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Bonnie Morris
Query: I have a lot of information on my family have traced them back to Thomas Cordery and Saniovie "Susannah" Sonicooie. I have lots of info on this family but can not find three generations does anyone know the best place to look for them. This is what I know:

1. Thomas Cordery b. 1764 what is now Burke Co. Georgia, d. 1840 Cummings, Forsythe Co. Georgia. Thomas Cordery married Susannah, a full blood Cherokee of the Blind Savannah clan.
Source: Title: History of the Cherokee Indians
Author: Emmit Starr
Publication: Oklahoma Yesterday Publication.
More About THOMAS CORDERY: 1817-19 Reservations: July 1817, # 5, west of Chatahoochee, in Right of Wife, 4 in family. Blood: Irish. Note: "Indian Countryman."
Found on 1820 U.S. Census Georgia Gwinnett Unknown Townships image 221 roll M33_8
Thomas Cordery 1,0,0,0,0,1,0,0,0,0,1
1male over 45 Thomas Cordery
1male under 10 unknown
1female over 45 Susannah.

2.Nancy Cordery b. 1790 Cherokee Ind. Na, East, GA, d. 1835. Nancy Angeline Cordery. She married a white man named Parker Collins. Parker is found on the Reservation Roll in 1817. Parker Collins was a ferryman who lost his ferry landing in the land lottory to a man named Tate, who in turn sold it to Thomas Lowery, who in trun sold it to James McGinnis, JR, who owned the eastern bank landing corresponding to it. The road that today crosses the Chattahoochee River where the ferry was is called McGinnis Ferry road.

3. Lucinda Collins married Henry Sutton. I have been unable to find Lycinda except for a refrence made about her
From: Edward Reynolds
Subject: [VAAMHERS-L] Sumary and Example of Rolls
Date: Fri, 07 Feb 2003
"Another daughter, Lucinda, died before the removal."

4. Henrietta Sutton married Alfred Elridge. Alfred is listed alone with no children or spouse at Year: 1860 State: Arkansas County: Indian Lands Post Office: Fort Gibson. Sheet No: 1185 Reel no: M653-52 Division: Illinois District in the Cherokee Nation Page No: 23.

5. Sarah Elizabethh Eldridge married Alfred Bradshaw. Alfred is listed alone with no children or spouse living next door to Alfred Elridge father of Sarah Elizabeth Elridge at Year: 1860 State: Arkansas County: Indian Lands Post Office: Fort Gibson. Sheet No: 1185 Reel no: M653-52 Division: Illinois District in the Cherokee Nation Page No: 23.

6. Caladonia Bradshaw married Milton Eli Mosser. guion cherokee aplication # 4150. Found on 1910 U.S. Census Oklahoma Mayes Other Townships ED# 86 image 938 roll T624_1262 Milton Mosher age 55 b.Pensylvania fb.Pensylvania mb.Pensylvania. Call age 49 b. oklahoma(Cherokee full) fb.Tennesse(Cherokee full) mb.Georgia(Cherokee full). Eddie age 26 b.Oklahoma(Cherokee 1/2). Minnie age 19 b. Kansas(Cherokee 1/2). Roy age 17 b. Kansas(Cherokee 1/2). Clint age 14 b.Oklahoma(Cherokee 1/2). Maymie age 10 b. Oklahoma(Cherokee 1/2). If my records are correct her degree of blood can not be corect on this census record even if her father is Cherokee as well which I have found no proof of she herself could not be full blood.

7. Cora May Mosser married Charlie Morris. Applied for admitance to Cherokee nation June 10 1907 and was admited application # 25512 I have a copy of this in 1907 lived Pryor Creek Indian Territory Oklahoma. Cora list Levenworth Kansas as her birth place on her sons birth certificate and her place of marraige is given as Oswega Kansas by relatives. Children born between 1887 and 1893 are listed as born in Kansas on 1900 census in Oklahoma. She and Charlie were maried in Oswega Kansas and were back in Oklahoma by 1910. There are no Mosser's or Morris' on Oswega census for 1900. Charles is in Oklahoma in 1900 so how did he end up in Kansas to mary Cora. Where are these guys hiding? Acording to what I have found they were in Oklahoma in 1884 Levenworth County, Kansas in 1886(cora born here) kansas 1887-1893 Oklahoma 1895-1900 Oswega Kansas 1902(cora married here) Pryor Creek Oklahoma 1907(Cora cherokee Ap filed here on Oklahoma census in 1910.
found on 1910 U.S. Census Oklahoma Mayes Other Townships ED# 86 image 875 roll T624_1262
Charles Morris age.29 b.missouri fb.missouri mb.united states
Cora age.23 b.kansas fb.pensilvania mb.oklahoma
Oscar age. 5 b.oklahoma
Lindsey age. 3 b.oklahoma.
found on 1920 U.S. Census Oklahoma Mayes Hogan ED# 53 image 1082 roll T625_1472
Charles Morris age.38 b.missouri fb.missouri mb.united states
Cora age.33 b.kansas fb.pensilvania mb.oklahoma
Oscar age.14 b.oklahoma
Lindsey age.12 b.oklahoma
Shed age.8 b.oklahoma
Hazel age.6 b.oklahoma
Mitchell age.4 8/12 b.oklahoma
Clint age.1 3/12 b.oklahoma.
found on 1930 federal census Kansas Montgomery county Coffeyville
Charles Morris age.48 b.missouri fb.missouri mb.united states
Cora age.43 b.kansas fb.pensilvania mb.oklahoma
Shed H. age.18 b.oklahoma
Hazel age.16 b.oklahoma
Charles age.14 b.oklahoma
Samuel age.11 b.oklahoma
Waynne age.6 b.kansas.

I have checked all the on line rolls have found sevrel relitives but not the ones I am looking for nor are they listed on census records that I can find. Does anyone know anything about this family line or have any suggestions where I might find them? My funds are limited and I can't afford to invest in alot of books that would not be of help to me.
Posted: May 2003

Angela Parisi
Query: Searching for Realtives of: Nettie Meriam Eagle Daughter of David Eagle, Son of Enoch Eagle Nettie also had a sister Luisa Nettie married William Zadoc Gandee had daughter Lora Gandee my Grandmother, Luisa married William's Brother. The only date I found on david was 1860.
Posted: May 2003

David Dunn
Query: Is Meggerson or Dunn listed in the Cherokee geneology? I am trying to find my grandparents ancestory. I was informed my grandmother Sophie Walker Meggerson was the child of Cherokee Indian parents. She was born in North Carolina around 1885.Any information would be helpful.
Posted: May 2003

Carollee Carroll
Query: I am looking for STILL family researchers who may show a James or Jim Still born between 1780-1790 in either Tennessee or Virginia. May be on the border.
Posted: May 2003

Michael David Hannah
Query: I have been told by several family members that we have Cherokee blood through my great grandmother Dora Hicks, I was wondering if you could point towards sources that might help me clarify this.
Posted: May 2003

C. Lay
Query: I am trying to find a the Cherokee ancestors of my Dad. His name is: Joe Boyd Whitmire, born in Strawberry, Arkansas. He thinks his gggrandfather was a Cherokee medicine man. How can I locate records?
Posted: May 2003

Michelle Lee Froedge
Query: I am trying to find out how to get in the books i am part Cherokee Indian and I would appreciate any info. My great-grandmother was part cherokee and my 4th greatgrandmother was a full blooded cherokee princess.
Posted: May 2003

Nancy Hines
Query: How can I find information about getting a scholarship for Cherokee indians in Ohio specifically Madison county, Ohio?
Posted: May 2003

Ron Anderson
Query: Looking for info on John Horner, cherokee medicine man, has a statue of him erected in Cassville, Mo., and his Granddaughter, Luella Isadora Quami Wilson. Any info on the meaning of the name Quami?
Posted: May 2003

Claude D. Davis
Query: My grandmother was carried on the 1910 Love co., Ok., federal census as 1/8th Cherokee and being born in Texas. Her name was Nora Bell Winningham and was born in the mid 1890'in Texas. She married my grandfather, Oscar Leroy Davis, in Cooke co., Texas in 1904. I think her father was Robert (perhaps Richard) Winningham who, according to the 1900 Cooke co., Texas census was born about 1850 in Arkansas. The 1900 federal census showed that he was married to a Ollie Burton. He was probably married previously judging from the ages of the children shown in the census. Their names were Tooge Winningham, George Winningham and Cora Bell Winningham. I think there were others. Nora Bell may have lived in McLennan county, Texas. Nora Bell died in Healdton, Ok. about 1917-18. Would appreciate hearing from anyone on this matter. Respectfully, Claude Davis 12445 Fairfax Ridge Place, Austin, Texas 78738; home phone is (512) 263-7368; and fax is (512) 263-7963
Posted: May 2003

Elizabeth Rogers
Query: I am trying to find any information on a Michael Fidelo Rogers. He was born about 1858 in Missouri I believe. He is found in the 1900 cencus as being 42 and married to Mary A Gerardier. They had 2 children. Edward Eugene and Verna. Edward was born in 1915 and married Elizabeth Bieller. Verna was born about 1921 and married Frank Short. I am told that Michael was of Native American descent. Any information that anyone could give would be greatly appriciated.
Posted: May 2003

Charlene Fronterhouse
Query: I am a decendent of Lee Fronterhouse who married Amanda Malvina York back in June 21, 1871 in Sulphur okalahoma. I am really trying to trace my roots for my children. Can you point me in the right direction. I have been told that I am Cherokee/Chactaw indian.
Posted: May 2003

Matt Guy
Query: I am looking for Esther Inman her father was Lewis Inman. She married Richard L. Roberts. she lived on a reservation in St. Louis Missouri. They had a son that is my grandfather Richard W. Roberts. They moved to california any help would be great.
Posted: May 2003

A. Wayne Countryman
Query: How can I get a copy of my Grandfather's records?
Posted: May 2003

Murphy Angus
Query: Brogdon, James Newton of Jefferson county Alabama.
Posted: May 2003

Faye E West
Query: I need to find out if im on the rolls, and where to get a blood test. I know my grandmother, aunt, and father worked with the tribal at one time for our family. Grandma's name is Eugeina (Rutherford) madin name. Aunt (evelyn West) Father William Earl West.
Posted: May 2003

Jeff Daniel
Query: I am looking for information on Callie Smith, she is on the Dawes Rolls. She was married to John Henry Daniel, he died about 1940. Callie died in 1917/18 in childbirth, they had 3 or 4 kids, 1 was William Henry Daniel born 10-16-09, please help me find more info.
Posted: May 2003

Suzanne Smith
Query: My grandmothers name was Vida Rainey and she was full blood indian I would like to know what tribe.
Posted: May 2003

Mary Ussery
Query: Information on the parents and gradparents of Ronald James Hamilton.
Posted: May 2003

Paula Davis
Query: I am having a baby and both the father and myself have cherokee blood. But we are going to name the baby after his father,but my question is ; how to translate the "english version" of the name to cherokee. I have looked everywhere to no avail. If you could help me I would be greatly honored. the father's name is Timothy Walter Whaley Clewis, if that helps.
Posted: May 2003

Query: Have very little information. Looking for a Nannie West (She said she was Cherokee and her family lived in indian territory) who married an Oscar Havener. They had a son in 1919 also named Oscar Havener. These people resided in the N.C., S.C.,KY,Fl areas. Any help would be appreciated.

Searching for information relating tothe following people- Devis Coffey Born abt 1821 married (30 Nov 1852 Adair County KY) to Sarapta (Saripty) CHAMBERS Born abt 1829. Sarapta Chambers siblings were Will Chambers and Lou Sady Chambers-(Married a Grissom). Sarapta and Devis had a son John Willis Coffey born 12 Sept 1853 died 1 Aug 1935 in KY. (unsure of any other siblings) Sarapta (Chambers)Coffey also had children with a Benjamin Berry Coomer. Need most help tracing Sarapta family line.
Posted: May 2003

Michelle Gipson
Query: Hi, I'm Looking for my Great Grandfather his nickname is Bud but his son name is Dudley Smith he is Cherokee my mother father. He was born March 18.1880 in Tupelo Mississippi (Jefferson County) die May 10.1952 in New Madrid MO. He buried there at Sandhill Cemetery in New Madrid MO. He marry my Mother Mother her name is Mary Jackson She was born in Memphis Tenn March 27. 1895. Die Dec 11.1947 also buried in New Madrid MO same cemetery. If you can help me find my great grandfather and my grandfather brother and sister and his mother please contract me at my email address thank you.
Posted: May 2003

Rick Miller
Query: I've long been told that we're not Native American, but, that we're black dutch and black irish. I've been in contact with relatives and was told that my GGGGrandmother was almost full blooded indian. I've been able to track down some names and would like some help if anyone as any information. My GGGGrandmother and GGGGrandfather. Her maiden name was Lena Gertrude Ethridge (died in 1941, buried in Weatherford, OK), she married Charles Porter (C.P.) White and had several kids, but only one daughter. Estella K. White (b. 11/28/1887 d. 08/1976 b. Sweet Home, OR), she lived in TX at one point and married Benjamin Durham. She later married someone with the last name of Delk (not where I'm descended from. Brenice Durham is my GGrandmother. Brenice Durham married Glenn Kitchens and had my Grandmother Katherine Elizabeth Kitchens who married James Robert Penman. If anyone knows any of these names, I would love to hear from them.
Posted: May 2003

Paula Olden
Query: I am hoping that someone can help me find out more information on my Grandmother. Her name was Nannie(or Nanny) Belle Brown Mabery (or Mabry) Evans Calton. She was born August 5, 1899 and died on October 11, 1977. I do know that she was 1/2 Cherokee. She married Willie Bart (or Barton) Evans in 1925. I think his father was William Andrew Evans, died 2/3/1925 at age 72. I do not have very much information and would really like to know more about my dad's family.
Posted: May 2003

David E Davis
Query: I am trying to find all the information that I can on the lost Cherokee tribe. Any information that anyone has I would appriciate greatly.
Posted: May 2003

Maria Aguilar
Query: I am looking for the family and/or knowlage of my mother. She died of cancer about 1979 in Raymondville Texas and was full blooded Cherokee indian. She married my father Edwardo Aguilar and adopted the name "Josephine". To my knowlage her given Cherokee name was Argijo. Any information about her would be grately apricated.
Posted: May 2003

Charles Waibel
Query: I am a grandson of Wilbur Radliff, supposedly of Missouri, later of North Dakota. There are family stories of his line being of mixed Cherokee/Scotts blood, through a grandfather who was a Nazarene (lay?) minister. Family names include Radliff, Camel and Whitlow. I have become involved in Native American culture here in Minnesota; to confirm this link would be very valuable to me.
Posted: May 2003

Keith Haddock
Query: Attempting to find the geneology of Emma Elizabeth Lovelace, purported of Cherokee or Shawnee origin, Alabama or Tennessee.
Posted: May 2003

Query: I am told that my 5th great grandmother, who was named Glumdalclitch Shawheehou was Cherokee that she m George Hensley and after was called Mary Or Polly Glumdalclitch Stevens. She supposedly was taken to Madison Co, N.C. abt.1794 from Patrick Co., VA by a man named Shelton. She m Willard Franklin abt.1796 and had 3 children and later m Roderick Shelton and had more children. Can anyone verify the name of Glumdalclitch Shawheeho of being of the Cherokee nation?
Posted: May 2003

M. Dales
Query: Jay C. Griffith.
Posted: May 2003

Query: Is there a Rossie Sossie on the 1930 roles? I would like to find out if there is and how to register her two children and her grandchildern. I'm very interested in our Indian heritage. Please respond as soon as possible. I really don't know who I'm because I don't who she really is?
Posted: May 2003

Sharon Laughlin Collett
Query: I am looking for my grandmother. Leona Bell Tarver AKA Loney. Born April 1887 in Liberty,Ms. Parents Annie Tarver and John Robert Tarver. She was told she was 1/2 Choctaw. Her parents died when she was 8 months old. She was raised by her maternal grandmother until 5 years when she was forceablly taken from her grandmother by one of her Tarver uncles. She never saw her grandmother again and all history of her Bass relatives was erased. Our family has been searching for many years for some information on her mothers family. This is just a long shot.
Posted: May 2003

P.C. Free
Query: People often ask me if I am of Native American heritage. As an adoptee, I had no biological information until recently. I was recently told that my maternal grandmother, (maiden name, Beulah Wildes, from southeast GA) was half or full blood Cherokee. From information I have gathered, her lineage includes the following names: Alexander Chesteen Wildes, Delia Howard, Alexander Flournoy Wildes, Nancy Robinson, John Wildes, and Sara Jane Nunez. Please let me know if you have information to verify my Cherokee heritage.
Posted: May 2003

Pam Boutwell
Query: I am reseaching my husbands family line. I have hit a brick wall. I have done well on the Boutwell side, however my husband's gmother's name was Mattie Pearl Carter. She was age 15 in 1921 when she married J. Gould Boutwell in Coffee Co. Al. One of my queries was answered with the possibility of her being a Native Amerian ie a desendent of a Chief Red Cloud. Could you please help? Were should I reseach? Any help will be appriciated.
Posted: May 2003

Misti Harsh
Query: I'm looking for any information Lilly Burkhead she married a Gray in Ohio. She died sometime around 1930s. She had several children I think she was from the London area in Ohio. Any infomation would help.
Posted: May 2003

Query: I am told by my grandmother she is part Cherokee. Her name is Lois Viola Young. b in Texas. Her mother was Annie Bell Owens b. 1889 in Audubon, Texas. Annie Bell Owens is the relative with Cherokee. She married Jessie Monro Young. Any help would be appreciated.
Posted: May 2003

F. Thorpe
Query: Carl Price was born on a Cherokee indian reservation, I believe in North Carolina? He was my grandfather. He died in Moblie Al. some 13 or 14 years ago. I'm leaving for the Army july 22nd, and would like to know what I can about him. My mother is out in left field somewhere in her head, and i cant get any more info than that from her. If you have time, please help me. Charlie, philadelphia, pa.
Posted: May 2003

Martha Dillard
Query: I am still looking for any information of the Cherokee blood in my family. The names Im searching are: Allen/Allin/Allan/Carlisle/Terrell. Any help is greatly appreciated. I have another question also,my Father always told the story that his g-grandmother was named, Emanthia "Carlisle" Terrell. I have not been able to find the name Emanthia anywhere in the geneology records Ive searched. My g-grandmother's name was Mariah Carlisle Terrell. Could she have taken the shorter name Mariah because of her Indian blood? Hope some of you out there can help me with this.
Posted: May 2003

Marie Ordaz
Query: I have found 2 Elizabeth Butts listed as members of the Cherokee. I am researching her side of my family. Her DOB 1824 born in Indiana. She married my Great Great Grandfather Solomon Ensley. She lived in Passcreek, Douglas County, Oregon. I have two Cherokee card Numbers, 10034 D744, belonging to two Elizabeth Butts. Is one of the Elizabeth's my GGGrandmother? Thank you for any information that you can give.
Posted: May 2003

Gail Morgan Dipaola
Query: I am interested in Henry Morgan born in Altuna, ALABAMA in 1897. He served in the US army as a male nurse. My grandfather was one of thirteen children.
Posted: May 2003

Query: I have been searching information about Sarah Jane Hall. I've been wanting to know if she is a full blooded Cherokee or is she half? Also what were here accomplishments in life to society?
Posted: May 2003

Renee' Mohr
Query: My dad has told me that there is Cherokee conection to our family. The trouble is finding the person that connects us to the indian heritage. The name is Lily May Downing. I have been told that the connection comes from Oklahoma. Can you help.
Posted: May 2003

Judith Stevenson
Query: I'm looking for information on an orphanage that operated in the Vinita, OK. area in the late 1800's. The building was later a county hospital (1946). I'm searching for my Grandmother.
Posted: May 2003

Kelley Minks - Schultz
Query: I'm looking for Newton Minks or James Newton Minks born about 1846 married Sarah J. Arthur.
Posted: May 2003

Susan Barnett
Query: I am looking for infomation on the parents of my father Billie Eugene Barnett I believe they were from Decatureville Tennessee and know they were of Cherokee decent thank you for any help you can give me.
Posted: May 2003

Cheryl Wallace
Query: My Great, Great, Grandfather was Charles Jacob Remy Duncan the son of James Burnsides Duncan and Ann Remy Duncan. My Great, Great, Grandad married Sarah Ann Snowden on Sept 02, 1843 in Clark Co, Ky and had ten children, one of them being Charles Coleman Covington Duncan. I found a website for the Cherokee Indians, in which I notice a James Burnside Duncan. Is there any Cherokee heritage there for this James Burnside or Burnsides Duncan? Where does the Cherokee start on his side of family? My Great Grandma Susannah Frances "Fanny" Worrell Duncan who married Charles Coleman had Cherokee in her lines. Her mother was Elizabeth Susanna Shinault of Bedford Co, VA she was from the N. Carolinas. My Great Grandmother Susannah Frances "Fanny" Worrell was born in Powell Valley, Lee Co, Va on Oct 22, 1842. Was there any registered Cherokee there? If so, who? Please know that I am appreciative to all researcher's for their efforts.
Posted: May 2003

Deanna Dial
Query: Evelyn Esther Wood Kentucky.
Posted: May 2003

Marion A. Gill
Query: I'm trying to locate information on my great-grandmother Mattie Smith and her son, my grandfather, William H. Smith. Both were from South Carolina and moved to Washington, DC. My great-grandmother was born c. 1890. My grandfather was born c. 1910.
Posted: May 2003

Dave Avery
Query: Looking for information on a Margaret Oliver who was a full blooded Cherokee. She married a Thomas Hutchins in Alabama sometime in the mid to late 1800's.
Posted: May 2003

Ron Walters
Query: I met a young lady named "taniqua" today. She told me the origin of her name is cherokee. I asked her what it meant and she said that she didn't know. She has searched and searched and cannot find a translation anywhere. Can you please help us find a meaning for her name?
Posted: May 2003

Jill Doxon
Query: Sarah Pridgen was from the blackwater tribe. I am trying to search out the indian in her.
Posted: May 2003

Leamond Anthony Allen
Query: Seeking family backstory and surname connections to Eastern North Carolina's Native Woodland heritage. Some family heritage tales make a "connect" between our heritage and that of the North Carolina Cherokee people. Historically, we are a Southern Nash County people and have had a steadfast connection to this area since at least the early 1800's. If you have family information that may nudge me in the right direction. I would appreciate contact. Leamond Anthony Allen research: Southern Nash County "Metis" populations. Family surnames: Allen, Pulley, Pettiford, Hedgepeth, Mills.
Posted: May 2003

Kelly Kellogg
Query: I am looking for any Cherokee connections with Stephen Kellogg from Oklahoma.
Posted: May 2003

Query: I have found to names on the Dawes Rolls that are in my family (Don't know if these are the same people or not) but don't know anything much about them Jennie Hopper (was my grandfathers grandmother) She married Thomas Hollifield and Ester Young (was my grandmothers grandmother)She married Bill Hughes. Both are on my mothers side. I was also told that John Hughes (Bill's Grandfather)married a Indian woman (But I know nothing else about that) All of us are from N.C. mostly in the mountains.I would be very thankful for Any info I don't have any birth or death records on either. I know they lived around early 1800's. Wado for your help.
Posted: May 2003

Ken Thompson
Query: I am trying to find some information on my great grand mother, Mary Molly Hatfield. Whom I have been told was a full blooded Cherokee. She married my great grand father George Thompson soon after his arrival in this county in the 1880s and they resided in or near Roanoke, VA. I wish I had some more information on Mary but I haven't been able to find any yet.
Posted: May 2003

Query: Would you be able to give examples of how a child would be named, like for example my first name is Suchitra my surname Chatterjee. Within the Cherokee naming system how would it work? Is it similar or more complicated I notice there are a lot of anglo-sazon names that are deemed to be linked to the Cherokee people, what are the names that are pre-white settlers?
Posted: May 2003

Query: I am searching for information on Thomas Small McDaniel, b.1876 in what is now Webbers Falls, Ok. area. I know he was listed in the 1880 apparently as an orphan. I know he is on the Dawes Roll, married Antonia Smith in 1898 according to Cherokee tradition. What I don't know is "who are his parents?" Family legend says his father was shot for being involved with the Cherokee but who was he and who was his mother and where did she go? If anyone has any of this info or if this is your ancestor, please contact me.
Posted: May 2003

Robert Bowman
Query: James B. Burns, born 1858 somewhere in Missouri and died in Oakland City, In. in 1946.
Posted: May 2003

Sheila Parker
Query: Looking for relatives of Oma Daniels (French) and Charlie Bumbalow (Indian). Oma was born in l904 in Ohio. Charlie was born in 1892 in Arkansas. They were married in l920. The last address I have was Tulsa, Oklahoma. My mother was Elsie Marie Bumbalow, born September 15, l924 in Tulsa County, Oklahoma. The last address I have was 1731 E. 8th St., Tulsa, Oklahoma. This information is from September 17, 1944. Would appreciate any information regarding my mother and grandparents. My father was Woodrow Hampton (Indian), born in 1915 in Miami, Oklahoma. He was employed with National Biscuit Company and last address was 210 NW 12th, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.
Posted: May 2003

Dana McKinney
Query: Looking for John Henry Maynard from West Virginia. He was half indian born aproximately 1840's from logan/mingo county area. He was 1/2 indian but unsure of tribe. They say Cherokee or Shawnee, please email me if any info is found.
Posted: May 2003

Terry L. Nichols
Query: My Grandmother was Virginia Nichols (McKinney). She was married to Floyd G. Nichols, Sr. (Grand mother was half Cherokee) My Dad was Floyd G. Nichols, Jr. (Bud) - 1/4 Cherokee. My mother is Carolyn Nichols. Myself and sister, Sharon, are both 1/8 Cherokee. Grandmother was from Oklahoma. Any information regarding our Grandmother Virginia Nichols (McKinney) and our Cherokee heritage would be helpful. My mother is 82 and does not know Great Grandparent names.
Posted: May 2003

Query: Cassewell Thomasson.
Posted: May 2003

Gaylon Brown Jasinski
Query: I am Gaylon Brown Jasinski. I am looking for the Cherokee indian roll numbers for John E. Brown and Evila Jane Freeze Brown. I was told that Evila Jane was full blood Cherokee. Please help me.
Posted: May 2003

William G. Bates
Query: I am researching my families genealogies and have been told we have Seminole ancestry. In my research I have discovered that the only places this could be, so far, is with one of my original ancesters immigrating into South Carolina then marrying several years later however we do not have her full name. What is fastinating is that some places show her name as Edna, some others as Edney, and a couple of others as Ednay/Ednoy. While these last three are definitely not of English extraction I was wondering if there is a name in any of the Cree languages approximating this pronunciation. There is also on my grandmothers side her grandfathers with having the name of Oceola Weeks. While the Weeks name is possible considered common the name Oceola definitely is of Semanole/Cree deravation. We have little information on her as well other that she was from Alabama in the mid/late 1800's. Can anyone help with any of these.
Posted: May 2003

Teri Tankersley
Query: I am trying to find out about my paternal grandmother, Mary Twain Tankersley. I was informed by my biological father's cousin that she was registered Cherokee. I know very little about this side of my biology. Mary lived in Arkansas. My birth 1946, father Ellis born 1919 so Mary is prior to that. She married James Tankersley. Any help to move my search along will be appreciated.
Posted: May 2003

Donna Snow
Query: I have been doing a family tree and I am stuck. I just found out that my father's mother was adopted by a man named Louis L. Jones and Susan Fanny Beard. She had at least one brother and from what I have been told that they were native american children. My grandmother married a man named Joe Wyatt Williams of Ripley, Tenn. If anyone has any info please contact me.
Posted: May 2003

Larry Howes
Query: America Nave. Born in Missouri, 1872. Later tried go get alotments in Oklahoma in early 1900's. I was told she was Cherokee. Her father was Tennessee Nave, born in Tennessee, 1839. Her mother was Drucilla Casey, born in 1844 in Illinois. I am searching my Native American Heritage.
Posted: May 2003

Margaret Taylor
Query: Looking for information on a Nelson Taylor born in Richmond, VA in the early 1800. Might have moved to GA sometime before 1844.
Posted: May 2003

Nancy Threlfall
Query: I would like any information on a Indian woman named Little Chick. Who she married. and any children.
Posted: May 2003

Brittany Ward
Query: I am searching for my link to the Cherokee/Choctaw Nation. I have in my ancestory book that my great great gandmother and grandfather were cherokee or choctaw. My mothers maiden name is OGLE and her name is BRANDY, My grandfather is CLAUDE OGLE. If anyone can help me find my proof that I am cherokee (both mother and grandfather definately look it) Please help.
Posted: May 2003

Donna King
Query: Seeking infor about my grandmother named Susie Allen a Cherokee who married Robert Hammonds in Laurel co. KY. Would like to know her indian family history.
Posted: May 2003

Rodney Cooper
Query: My grandmother was Aseneth Lucinda Evans(Cooper)I would like to know her farthers name and if he was a member of the Cherokee indians in Cherokee North Carolina.
Posted: May 2003

Regina Cordery Pointer
Query: My Great Grandmother was 1/2 Cherokee Indian from Virginia. She marry a man named August M Crowdy. Her mothers name was Betty; Betty had brothers and sisters all Cherokee Indians. Apparently they lived in a town where alot of people had the last name Johnson back 1800's and my great aunt's told me people called it Johnsontown. Marth had children name Beersheba (my Grandmother), Mary, Aquilla,William, Jehu, Pheobe, Martha and she had(I beleive 5 more). Can someone help me locate Martha Johnson's family in Virginia.
Posted: May 2003

Christopher Michael Tackett
Query: I am trying to find out how much Cherokee blood I have in Me. My Grandfather is John Tackett. His wife is Joann England. John Tacketts Mother was Mindy Tackett. Please Help.
Posted: May 2003

Lori Almond
Query: I am looking for any information on Cherokee Indian Rachael Berry. b.abt. 1765 Cherokee Territory, North Carolina. d.abt. 1845 Osage Township, Conway County, Arkansas.
Posted: May 2003

Kimberly Presby
Query: I am looking for my great grandmother Ella Allen. The only thing I have on her is that she married my grandfather - Urias Cooksey december 1893 in johnson county arkansas. They had children: Hobert, Richard, Albert, Evelin Ella, Fain, and Raymond. After grandpa Urias passed away, Grandma Ella married a man named William Jaynes which I found on the 1930 census living in Troy, Idaho. Any info anyone may have would be greatly appreciated!
Posted: May 2003

Bonny Sliwinski
Query: Looking for info on valley pierce. She married John Wesley Busby. Valley and her daughter died of tb around 1930. She had 2 sons Carl ansd Slyvester. I need help please.
Posted: May 2003

Ambrosio Gonzalez
Query: Isaura Shawa.
Posted: May 2003

Robyn Tarbell
Query: Lorana Charlton (birth name) Sheriton county Kansas, her father married and indian woman and they had my granmother I am searching for anything that might help me trace my family tree I have a little more info just email me.
Posted: May 2003

Sharon Cole
Query: I need information on my great-great-great grandfather, Indian name was Chief John Grey Horse ?? or last name of Graves. His son's name was William Gilliam Graves, born 1813 in Randolph County , N.C. Wife of the Chief was Princess Whitefeather.
Posted: May 2003

Heather Allen
Query: Looking for my ancestors: Lizzie Mc Kinney born in Georgia-full blood Cherokee-fled to Lamar County, TX and married Will Haney. Gave birth to several children-one of them-Della Matilda Haney (born 1907 about and died about 1954) Della married Raymond Philpott and gave birth to Don and Jimmy Dwayne Philpott. Don died in mid 1900's. Jimmy still living-that's my Granfather. Trying to put our family tree together. Please contact me with any information regarding Lizzie (aka Lissie may have been Martha) Mc Kinney. She should have been bron about 1868.
Posted: May 2003

Dianne (Rial) Clark
Query: Hi. I am a very frustrated lady who is trying to find any proof of my Cherokee heritage. I was adopted at age 1.5 and my mother is unable to tell me due to mental deficiencies. My father was Donald Rial born 8-28-1889, social security # 369-16-5218. His father was Charles Rial, and his before that was Frederick Rial. My paternal grandmother was Elizabeth (Drost) Rial and paternal great grandmother was Lydia (unknown) Rial. My mother is Bertha Mae Rial born 8-18-1932. Her father was William Sweet and her mother was Leonna Prolo. I don't have a lot of $, but still need to be able to prove who I am, a Cherokee. If anyone can help, please email me. Thank you in advance.
Posted: May 2003

James Davidson
Query: Looking for Dean Rogers my great great grandfather he lived in Tennessee and married Purity Davidson he was susposed to be Cherokee card number d1140 their children were Cherokee also they lived in Tennessee 1820 through 1850 after that they were in Oklahoma anyone having information please contact me.
Posted: May 2003

Patrick LaRowe
Query: I am searching for my native roots. I am looking for any information on my great grandfather's parents. his name is Joe Carter. He was born in approx. 1903 and died in 1938. He had a brother named I.B. I was told his mother was full blood Cherokee. He and his wife Almeda Brewer had my grandmother Jo Marlene Brewer Hartley in Broken Bow OK. Any information would be greatly appreciated.
Posted: May 2003

Tonya Adams
Query: I am searching for Anna Brown (Marshall?) Adams-a Cherokee who was married to my great grandfather James Adams.
Posted: May 2003

Lou Bentley
Query: I am looking for information about a Martha Lnu who married Triplett Cason.
Posted: May 2003

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