posted: January 2007

Chgarles D. Kennedy
Query: My ggggGrandafther came to New York from Ireland, about1790 or 1810 then traveled to North Carolina and Married a Cherokee woman. Before the civil war he owned the Kennedy plantation on the old Raleigh, Durham and Faytville road if you have any info on him or the plantation and how I can find it.
Posted: January 2007

Query: My grandfather is Cherokee indian his last name is Mothershed and I'm trying to find my right to college funds.
Posted: January 2007

Harry F. Browning
Query: Trying to find out information on my great grand father Joseph White Born in North Carolina in 1869. What tribe and location and any other information that would help me.
Posted: January 2007

Julie Goheen
Query: I am looking for Sarah Oxford. I have heard she was Cherokee. She was born in December 1843 in Johnson County, Illinois. She married Francis Spong and lived in Calhoun County, IL. Someone told me they found her in the Native American census but I am not sure where to look for it at. Any help with Sarah Oxford would be greatly appreciated.
Posted: January 2007

Tina Barger
Query: I am looking for any information on Martha Jane Redman or Redding. I think that her parents were Harman Redman and Frances Vaughn. Any info would be great.
Posted: January 2007

Valerie Vance
Query: I am looking for more information regarding "Fair-be-Luna" Vaughan who was married to William Vaughan (who came from Treetower Castle in Wales).
Posted: January 2007

Query: Little information was given to me, but what I do know is that there were 2 sisters on the Cherokee reservation that married 2 brothers. The brothers last name was Fredel. I know that one of the sister had at least one daughter named Bertha Fredel she later married a man named Willis Fanning resulting in 3 children of their own. If anyone knows anything about this PLEASE let me know.
Posted: January 2007

Donna Kupcik
Query: My great grandmother's name was Sally Susan Neice at or about 1846 and resident of Breathitt County Kentucky about 1870. Her daughter, my grandmother married Harrison Watts and they had 9 children of which my father, Wilgus Watts was a part of. I have little or no more information than that except that my great-grandmother's family (Cherokee)owned the property where some of the family members still reside in Breathitt County. Thank you for any information regarding this matter.
Posted: January 2007

Angel Curlee
Query: My husband and I are trying to adopt a child. We don't want to adopt out of the states because it's a long process and very costly. We want to adopt a little girl between the ages of 2-5. Can anyone give me any information where to start.
Posted: January 2007

Query: I am looking for a Cherokee woman who maried a man named (Thomas) JACKSON. They had at least one child, named BLUETT.
Posted: January 2007

Judith Burkhardt
Query: Hi Everyone, I am trying to contact Gary Stanfield who placed a query here concerning Jacob Cable (see below), which I responded to, but it bounced, so this address is not working and must have a new one. If anyone else is connected to this Jacob Cable, I have a great deal of info. on him, plus his siblings, one being his brother Michael (marr. Elizabeth/Betsy Rawlins in Scioto Co., OH) my direct lineage, plus others: Adam, Samuel (married Jacob's wifes sister and settled in Massac Co., IL), Philip, to name a few. This is my winter e-mail address until the end of Mar. '07, my permenant address is: jaburkhardt@insightbb.com which I can access but do not use from Jan.-Mar. of each year. Hope to hear from all descendants. Judi Burkhardt

Gary Stanfield
Query: I am trying to locate any information on Jacob Cable, b 22 Sept, 1806 in Scioto County, OH, and died 5 Feb, 1893 south of Palisade, Hitchcock County, Nebraska. He married Elizabeth Holmes 22 Oct, 1829 in OH. Elizabeth was the daughter of John K. and margaret (James) Holmes. Jacob was supposed to be a full blooded Cherokee whose family made the Trail of Tears trip and then migrated to Missouri, Ohio and other states. Any info would be appreciated.
Posted: January 2007

Robbie Porter
Query: Curtis Farlane Macadoo. US Marine was posted to ireland during 1940-45 second world war. based in Markethill Co. Armagh at Gosford castle looking after pow's. He met my granmother Threasa Pickering who give birth to Anita. I have been told he was a full blood Cherokee Chief now living in or around Dallas Texas, the story goes my granduncle, Johnny Pickering was an irish musician who trusted Curtis to throw a knife at a cigarette which he held in his fingers. A tall tale, strange but true! I know this is a long shot but any info on curtis or family would be deeply app.
Posted: January 2007

Christine Russell
Query: I'm looking for information on my gggrandmother, married name RUSSELL. She was a Cherokee woman who may have died in a fire before the tribe was forcibly removed from Georgia. She had a son, Walter RUSSELL, born 1824 in Georgia and died 1878 in Bell County Texas.
Posted: January 2007

Dale Laws
Query: It is a long standing family tradition that my great-grandmother was at least half Cherokee. According to pictures that we have she certainly looks to be that much or more. Her middle name was "Mahala" and I heard that this was a Cherokee word for "woman". Is this true? Thanks in advance for your help.
Posted: January 2007

Query: Need informaiton on Mahalia Belle Patrick Yates. She was born 1 MAR 1867 in Prerstonburg, KY.
Posted: January 2007

Deborah Daves
Query: Looking for, Cordelia J Hilman, Cherokee orphan. Raised by the Hilman family. Beleived the Hilman family lived in Oklahoma. Cordelia married William Thomas Daves in the Late 1800's Cordelia's children Robert Lee, Laura Mae, James Jefferson, George Thomas.
Posted: January 2007

Kathy Clements Grace
Query: Hello I am the gggrandaughter of Sarah (Lizzie) Drake who married William W Gunnels, her mother was Salina Hawks and father was William Bill Drake of Oglethorpe County Georgia. Salina was the daughter of Henry Hawks and Elizabeth Farmer, Herny was born in 1788 and his wife abt 1796-1798 Salina was born in 1826. It was handed down by my mother (Bonnie Ruth Skillman Clements that her father Ottis Richard Skillman always told her that while visiting his grandparents he saw a Indian Head Dress. My gggrandmother Emma Cordeila Cadora Gunnels daughter of Sarah (Lizzie) Drake and William Gunnels married Walter Skillman, she could speak in Indian Language. I live in Walnut Grove Alabama and need help proving this. So please if anyone knows anything please help me. Thank you again for any helop.
Posted: January 2007

Query: I am looking for ansters with the surnames of Brickey Armstrong Atwall Clear and Vaughn any info is appercated.
Posted: January 2007

Vickie Robinson
Query: My grandmother, Daisy Winters was born December 28, 1896, in Arkansas, to a mother named Mary. She was married to a Charlie Stewart and died March 15, 1974, also in Arkansas. Her deceased sisters were: Lillian Fisher-Wright and Katie Nook-Crowder. Her deceased children include: Charlie Stewart, Jr., Albert Stewart, Preston Stewart, Melvin Stewart, Clifton Stewart and recently, since 2006: Emma J. Stewart and my Uncle we called "Uncle Bro.", died in Nov. 2006. They both were from Arkansas. Also, an aunt named Ethel Stewart-Thomas of St. Louis, Missouri, June 29, 2006. I have a reunion coming up and would appreciate anyone's help in expanding my heritage of my grandparents and great-grandparents. Thank you.
Posted: January 2007

Query: I'm looking for any information on Lydia/Maude Susong. Born Feb 1862. Married to Henry Underwood: Born Dec 1852. I'm researching for family history. Any information will be greatly appreciated.
Posted: January 2007

Nancy Glass
Query: My grandfather's name was Clarence Jones of Picher OK. I was told as a child he was Cherokee. How can I find out any information on him.
Posted: January 2007

Query: GENTRY, GRAMLING, MILLS, RUSSELL, LITTELL. I'm searching for information on my Cherokee relations. They all lived in and around, CHEROKEE COUNTY, SOUTH CAROLINA between 1860-1950's. Gus GENTRY was a medicineman, that went by the name DOCTOR BUZZARD and had a wife named PINKY. He had a brother named Green who was a Preacher. Eva GRAMLING was one of Gus's many children. Eva's mothers name was Clorinda or Clolinda. Eva married a Mohawk Indian named Turner MILLS. Turner was said to be from the Canadian region and read from religious scrolls written in Mohawk. Teodoe LITTELL, was a son in law of Eva's who may have been a Mexican indian. My famliy has no info on him except, he moved from Cherokee County in the 1960's or 70's. John Enos (or Issac) RUSSELL was born in Blackstock South Carolina and his parents names are Benjamin F and Mary (WATTS) RUSSELL. They are supposed to also have Cherokee blood. Any information would be helpful. Thanks
Posted: January 2007

Shellie Morgan
Query: My great grandfather was said to be full blooded Cherokee indian. I was told by my mom that he had worked as a police officer or sherrif in Oklahoma. His name is Louis YOUNGBLOOD born 4 Feb. 1923 died Feb. 1977 Death benefit localities 74432- Eufaula, Mc Intosh, Oklahoma. He was married to Eula Brown. I think they had 3 daughters- Naomi, Nadine, and Ida?. Naomi is my grandmother. Naomi died in Nov. 1967 and is buried in Oklahoma. She married Rolla A Thompson Jr. Any info would be great. I don't have any family to ask questions.
Posted: January 2007

Nikki Bartlett
Query: My great-great-grandmother was Sally Nail, born in 1874, and the daughter of an Indian chief in Oklahoma. I am unable to find any family information through google. Please contact me if you know who my family is or if you know how I can find out.
Posted: January 2007

Donald G. RAWLS
Query: My G G Grandfather was named George W.YATES/YEATES/YATTES. He was suppose to be of Cherokee blood. He came from Ga. with his wife Emily Jane MCCLAIN or a variation. They migrated to Texas about 1860-1865, in Shelby Co. I suspect he had a Cherokee name, but unable to find a trace of him/her anywhere. I suspect he married Emily Jane MCCLAIN in Tenn. No dates are available on their marriage, as well. I think she, too, was Cherokee. Any info is welcomed.
Posted: January 2007

Terry Craig
Query: This may be a shot in the dark, but I'm searching for Craigs with a Cherokee connection. My grandmother gave me my grandfather's tree from what she remembered. His family was supposed to have been from North Carolina or Tennessee. She said my grandfather's grandmother was a full-blooded Cherokee (supposedly her Christian name was Suzy (Susie or something like that). She married a Craig. They had (at least) a son named Joseph Alfred Craig who married a Leeoma Savannah Chast-ain(ine or een). Joseph had 4 or 5 children: a girl Avilee, and sons Jasper Blaine, Joseph Walter and John Paul (my grandfather who was born in 1910-the earliest date I've been able to find in this line). There was also a William "Bill" who was either a son or brother to Joseph Alfred. My grandparents lived in Georgia, but my grandfathers family lived in Alabama. Any information would be appreciated!
Posted: January 2007

Query: Looking for anyone eles who may know of Rebecca Jane Wood Owl Sumpter. Her son Archibald Sumpter was my great-grandfather. Please let me know.
Posted: January 2007

Query: HEISKELL, Amanda and Arter were slaves to the Judge Daniel Heiskell in Sweetwater, Tn (Monroe cty). They had a daughter named Tweeze. Amanda, aka Mandy, and Arter lived between 1800-1899, and census labelled them as malatto. Mandy was born circa 1810, Tenn., and Arter circa 1799, VA. Passed down in family that they were of the Nation. Looking for any lead regarding this.
Posted: January 2007

Amy Jarrell
Query: I am searching for any information regarding my ggggrandmother--Lizzy (or Lizzie)Foster--She was born February of 1845. She was a full Cherokee woman. I do know that she married William Moses Masters. I would like to see if she was on the Dawes Roll or if anyone has any information.
Posted: January 2007

Marsha Binkley
Query: I'm trying to research my Cherokee ancestry. I had Runyon and Lusk family that lived in Rockingham and Tazewell Counties of Virginia back prior to 1840. If these names show up somewhere I would like to know. I am a teacher and would like to teach my students the truth of a Nation that was greatly wronged by our European ancestors in their quest to conquer the new land.
Posted: January 2007

Query: I am looking for any information relating to the Cherokee side of the Click family. My family comes from Indiana originally, but my grandfather also has ties to Whittier, NC. Any help would be much appreciated.
Posted: January 2007

Query: Looking for info on Mary Rebecca Tucker (Mollie). She was born in an Indian village called the Ridges in GA. Her mother was called Itsy Washington and married a man by the last name Tucker.
Posted: January 2007

Query: I am looking for info on Arthur Warren b: 1841 in AL and his wife Elizabeth J b: 1845 unknown. Family stories tell that she was Native but not what tribe and there is no other info on them except their children's names: Rebecca (my grgrgrandmother), Letha, Nancy, Joseph, Robert, John and Eliza. All were born in AL. If it rings a bell please email me.
Posted: January 2007

Donna M. Smith
Query: I am looking for my gr x 2 grandmother Margaret Mantooth born 1842 and married to Thomas Walter Turnbull. Any information you can find will be GREATLY appreciated. I have little information on her.
Posted: January 2007

Query: Trying to locate Maiden Valley Alabama (DeKalb County) time frame 1875-1880. Help appreciated.
Posted: January 2007

Query: Does anyone know if there is a res in kentucky and if so where it is at?
Posted: January 2007

Query: I am looking for John Walker who married Barbara Ellen Reffet in Clay County Indiana or around the area. John was a doctor and a shayman of his tribe. I was contacted by a granddaughter of John's and she was telling me about him. She told me that John's mother married a white man. John was married several times. His last marriage was to a young lady at the age of just turning 16 when he was in his late 50's. He was traveling through Indiana on a train when he met Barbara. He was going on a doctors convention and on the way back through he ask her to marry him.John already had a son named Ozias. He was around 10 years of age. John and Barbara went on to Missouri, around the Stoddard area, to live. In 1888/89 John died and Barbara took the youngest of the children (1) and went back to Indiana. All of the remaining children stayed with John's mother's people. William, one of John's other son's did not like his grandmother. He said that if he had any candy at all she would take it, even if he had it in his mouth. John also went to Washington on Indian affairs for his people. The person that I have recieved my info are in their late 70's and she has a lot of memories. I just need to docoument them. If you know of this Walker family please mail me.
Posted: January 2007

Coy Costa (Richardson)
Query: I am looking for the parents of Sarah Jane SMITH born between 1816 and 1820. Full Blooded Cherokee Indian. Married Thomas (Thompson) C. BRUFF in 1836. Thomas Bruff was a guard on the trail of tears. Sarah and Thomas moved to Gibson County Tennessee, probably near goosefoot TN. Thomas' father was Thomas H. BRUFF. Thomas H. BRUFF was a goose dealer.

Sarah's and Thomas' children are as follows:
Louisa Calista(born 1836-1838)
Franklin Joseph(born 1850)
Henry(born 1838)
Granville(born 1841)
Lee Ann(born 1844)

Granville Bruff served in the military in 7th Tn. Cav. USA Gibson Co., Tn. moved to Greene County and settled in Bradshaw Township in about 1869. He had married a woman named Sarah while still in Tennessee. As of 1870 they had two children: William T., 1867; and James E., 1869.

Louisa Calista BRUFF married James W. JONES 1865.

Franklin Joseph BRUFF married Martha Jane JOHNS 1869.

Lee Ann BRUFF married William M. LOWRY 1863.

Granville BRUFF married Sarah MURPHY 1865.

Squire Henry BRUFF served in the military Civil War 47th Tn.Vol.Inf. co. K. in Kenton, Tn. He was married to Virginia A. TYSON on 27 May 1866 in Obion Co.Tn.

This is my line through Sarah Smith:
Thomas Bruff married Sarah Jane Smith had a daughter:
Louisa Calista Bruff married James Jones had a daughter:
Leatha Ann Jones married Leonard McBride Arrington had a son:
William Orris Arrington married Minnie Emma Wilson had a son:
Clifton Ray Arrington married Linda Long had a daughter:
Melinda Ann Arrington married Larry Richardson had a daughter:
Coy Ann Richardson married John Costa

Sarah was reputed to be a healer and went around the community healing people. It is rumored that her father was Fly SMITH that died in Kentucky at the start of the Trail of Tears with Chief Whitepath. Those two monuments are two of the few known graves of anyone that died on the trail of tears. I need some help finding if Fly SMITH was her father.
Posted: January 2007

Tracy Melvin
Query: I am trying to find out any information regarding my birth father. I do know that he is of Cherokee decent, his name is Phil Cherry. He has one brother that I know of by the name of Ronald or Robert Cherry. My birth father had worked in Springfield Ohio back in the 60's. He worked for towne and country exterminating co. and that he had worked with a man by the name of Bob Bailey. If anyone knows anything or has any info. please reply. thank you!
Posted: January 2007

Query: Looking for Sarah Nancy Caroline Julen of Mo she had daughter Mary Jane who went by Buckley she was 1/2 sister to Berry Martin, she was born 1877 father John Buckely I am looking for family of Julen or Julian who could tell me nore.
Posted: January 2007

Query: Looking for information in regards to Ann Toy Prudy Walker Crabtree. She was Cherokee. I believe there is a connection to Chief Walkingstick. I have a picture of her son and granddaughter and a man in full dress. On the back it states "we go to see Chief Walkingstick each year" All are cherokee. Any help would be great.
Posted: January 2007

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