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Jeanette Arthur
Query: Looking for information about the Mullins/Miller/Hornsby families of Kentucky.
Posted: April 2002

Annette Jasper
Query: I'm looking for a Mary Ellen Nash that married William Anderson Neal between 1850-1853. Not sure if she is Cherokee indian or not. Also looking for a Major Anderson Hunt born around 1821 in either Virginia or West Virginia.
Posted: April 2002

Gary Bressler
Query: Looking for Jessie Martin, resided in Coal City, Pell city, Possibly Birmingham Ala. In late 1800.
Posted: April 2002

Linda L. Bean
Query: I have been told by my uncle that a Cherokee maiden is part of our history. My family name is Hawkins. He says he has a old picture of her but don't know her name, this is on my fathers side. I am also told that on my mothers side named SMITH. If you can help me in any way to find who I really am I would be most grateful.
Posted: April 2002

Darrin Matz
Query: I am searching for Augusta Bartell Who married Rudolph Fadenrecht in Washita Co, Indian Territory, Oklahoma.
Posted: April 2002

Query: I am looking to find out if I have any indian in me, My mother says we have cherokee but we need help proving it. My Grandfathers last name is Moore and my mothers madin name is Schwartz and they are all from the Kansas area.
Posted: April 2002

Debora Navoy
Query: I would like to know if you have any Isaac Parker(s) listed or any Thirza Litton(s). Thank you very much.
Posted: April 2002

John Hedgecoth
Query: Hiram "Jumpin Eagle" Hedgecoth was born April 4, 1812. Hiram died February 05, 1889 at 76 years of age. He married Jane Stone. Jane was born in Cumberland County, Tennesee August 1811. Jane died Janruary 16, 1879 at 67 years of age. His tribe captured Jane and held her captive for several years. At that time she had fallen in love with Hiram. His Indian name was Jumpin Eagle. he took the name Hiram when he and Jane left the tribe and moved back to Cumberland County. That the name Hiram "Jumpin Eagle" Hedgecoth and Jane had the following child: Rachel Hedgecoth. She married Harold Williams. Harold became the father of Lucy Belle "Little Bird" Williams in Tennessee, July 7 1865. Rachel became the mother of Lucy Belle "Little Bird" Williams in Tennessee, July 7 1865. Any info on Jumpin Eagle, Hiram Hedgecoth, Rachel. Jane or Harold Williams would be greatly appreciated. I'm trying to prove N.A. lineage to properly honor my ancestors. Hiram is my gggrandfather. My gggrandmother was Margaret Britt who was listed on the 1850 Bledsoe Co. Tn. Census as the 16 year old daughter of John Britt-age 45 born in S.C. and Tellitha (no maiden name given) age 33 born in N.C. Also listed was Nancy-age 12,A.J.-age 4 and James M.-age 3. Now this is where it gets interesting. In the first census of the newly formed Cumberland Co. Tn. in 1860 there is a John Britt Moyers age 53 listed along with his wife Lilitha and sons A.J., James M., Christopher Columbus and Mary E. By this time Margaret was married to my gggrandfather Headly (Hedley) Turner. Family history has it that Margaret was a Choctaw and her family was in hiding during the removal. The only existing picture that I know of shows a proud woman of noble bearing with no trace of Anglo about her. Was she Choctaw or Melungeon? Why did they change their surname? Any answers or even more questions to investigate would be very helpful.
Posted: April 2002

Polly Hatcher
Query: I am searching for my grandmother's father who was a Cherokee Indian whose last names was either Tyner or Tinnen (my spelling may be incorrect) Her name was Mable Bradshaw and was born in Indian Territory around Buckhorn in Muskogee County, Oklahoma on Mar. 4, 1887. She married Bob Morgan and had five children living on a farm south of Muskogee, Oklahoma.
Posted: April 2002

Patrick Kinnebrew
Query: Searching rolls for Mary E. Eppley, later married as Mary E. Stone, and Mary E. Smith.
Posted: April 2002

Linda Argento
Query: Looking for informatiion about my gg grandmother who was a Cherokee/Shawnee Indian. My grandfather's name was Robert Whitney Melton and his father's name was Eli Melton. My grandfather was born in 1898 around Lawrenceburg/Collingwood Tennessee. Can anyone help?
Posted: April 2002

Query: I am looking for information on my 3 great grandmother. Her name is Martha Potter or Ferrell I'm not sure which. I was told she was a Cherokee and lived somewhere in Virginia or North Carolina.
Posted: April 2002

Gregory Scott Panther
Query: Looking for Thomas Henry Panther who was married to Carol Ann Wildes in early 1960's. I have heard that he was Cherokee and I would also like to know if he is still alive because he is my father. He lived in the south, Georgia or the Carolinas.
Posted: April 2002

Tammy Gamborski
Query: I am looking for the wife of Philip Reedy. They lived in (Shenandoah, Rockingham County)Virginia around 1790-1810's(about). Philip's wife was a full blooded Cherokee. I have 3 different names for her. Clutteur, Elizabeth Green and Walker.
Posted: April 2002

Query: Update information on ---Francis M, Ross born anywheres from 1830's to about 1843 in Vinton Co, Ohio--Death June 1923 in Wesy Virgina. Married 2 times 1st wife was----Louisa J(At?)Strong then--ROSS born about 1845? death 1892 Ohio---Had 3 childern---1st son--Francis M, Ross Jr born abt 1864---2nd Jesse Ross born abt 1867--death 1938--Minerva Ross born 1869 death ??--Married 2 times also---1st Hubby Alfred Massie--2nd Hubby Elisha Kelley 1910 Ohio. Francis M, Ross Sr 2nd wife was--Mary Elizabeth ( Tivner?) Su;;ivan then ROSS in 1894 Ohio. I think I found Francis M, Ross age 20 in 1850 Gallia Co, Ohio Census With his Brother Charles Ross age 15 along with thier Mother ---Mary Ross age 59 or was she Grand Mother? I would apperciate any help I can on these people.
Posted: April 2002

Freddie Phillips
Query: I am looking for information about my grandmother. Her name was Sarah Covy Bayles. She lived in or around Weber falls Ok. in May 1908 Her brothers names were Jim, Johnny and her sister Etta. Any help would be appreciated.
Posted: April 2002

Louis Beckley
Query: Looking for any info about Della Melton she was suspose to be full blooded Cherokee. she married Lewis Becklee in White County Illinois and had two sons,Louis and William. they both spelled there name Beckley. I am unsure where Della Was from orginally. Any info would be welcomed. I can also be contacted at daddyb@charter.net Once again thanks.
Posted: April 2002

Shawn Norman
Query: I am looking for info on Sina Kitchens ?? she left the Trail of Tears and got married to a Williams, she died in KY. Any info would help?
Posted: April 2002

Tonja Lawless
Query: Looking for information on Great Great Grandmother Her name was Lydia Susan Roath (Ross). Father's name was Barrett Roath (Ross). I know that GG Grandmother was born in Bloomington, Ill in 1848. Any help would be welcome.
Posted: April 2002

Erin Mansur-Smith
Query: My great great grandmother was Cherokee. She moved into Aiken County, South Carolina from Georgia after the Trail of Tears and took a new name -- Charity Roundtree. I don't know what her name was before she moved or even where in Georgia she was from. She refued to speak about her life before the Trail. She had several children with my African American great grandfather, one being my great grandmother Lottie Hodges. but I don't know anything else about her. Is there any way I can validate that she was indeed Cherokee or where I could find out where she was from? I'd appreciate any information someone might have about her.
Posted: April 2002

Query: I am searching for relatives of Sarah Hayes. Born in 1872. Resided in Arkansas at one time. Fullblooded Cherokee. She was also known as "Cricket."
Posted: April 2002

Tammy L. Paatalo (Hammer)
Query: I am looking for information on Oatis (Otis) Mann. I believe he is my Grandfather. He lived in the Westville, Oklahoma area until around 1940. He had a brother named Lee Mann. I believe he died in California over 20 years ago. Any help would be appreciated.
Posted: April 2002

Connie Naylor
Query: ROBERTS, James Edward b. 12/17/1880 Lancaster, Missouri. Son of ROBERTS, Charles per death certificate. No birth certificate available for 1880 Missouri. I found Charles ROBERTS in 1850 census and I believe this is the father of James Edward Roberts. This Charles was born 1838 in Illinois, son of ROBERTS, Thomas born 1813 in Kentucky and Elizabeth born 1820 in Tennessee. Not sure if the Cherokee line is from Elizabeth or Thomas. Need help in finding the Dawes Roll number. Family passed down information that Roberts family was mixed blood with Cherokee.

James Edward Roberts is my husband's great grandfather. He told his daughter Lucille Elzarah Roberts born 1902 Iowa that he was part Indian. This information passed down to her daughter, and down to my husband. James Edward Roberts did not say for sure how many generations back was the Cherokee marriage, but he had the darker skin tone and never needed to shave. So, I don't think it is back too much farther than Charles' parents. James Edward was also an excellent hunter and fisherman. I have only been able to get back this far and really need help in finding the documentation that will show the name of the Cherokee ancestor to preserve this heritage.
Posted: April 2002

Query: Lucinda Elliot. My G-grandmother was said to be full blooded Cherokee. She married James Monroe Scammahorn. They lived in Mo.Camden Co. I believe. Any info about her would be great.
Posted: April 2002

Pamela LaRue
Query: My Grandmother (Chloe Bell) was born in Indiana around 1900. Her Mother, Emma W.Bell was of Cherokee ancestry. She would have been born around 1880. They lived in Indiana. I found the Microfish # pg 249 and her # 12996. How do I find out more about her? I am at a standstill. Would appreciate any information you could give me.
Posted: April 2002

Helen Dent
Query: I am Researching my gr gr grandmother, Elisabeth Betsy Bush. She was reared by William Bush IV and Elizabeth Bush. She was born abt 1798 in Edgefield District South Carolina. She married George Washington Gillman in 1825. Elisabeth Betsy Bush's Biological parents were Cherokee Indian and both died on the Bush's Farm where he worked. She was then raised by the Bush Family. Thank You for ant info you can give me.
Posted: April 2002

Sandra Lewis Davis
Query: Looking for Grandmother - Almira Duncan, b 1871. Her brother was Albert Bird (Byrd) Duncan, Martin Haggard Duncan, Isabelle Duncan Wallace. More brothers and Sisters. Father: Daniel Duncan, Grand Father: ?? Samuel Duncan. Thank you please help if possible. I have been searching for years.
Posted: April 2002

Wayne Allen Bige
Query: Luela Belle Eaton.
Posted: April 2002

Patty Schapiro
Query: Joseph Hair b: about 1876, fathre Kahtahquahlay (clay) Hair b: abour 1841, wife of Joseph Martha Fox, I think my great-great-grandfather was George Washington Hair.
Posted: April 2002

R. M. Anderson
Query: My mother told me that my gr.grandmother was 100 per cent Cherokee Indian. Her name was Zula May Cheata(u)m b. ca1900 in KY. She married Thomas Dudly Sallee of Frankfield, KY. Thomas b. 28Aug,1899, Frankfield KY, d. 31Dec,1979, one of 15 childern. My Grandmother-Elizabeth May Sallee b. 28Jun,1921 Frankfield KY, d. 5Aug,1999, Ypsilanti, MI. Need parentage and siblings of Zula and Thomas. Help would be greatly appreciated.
Posted: April 2002

Query: I have hit the proverbial "brick wall", and am unable to find my ancestors. My great grandfather's name was Richard Green. He was born in 1854. My father's cousin (the oldest person that I could locate still alive) said that her mother always said that "she was 1/2 indian". I can't find any census or anything about him. He was supposedly born in Indiana -- my dad said that he thought he was from Alabama; I know that most of his kids were born in Alabama. The family then ended up in northeastern Arkansas. Would like to know who his parents were; where they were from; if they were indian, etc.

On my mom's side, we are still trying to verify the story that ggrandmother was a full-blooded indian and my great-grandfather went to Muskogee, Oklahoma and "bought" her with a horse. Her name was Sara? (possibly Saida) Malitia (this name has also been listed as several different names) Lundy. She was born Dec 25, 1833. If any one can help with these families, I would appreciate it.
Posted: April 2002

Jeannie Renshaw
Query: We are seeking information on Cherokee GrgrgrGrandparents: Paula Bird, b. mid 1830s, married William Jesse Little, b.1825, Georgia. Would greatly appreciate any info. that leads to getting a roll number. Gramma Paula had one. Would also like to exchange info with other relatives.
Posted: April 2002

Query: Robert Buffins, Buffington, Buffin - Virginia, Tennessee.
Posted: April 2002

Marrie (Norris) Cole
Query: I have been told that I am of Cherokee descent. The only real information I have is my grandfathers name, Irby Lee Norris. His parents died before I was born so, I know nothing about them. If anyone could tell me more about my family it would be greatly appreciated. -Or- If someone could tell me how to find the information I am looking for would be great, also.
Posted: April 2002

Rev. T.L. Twerdok
Query: Thank you up front for your assistance. I am interested in any and all infomation, books, sites and/or persons concerning the Cherokee lodge of the yellow rose and most specificly -(sheliaqua cordoshka- the best spelling I can make of the words I heard). My wife's grandmother is full blooded Cherokee from the mississippi area living in louisiana now at the ripe old age of 87. She spoke of it on one of our visit there.
Posted: April 2002

Query: I have recently been told that my great grandfather, Joseph Pritchard Jennings also known as J. P. Jennings was a U.S. Marshall and a Cherokee Indian. How do I go about confirming his Indian background and tracing Indian relatives if he was indeed Indian?
Posted: April 2002

Query: Looking for proof of my ggg-grandfather Jesse Monroe Brackett b.1812 NC in Cherokee Nation. We have found info about him but cannot find proof of his parents and birth.
Posted: April 2002

Mark Toms
Query: I was wondering if anyone would have info on the Toms. Apparantley they were Cherokee Indian. The most info I have right now goes back to my great grandfather who's name was Thomas Alfred Toms who died in 1960 in Americus Georgia. His wife was Nora McPheney. They moved from North Carolina to Georgia (don't know when.) My grandfather's name was Claude Earl Toms and he died in Americus Georgia also in 1973. I am trying to go further back and find out exactly where the Toms name came in and who was full blooded INdian. Any info would be appreciated.
Posted: April 2002

Sarah Tosh
Query: I'm looking for any Toys that's a last name not a product. I know that they came down on the Trail of Tears. I just want to be able to get my card to get scholarships for college.
Posted: April 2002

Brownie Wampler
Query: Youngblood
Posted: April 2002

Query: Looking for information on Ellen Bacon and Adaline Aderson, Adalines mother was Lovey Fenton or Phenton, any help would be appreciated.
Posted: April 2002

Lindaruth Carnett Estes
Query: I am searching for the birth parents of my grandmother Laura Bray Miller Flippo (1880-1924). She was raised by Thomas and JJ bray in Magness, Ark. but was not their birth child. I believe Thomas was her uncle and she was either a twin or triplet probably born in NC. Any info please email me.
Posted: April 2002

James Bowers
Query: I am looking for family history past Charles M. Smoke possibly from last thought of in Oklahoma.
Posted: April 2002

Kenneth Herron
Query: To the best of my knowledge, I am at least 1/16 Cherokee. I've been told that my great-grandmother was 1/2 Cherokee, but I don't know whether it was her mother or her father who was Cherokee. I found some names in the various rolls, but I can't say for sure whether my great-grandmother was one of their descendents. Any suggestions?

Also, I'm probably a descendent of the Eastern Band of Cherokees, whose enrollment is very restricted. I probably am not eligible, although I meet the minimum 1/16 degree Cherokee requirement. My problem is, I have no proof that my degree of Cherokee blood is 1/16. I am VERY proud of my Cherokee ancestry, but disappointed that I can't enroll in the Eastern Band. I would like to be officially enrolled as a member of the Cherokee Nation...not for my gain, but to acknowledge my pride in my Cherokee ancestry. Any suggestions here?

Thank you for any information.

P.S. My great-grandmother is Lucinda Herron, daughter of Hiram Herron and Mary Polly Brown. They lived in either Hancock or Hawkins Co., Tennessee.
Posted: April 2002

Holly Snead
Query: I am looking for any information available on the life of Grey Eagle, the last Chief of the Tallulah Falls band of the Cherokee Indians. In researching my husbnd's maternal line, I have been able to trace his lineage back to Adam Poole Vandiver, born 8/21/1788 in Fairfield District, South Carolina, and died 1/10/1877, Tallulah Falls, Habersham Co., Georgia. He married 1. Gullie, (The Dove) on 1/1/1810 possibly in White Co., Ga, who was a sister of Chief Grey Eagle. She was born 9/26/1794 and died sometime after 1841, after the birth of her last child. I have tried to research Grey Eagle to find out more about him, when he was born, when he died,his parents,siblings children he had, (Have found information on a daughter Tallulah) but that is all I've been able to uncover There are also records that suggest he was buried in an unnamed cemetery on Marvin Pitts land in the Shirley Grove Community in Habersham Co. His sister Gullie, her husband and many other relations are believed buried there as well. I am looking for anything available on his life, birth and death, children born, his parents, siblings, anything that can help learn more about our Cherokee history. I appreciate anything anyone can offer to fill in the life of Grey Eagle.
Posted: April 2002

Michael Alexander
Query: My wife is a member of the Cherokee tribe. I am trying to establish whether or not this is the Eastern Cherokees or the Western Cherokees from the standpoint of the Mississippi River. Any tips? How would I start in my search?
Posted: April 2002

Amanda Kuttenkuler
Query: Searching for last name Keltner.
Posted: April 2002

Query: I am trying to find Harriet S. ? married name Callaway. She was born Sept.28,1838 in Il. She is my Great-Great Grandmother. I have been told she is Cherokee but have no proof. I cannot find her maiden name or her parents. How do I go about finding this out?
Posted: April 2002

Laura Phoenix Bockno
Query: I am researching my family line in the Ohio counties of Medina,Delaware and Cuyahoga between the years of 1800-1860, with the family names of Benjamin, Sherman, Lamphear, Wilbour and Fish to find any intermarriage with the Shawnee or Cherokee tribes. Research has determined Mercy Lamphear and Moses Sherman married in 1832 with 12 children.
Posted: April 2002

Query: Chief John Bowles. My question is does anyone know who his parents were? I am a descendant of a Bowles family and am told there was cherokee and am curious about this. Please help.
Posted: April 2002

Query: My sister recently went to the dentist and the hygenist told her that she had a tooth that was only a tooth of Cherokee indians. Does anyone know anything about this?
Posted: April 2002

Michele Pearce
Query: Need help Snow surname Cherokee. William Snow b 1785 NC died Giles TN 1856 son Franklin Snow b TN 1821 daughter Nancy Parilee Snow/Smith b Lawrence Co Tenn 1848 looking for this line and native american help. Franklin Snow lived in TN, Red River TX 1860, 1850 Collin TX, and Scott co Ark 1870 last none place on him. Nancy Parilee Snow married a Smith. Moved to Scott co Ark 1870 then Okla 1900 Choctaw indian territory. Died 1918 Haskell co Okla. Help me find them or relatives to these on rolls.
Posted: April 2002

Sheila "Lester" Williams
Query: Nikitie, Hanna Rebecca Nikitie Cherokee.
Posted: April 2002

Tammy Randell Cook
Query: Surnames: Hardin/Harden, Randell, Waters, Ritters, Karnes, Smith, Thompson
Posted: April 2002

Royale Olson
Query: I'm trying to verify that my grandmother, Ethel Sarah Duncan Carlton, was Cherokee. She was born Feb. 27, 1895. I don't know where she was born.
Posted: April 2002

Thompson Lane Young
Query: My great Grandfather William Meyer Young B-1868 Ill. was dropped off by Indians and raised by a family named Black, rumor has it my father Wilford Leslie Young was Ok. Cherokee looking for proof of information, I can't find the Black family nor his birth cert. Any Ideas or knowledge well come.
Posted: April 2002

Shawn Travis
Query: In search of Cherokee roots. Family surnames include Guthrie, Norton, or Campbell from Northern Arkansas. Travis, Wright, or Maze from Oklahoma, Texas, Arkansas, California.
Posted: April 2002

Query: What does the name violet mean?
Posted: April 2002

James Robert (Bob) Flatt
Query: I was told that my grandmother was one half Cherokee. Her name was Vernie Clio Jones, born May 2, 1894 and died February 3, 1960 in Gainesboro, TN. If anyone has any information, please contact me.
Posted: April 2002

Gale Deese
Query: Looking for info on greatgreatfather John Murphy from Yancey Co.N.C.(?) married Margert Wallace also from Yancey Co. Supposed to have been Cherokee. Their children that I know are Merrit, Jake, Eckland, Perry and Rebecca (my greatgrandmother). Any help would be appreicated.
Posted: April 2002

Debbie R. Miller
Query: Mahala Flowers & Clayton Miller (believed to be Cherokee); Mahala ? b.1832 m. William Hayden Flowers abt. 1849 in Tenn. Who is Mahalas family? Clayton Franklin Miller b.1831, McMinn Tenn. bro. Fred moved to MO. from Knoxville Tenn. area. Who is his family?
Posted: April 2002

Cristi Aguilar
Query: I'm trying to find information on My great grandfather he was a cherokee Indian His name is Walter Spears but when he got a job he changed his last name to Oliver. He lived in Tennesee. Where can i find information on him?
Posted: April 2002

Leslie J. Duty III
Query: I am trying to find a link between my grandmother Mary Elizabeth Jacobs (who married my grandfather Leslie J.Duty) and Helen Ester Driver Jacobs listed on the Baker Roll of 1924 - her Baker # is 1071. I beleive she was my grandmothers mother. Thank you for any assistance that you can give me.
Posted: April 2002

Kathy Hazlett
Query: I am searching for my Grandmother's family. She was a full-blooded Cherokee Indian. I believe her family came from Kansas. Her name was Viola Vivian Vanderber. Her brother Charlie played for the St. Louis Cardinals sometime in the possibly 1930's. She married Claude Amos Labbee in either the 20's or 30's. Some of her children are still living in Missouri. Any information would be appreciated. I am the daughter of Florayne Labbee Karnes.
Posted: April 2002

Clelis Thompson
Query: Grandmother's name was Emma Thompson. Her mother was a Cherokee Indian married to a man with the last name of Thompson. My mother thinks she was from the Peak Tribe.
Posted: April 2002

Jason DeWitt
Query: My great grandfather Robert Jackson Eades married (S)Cynthia Jefferies, supposedly full Cherokee. They lived in Conway County, Arkansas near Dwight's mission. They moved from the Carolinas to Arkansas around 1817 before the trail of tears. There are some Eades on the Guion Miller Roll, but have not linked them to my family yet. Any info would help. Wado
Posted: April 2002

April Galici-Pochmara
Query: My father has never been a part of my life but I do know that I am Cheroke on his side of the family. I am hoping to find out about my family geneology on my father side. His name is Richard Lee Stetler. He was born in 1949-50 and raised in Michigan. His family came from Arkansas. There is also a possibility that I may be Blackfoot? If you have any info that would be helpful to me I would appreciate your time.
Posted: April 2002

Caren Andrews
Query: I remember the stories told to me by my mother of my great great grandmother named Anna McCloud who was on The Trail of Tears. I am interested in finding out as much as I can about her and her descendants and ascendants. Any help is welcome.
Posted: April 2002

Harley Kessinger
Query: I'm searching for information on Susan Francis Smith father was John Smith. Her mother I'm told was full blooded Cherokee. John Smith also indian.
Posted: April 2002

Query: I am looking for any information about my great grandfather whose name was Stout Chair. Born Dec.25,1845, and was on the Trail Of Tears when he was a baby, his parents died on that trail, and he was adopted by another family. He married Margaret Hensley. I think his parents was from N.C. before they were removed. He died May 5, 1920 and buried in Briggs, Oklahoma. That is where my mother is from. Whose maiden name also is Briggs. I am cherokee from my mothers side. Any information would be appriciated. Wa-Doh
Posted: April 2002

Arlene Kobylinski
Query: Looking for family of George W. Byrd married to Elizabeth Shaw late 1850's. Malden Mo. area. Also looking for family of Delia Byrd From Malden, Mo and Piggott, AR. married to John Christopher Yates from TN. in AR 1890 Family of Edna (Yates) Usselton from Piggott, AR married to Delmar Yates from Vine Grove, KY. any or all information important.
Posted: April 2002

Ken Sanderson
Query: I'm looking for Sanderson's who may have ties to or descend from cherokee families.
Posted: April 2002

Query: I am looking for information on the Canaday family. Eunice Cananay was born July 3rd, 1922. Her father was George Canaday and her mother's surname was Harless. Her father died in Enid, OK.in the late 1960s. She had two sisters, Lola and Eula or Uela, and a brother named Charlie. She married Willard Necaise. They had a number of children, including Eddy Necaise. I haven't been able to find any information on her mother or father. Any information on where I might go to get information is also welcome.
Posted: April 2002

Query: I am wondering if the name Duncan is on Cherokee rolls.
Posted: April 2002

Dana McKinney
Query: I was told my great grandfather and great great grandmother were Cherokee. Jerry McKinney of North Carolina son of Samule Fleming McKinney and another was Eliza or Elizabeth Hargis who went on the trail of tears when she was around 6. Her mom was Jane Davis.
Posted: April 2002

Cristina Ozment
Query: Searching for parents and siblings of Caroline (Carrie) Eller Harris b18 Aug. 1865 Tennessee, d 25 aug. 1942, second wife of John Jasper Ozment, on 23 aug. 1885 in Cooke County, Texas. Also searching for parents and siblings of Anna Lee Carpenter, b 22 July 1896 Oklahoma, d 19 August 1968, married to James Clinton Ozment b 12 April 1886 Cooke County, Texas. Anna's father was known as Gobel, "Pony." Anything will be appreciated.
Posted: April 2002

Kittie Timm
Query: I am trying to find my g.grandfathers family. His name is W.P. (William) Rana. He first married Sarah Clauson, she was the first person burried in the rana cemetery in logan county, ar. which is around Paris Arkansas. He then married Lina Embrey, I am not sure when his first wife died or when he married the second wife. I dont know where the indian came in might have been from one of the ladies he married but we were told that he was 1/2 indian. Which would make my mother 1/4 indian. I dont know if wp. rana was on a roll or not, but my mother was never placed on a roll. All help would be very much appriciated.
Posted: April 2002

T.J. McKinney
Query: James P. Mangrum is my grand dad's name, from Mayfield, Kentucky. (west KY) I am trying to see how he was connected with the Cherokees and the trail of tears. His dad's name was Wilbur "Butcher Knife" Mangrum.
Posted: April 2002

Jean Jones
Query: Am trying to find information on Lucinda Miriah Bullock born 1607 in Georgia. No other information known.
Posted: April 2002

Dottie Ludwick
Query: Hi am looking for info on a Jack Dodson lived in Logan co Wv had a sonnamed Paul Orval Dodson mother was Annie Ackers. Any info on him or her would be wonderful.
Posted: April 2002

Harriet Northern
Query: I am looking for any one with the name kernell on the indian rolls.
Posted: April 2002

Erica Newman
Query: I have been told all my life that my family has Cherokee ancestory and I would like to know how to go about either proving or disproving this.
Posted: April 2002

Mark Mackie
Query: I am building my family tree and found out a relitive on my mothers side had married a Cherokee Indian. (they say thats were our dark eyes and high cheek bones are from). I am very interested on finding out infromation on this person. His name was Edward Needham Lovitt born 1750 died 1845 he married a Cherokee Indian around 1765. He settled in Nova Scotia Canada.
Posted: April 2002

Karen Wallace
Query: I am looking for information on my grandfather, George Hanold or last name Hanover. I was told he changed his last name form the Cherokee name Hanold to Hanover. His birthdate was Aug. 16, 1898 he died Feb. 1980. If anyone can tell me anything about my heritage please e-mail me. I am in need of this information for medical reasons. Please e-mail me as soon as possiable.
Posted: April 2002

Jennifer Parsons
Query: Okay here goes nothing... as most people say and I am going to say, I was told in my family somewhere that there is some Cherokee Heritage and that the Parsons name is a true Native {white given..lol} name. So I am lookin gfor any information on my relatives. My father is Steven Allen Parsons, born in Tennessee in 1955. Now, his father was Jim Parsons {I do not know his birth date or any dates on him} I am guessing he was born aroun 1920-1930. He married my grandmother Louise Russell. Now Jim's father's name is Johnny Parsons. I do not have any information on him either. None of my family will help me and I am just at a stand still. I do have pictures of my family. I do not know where it was taken, but it is of alot of Cherokee Native women holding me as a baby. I was told that I was their cousin. My father's side of the family carries the Cherokee blood. I do know that Johnny married a woman named Eula-Mae. I do not know her maiden name. So, if anyone can help me, please e-mail me. I would appreciate it very much.
Posted: April 2002

Query: Any help with this would be greatly apriciated. My grandfather was reported to be full indian. [Cherokee or Chactaw] his wife was not. At the time this was highly ilegal so he moved away from his family and she moved away from hers they lived back in the"woods" in or around gunersville alabama. I am trying to locate both of his parents bodies. My father many years ago told me his body was proubly burried on a mound or something and my grandmother was proubly burried at he feet of her mother for comitting such a terrible crime. I was wondering if there was ever any record of who was burried on these mounds and if not how to prove your heratige when all you have to go on is the word of the people who found my father and his siblings 2-3 years after the death of both my grand parents. My dads name was jesse maynard and the names of his parents may have been john maynard and nan brewer-edge. All though their names including my own cannot be verifed as to my dad didn't speak the english languge well so he was labeled elliterate, and this name may have been given to them all "maynard" when he was found by the town's people at the age of seven in 1930. He may have been older no one knows as to he has no birth record.
Posted: April 2002

Linda Jones
Query: Looking for links to Cherokee ancestors through Viola Chapman.
Posted: April 2002

Dave Sims
Query: How do you say "I Love You" in the Cherokee language?
Posted: April 2002

Jan Bible
Query: Looking for information about my great grandfather, Albert Parinlaw Freeman and his wife, Martha Shepherd. May have lived in Morgan County GA. Birthdates possible between 1860-1888. Cherokee ties(???)
Posted: April 2002

Yolanda Wilson
Query: I am looking for info on my gggrandmother who is listed as Elizabeth Hyde. I found her on the Dawes Commission Index of 1896 with a case #4783. Could someone tell me how I can gain access to this info?
Posted: April 2002

Donelle Ruth Cunningham
Query: I am searching for my genealogy. I am lead to believe that my grandmother on my fathers side, Virdel Ray (Cunningham), maiden name unknown, who was married to my grandfather John Henry Cunningham, they lived in DeCalb, TX. I know nothing further, except that they had I think 6-8 vhildren, my father AG Cunningham, Homer and Johnny, the others I am not sure of. Any information would be greatly appreciated. I am also lead to believe that my grandmother Virdel Ray was Cherokee.
Posted: April 2002

Melissa Chatman
Query: I am looking for any information on Julie Angeline Simpson. She was my ggrandmother she was said to be full blooded Cherokee. She married a man named James Mance Guffy. They had a daughter Pearl Angeline. I am not sure of the other children, but I found a site on genealogy.com with the name cherokee smoke signal. the subtitle mentioned the name Julie Simpson and a son Cloud Simpson. The site had been closed, so I could not access any more info. Pearl grew up on a reservation somewhere around Tennessee. She married Winston Robert Cartwright and lived in Loudon County, TN. Any information would be greatly appreciated.
Posted: April 2002

Tracy Lines
Query: I was wondering where I can apply or get my blood tested for a Certificate of Degree of Indian Blood...I know it is the BIA...but what does that stand for...phone #??
Posted: April 2002

Eva Schumacher
Query: I have been told my great-great-grandmother was full Cherokee and that her name was Elizabeth Woodward. I have also been told she was a Cherokee princess. Many years ago I saw a black and white photo in full ceremonial dress that was said to be her. It has since disappeared. I would like to trace more information on my Cherokee heritage.
Posted: April 2002

Ruby (Dockery) Davis
Query: I hope someone can help me with my search for my cherokee ancestors. My Dad was Ruben Dockery(Ky) His Mom was Sarah E. Cotton (Ky.) Her parents Tolbert Cotton (Ky.) and Ellen Woollen Cotton (NC) Tolberts parents Stephen Cotton (SC) and Juda Pittman (Ky). Ellen's parents were Lewis P. Woollen and Dolla Taylor both Nc. Help.
Posted: April 2002

Anita Bruhnsen
Query: I am searching for Mason Collins lineage in Va. especially anything linking us to the Powhatan or Cherokee tribes, I have alot of info, but need more, I have a Pocahontas Mason, d of Burwell Mason and Lucinda Wray, Campbell County, she was born 1855 and died 1874, her grdfther was John Mason III who married Nancy Clark, grtgfdfther was John Mason Jr. who m Elizabeth Gee, 1st, then 2nd wife was Frances Brook. On my Collins side, they settled here in Charlotte county in the 1700's, came from King and Queen county, Va. The names I have are Richard Collins, John, Joel, and Joel, any help or info. is greatly appreciated, especially linking us to the above tribes.
Posted: April 2002

Lynn Schrimpsher
Query: My g gratfather,came from Germany mid, to late 1800's. His name was Schrimpsher, dont know his first name. He married Della Lynn early 1900's. She died when my grandfather was only minutes old. She was a beautful Cherokee. If any one knows any thing about them please e-mail me.
Posted: April 2002

J.S. Matthews Hightower
Query: I am looking for anyone who can trace their roots back to Chief Doublehead or his daughter, Cornblossom. I am also looking for relatives of Jessie Matthews, father of Danny Dale Matthews.
Posted: April 2002

Jackie Johnson
Query: My great great grandfather name was Matthew Bishop, he was fulled blooded Cherokee Indian supposedly from Iowa, I do not know how true this information is but he settled in Maplesville Alabama and married a Amanda Brazell. Any information leading to tribal relations would be helpful.
Posted: April 2002

Marian Fallon
Query: Looking for any information (parents, dob,etc) on James Gatlin, who married Lucy McCoy who is daughter of Alexander McCoy and Aky Gunter.
Posted: April 2002

Kathleen Teague
Query: Looking for information on Lloyd Gilbert Teague, he is my father. Lived around Louiseville KY an Ind. part of the time. He has chilldren cant find any thing on any of them. His mother was married again to a Henery Ryan they lived in Louisville KY. My father has a half brother William.
Posted: April 2002

John E Perry
Query: My grandfather was half Cherokee. He lived with his father 17 miles from talequa on a cattle ranch. He was born Jan. 17 1900-1901, his name is Homer Dawn Chisholm, as far as we know he had a twin sister named Lahouma?. His fathers name was Joseph chisholm and his mothers name was Mary. His father was Cherokee and his mother was from Scotland as far as we know. Grandfather said his dad was a deputy US marshall. I am looking for any information anyone has we are trying to prove our heritage and I am very proud to be a native american Cherokee. So if anyone can help us I, we would be very thankfull.
Posted: April 2002

Glenda Sue Hazlitt
Query: I would like to know about my reatgrandfather John Emerson Brown roll number 21787.
Posted: April 2002

Sharon Grace Penfold
Query: I am searching for records of the Innerst (possibly Inherst family). Sarah Ann Innerst was Cherokee and born around York, PA around 1815. She was a great-great grandmother. To look at my father and his siblings, you'd swear they had more Cherokee blood in them than they do. The blood runs thick in me, too; I was once asked out of the blue by an old Cherokee while traveling through Oklahoma 'you are one of us, aren't you'. If you have records regarding this name or anything about York, Pa area, please let me know. This is very important to me.
Posted: April 2002

John Hipps
Query: Bartlett/Hipps from NC.
Posted: April 2002

Alton Slayton
Query: I'm trying to find decendants of George Washington Pearson. Born 1852, died 1925 (give or take a year or so). Married to Nancy Ann Brock in Moravian Falls, NC. He is supposedly of Cherokee decent and is as far back as we can trace on the Slayton side. Any help greatly appreciated.
Posted: April 2002

Joy Story Powell
Query: Julia Ward Burgno wife of Andrew Dollarhide. She was b. 1830 AR. On Sevier Co. AR 1850 Census with one male child, Samples, who was b. 1850. This is uncertain; father: Harold Burgno; mother: Julia Ann Ward, she is the one reputed to be Cherokee. For family records. Julia died in 1859. Her name is on the Mortality Shedule for 1860, Sevier Co. AR.
Posted: April 2002

Marie Doherty
Query: Looking for info on Sara Morris born 11/17/1852. She was of Cherokee blood. She married Henry Hester, he was born 1/19/1838. I'm pretty sure he served in the civil war. I believe they were from Kentucky or North or South Carolina. They had 10 children one of whom is my great grandfather.
Posted: April 2002

Query: Any info on Jamima Cooley in southern Indiana she married Charles Standiford.
Posted: April 2002

Debora Locklear
Query: I am looking for any info on Mortiman Edwards who was married to Winnie Gandy. Winnie died in 1941 burned to death. They had 10 or 11 children. I know that there was Cherokee and Blackfoot on one or both sides. I have hit a brick wall as far as they are concerned. I can't find any info on them.They lived in Darlington County,SC but that's about all I know. If anyone can help me e-mail me.
Posted: April 2002

Darryl Heritage
Query: I need to find out how many people named "Dockery" and "Gerphart" are on the Dawes Rolls from North Carolina. Could you link me to this where I can download the names, dates of births, marriages, etc?
Posted: April 2002

Lorie Norton
Query: I would like to find out if my maternal gradfather was a Cherokee Indian. My mother only has his name and race on her birth certificate and no other information other than that he was in the army. His name is Robert Hicks and his race was listed as Indian. My mother was born in Oklahoma City, OK in 1939. We know he was in the army during that time and might have been stationed at Fort Sill OK.
Posted: April 2002

Lynette Wright
Query: Am looking for Cherokee ancestors in my father's maternal family. His mother, Fannie Snell, her father John Snell. John Snell's wife, Rebecca Andrews, daughter of Crawford Andrews of Arkansas. The person I may be trying to find is Crawford's parents. He was born abt. 1827 in northwest Arkansas to unknown parents. Any info appreciated.
Posted: April 2002

Sherry Cowan
Query: Orr. Any info appreciated. Looking for Callie Orr. She was married to a Lowry in 1909 in Clifton (Spartanburg), S.C. Two daughters (Lowry)- Emma Gladys. Two daughters from previous marriage to a Patella - Rosie: May or Mary. She died in 1955 buried @ Whitmire Cemetery -Name Callie Orr Land at time of death. Hoping to find my Cherokee Heritage in her.
Posted: April 2002

John "Tallgrass" Laprocina
Query: I am looking for any info on Cherokee of northern Ga. and surrounding areas. My grandmothers name is Ruby Washington, my greatgrandmothers name is thought to be Pearl Anderson. Pearl is said to be full blood Cherokee. (told to me by my mother, however she is very old and cant really remember the facts) all my searches end with no information available. I've located my grandmothers grave site but still looking for certificates of death or birth.
Posted: April 2002

Query: I am looking for information on my great great grandparents. John Thomas TIDWELL (Cherokee) born Feb.2, 1855 in GA and Mary MOORE TIDWELL (Cherokee) born Jan. 15, 1855 in GA. Mary's parents died of small pox and she was raised from age 4 by her Uncle Jim Owen. I would appreciate any info on my grandparents or on Jim Owen. John Mary died in Dawson, DeKalb Co., AL.
Posted: April 2002

Query: I am searching for information about my maternal great grandmother who was 100% Cherokee. Her name was Addie Driskell Cole. She married Sam Cole who was a doctor that immigrated from Scotland. The name Driskell could be spelled as Driscoll or Driskill. I have been told that my great grandmother accompanied my great grandfather on his visits to his patients. It has also been said that he was killed in a buggy accident. In 1901 they resided in the town of Hetlin or Heflin in Alabama. This was in Coleburn County. Unfortunately, this is all I know about my great grandmother. I would greatly appreciate being contacted by anyone who knows anything about my Cherokee great grandmother.
Posted: April 2002

Nellie Mayfield
Query: I am looking for any info on the Bush, Slaton families that lead back to the Cherokees. I have been told I am 1/8 Cherokee but I have no idea where to start since I'm not sure what name leads back. Any ideas will be appreciated.
Posted: April 2002

James Leland Pinkston Jr.
Query: Looking for any info about family history. I am from Calico Rock Ar. I am Son of Leland Pinkston and Grandson of Thearl Pinkston.
Posted: April 2002

Heather Trevorah
Query: How can I determine how much Cherokee blood I have in me. My ggggreat grandmother (Agnes Rowland m. James Yates) was full blooded Cherokee. I also have several other people in my tree who have married cherokee women. I have a gggreat uncle who married a full blooded Cherokee woman born in South Carolina abt 1842. Her Indian name was Walela, Little Wing, and she was of the Bird Clan, from the Lower Towns (Ayrate, or Elati.
Posted: April 2002

Query: I am trying to find the Hall surname. Have been told they came to Ky what is now known as Simpson County from North Carolina and Va. I have a Robert Hall born 1808 in Simpson County, Ky who married a Malinda Dinning. I have a record that shows Roberts parents came from North Carolina to Ky. Family says this Hall line has Indian blood. I do not know Roberts parents names and can not find them. Is anyone related to this line? Some of the names are Dinning Sadler Black MeQuier and ? in this Hall line.
Posted: April 2002

Query: I am in search of my neice's indian ancestery. However, I am at a loss, the only thing I am sure of is her grandfather's last name, Wheeler from PA. He has a son named Matthew Greeley and I am almost certain he is Cherokee. Matthew is now living in Michigan. I have no way of finding out my neice's grandfather's first name due to the fact that we have no cantact with her father or his family. If anyone has any info. For me or any suggestions on how I can go about finding this info. Please contact me.
Posted: April 2002

Kathey Williams
Query: My G Grand mother's name was Vice Adkins from Kentucky. We have been told that she was full Cherokee and gave her son to a man named John Barker. We have been told of no farther's name. The child was born in 1888 around Sandyhook, Kentucky. He was given the name of Isiah Sammuel Barker. If anyone has any info on Vice Adkins I would love to hear from you.
Posted: April 2002

Bruce Jenkins
Query: Am looking for relatives of Nanny Florence Steel who was full Cherokee and married either to Robert E. Lee and/or a Mr. Burton. Oklahoma, turn of the Century.
Posted: April 2002

Pam Cavin
Query: Looking for any information on the Cavin family-espcially Henry Cavin from Tennessee. He was married to Sarah.
Posted: April 2002

Query: I am looking for information on William Albert Downs a registered member of the Oklahoma reservation. He was born on April 11 or 14 oround 1890 to 1910.
Posted: April 2002

David C. Morneau
Query: Both of my Grandmothers where Cherokee there names are Charlotte Blossom. Anna Davis who might be on the dawes roll #269M. I would like to find out if I could be Cherokee too. I was adopted in 1962 and would like to know about my haritage. My birth name is Charles A. Davis.
Posted: April 2002

Sue Peevy Cox
Query: Searching for information regarding my grandfather William Franklin Heath, Jr. born 2/12/1862, son of William Franklin Heath and Hanna Bruncha, also called Valley Flower, of Cherokee descent. William Franklin Heath's second wife was Ida Maude (Pearl) Potter. My grandfather was reported to have been born in Talequah, Ok. Any information would be greatly appreciated.
Posted: April 2002

Carol Taylor
Query: I am attempting to trace the ancestry of Ollie Mae Rodgers Taylor. She was born in Alabama in 1906. Her family subsequently relocated to Taylor County, Perry, Florida. Her mother's name was Vergie Harrison. Her father's name was James Rodgers. She had at least one sister whose name was Myrtice Rodgers York. I have struck out on all of my attempts. I welcome any information that might assist me in my search.
Posted: April 2002

Kym Slater
Query: I'm looking for any info on my grandfather who was said to be 100% Cherokee indian, his name was Paul Chek. Apparently he was in the navy and died at Pearl Harbor Hawaii. My grandparents were never married and my father died in 1969. My father wasn't raised by his mother but rather his grandmother (maternal) so info is hard to find. Can anyone help?
Posted: April 2002

Query: McDaniels/Griffin/Smith North Carolina late 1700's Tennessee early 1800's Missouri abt. 1838. If these names and migration timelines are familiar, please contact me.
Posted: April 2002

Dolores Cobb Phifer
Query: O'siyo Capucine. I'd like to exchange my Weir-Smith family with you. Have a wonderful and a joyful New Years. May the good Lord continue to bless you mightily for your sharing. Happy Researching. God bless. Peace and blessings.
Posted: April 2002

Dolores Cobb Phifer
Query: For a friend who is not on line yet: Hello. I am looking for the family of "Hanna Tennessee" aka Hoover Young married Stephen Kessling West, B: 1824. One of the descendents was a William George Perry West. Family is from KY and possibly TN. Cherokee name - "Hanna Tennessee". West may also be Cherokee. WEST-L@rootsweb.com & YOUNG-L@rootsweb.com
Posted: April 2002

Dolores Cobb Phifer
Query: I am looking into our Weir. Some say that the Weir once lived in the Old Territory... Tennessee/North Carolina before moving to Arkansas. Family stories, dad said that Grandpop (John Munford(?)) Smith said that he used to pick up Mary M. Weir at the boarding school there in from what we gather is AR. John and Mary homesteaded in Brinkley, Arkansas after moving from TN/NC. They were friends of the Cobb family (Robert Lee and Rose Etta (Jacobs) Cobb) who were from way back. They dated each other... John with Rose Etta and Robert Lee with Mary... back and forth until they decided on who they were going to marry and settle down with. They even named their children the same... then one from each family married... my grandparents - Muriel Dewey Cobb and Lola Lillian Smith. Date wise, Robert Lee and Rose Etta married in 1929... so I imagine the others also married around that same time. The Cobb family had been here in the States since the mid-1600's. Here is my Smith-Weir side of the family - My dad's mother's parents are John Munfred(?) Smith, B:12/26/1859, Paris, TN (Father: James M. Smith, AL and Mother: name unknown, TN), D:05/05/1941, Brinkley AR, Monroe Co., married Mary Magdeline(sp?) Weir, B:04/241868, (Parents unknown, from TN(?)), D:12/04/1951, Brinkley AR, Monroe Co. and married on 10/10/1886. Mary has at least one brother - James Thomas Weir (born in ~1874 and lived past 50 yrs old, in Kansas). Mary had several sisters who married and lived in AR. Now, if Mary was 84 at the time of her passing and she lived in AR area since she was quite young. Now, since John and Robert both dated her and picked her up at the boarding school and John and Mary wedded in 1886 when she was 18... then that means that the boarding school had to be in or near Brinkley, AR. At least, that is my best guess anyway. John M. Smith and his brother were blacksmiths and tinsmiths. They made wagon wheels among other things. They repaired the wagons traveling on the route through Brinkley, AR going out west from the east. I am also looking for Mary's siblings... any Weir women with birthdates around Mary's and Jim's birthdates and would have married and settled down in Monroe County, AR. They would have to have a sister named Mary Magdeline(sp) (Weir) Smith and a brother named James Thomas Weir. So, what boarding schools were around in the 1800's when Mary and her siblings would have attended. Mary left in ~1886 and Jim could have left in 1880 and their siblings could have been older, younger, or in between. My best guess is that Mary and Jim were the youngest, because the family only talked about Jim and Mary. But then, 6 years between them seems odd for back then... don't you think? Unless Jim was the youngest and wanted to watch out for big sis or was Mary watching out for baby brother. I have old photos of Mary and Jim and John, Mary's husband. I am willing to share the names of Mary and John's children and our Cobb side. I am looking to find the rest of the Weir family so any help will be much appreciated.
Posted: April 2002

Dolores Cobb Phifer
Query: Hello Fellow Lister. We tie into Mike R. Cobb's site at http://freepages.genealogy.rootsweb.com/~cobb/ambrose.htm

To see our Cobb Line go to http://freepages.genealogy.rootsweb.com/~cobb/ambrose.htm and type in Robert Lee Cobb who married Rose Etta Jacobs.

Robert Lee and Rose Etta (Jacobs) Cobb are my great-grandparents. You can go forward and backwards. Here is a brief rundown of the above family:

John "Jack" Cobb, b. ca 1820, m. Annie Long to Robert Lee Cobb, b. 25 Dec 1865, m. Rose Etta Jacobs. From John and Annie (Long) Cobb (my great, great-grandparents) to Robert Lee and RoseEtta (Jacobs) Cobb (my great-grandparents) to Muriel Dewey and Lola (Smith) Cobb (my grandparents and my father's parents), then to me, Dolores Cobb Phifer. (My cousin, Coleen sent me this and some of her info came from Michael, who is also a cousin.)

MARRIAGE: 27 Feb 1841, Lincoln County, North Carolina
Children of John "Jack" and Annie (Long) Cobb:
Ellen COBB
Rufus F. COBB (B: ~1850) married W. Rowena James (said to be related to Jesse James). Rufus was a Sheriff. Rufus's Children: Clive, Sally, Molly, Clara, name unknown
Julia COBB
James COBB
Sarah COBB
Henry Thompson COBB married Georgia Ada Lewis and their children are: Annie (Cobb) Barbei (L.A.,CA), Forest (Disco/Cotton Plant, AR), John, Florence
Robert Lee COBB
Elizabeth COBB
Posted: April 2002

Query: List of Taylors of the Chorkee nation.
Posted: April 2002

Jeanie Hardy
Query: I am looking for Cherokee blood in my family name of Mann or Hancock. Samuel Mann married Elizabeth Hancock in 1826. I've been told the Indian blood is on the Mann side. Any info on this would be appreciated. They lived in Henderson County Kentucky.
Posted: April 2002

Query: Searching for information on Jane Crews, born abt. 1800 or 1805, also known as Mary Jane Crews, was married to William Page in Kentucky. Said to be of Cherokee descent. Died in Moniteau county, Missouri, 1846.
Posted: April 2002

Kim Snowden
Query: Looking for Cassie Sullivan Laird. Grandma Steve Sullivan or Sillivant or Hubbard or Hibbard. Cherokee descent - Grandma Steve was halfbreed, cassie was her daughter, son Charlie, and daughter drew been told variations on spelling of Grandma Steve's last name - Cassie resided in Tyler, Texas most of her life. Told Steve from Oklahoma - any help greatly appreciated. Cassie married David Benjamin Laird, had daughter Mary Ella Sullivan Thompson Templeton.
Posted: April 2002

Mary Taylor
Query: Were there Cherokee families in Virginia? I know of the Mattaponi, who I understand are Cherokee. I am searching for proof that my father-in-law's grandmother, Sarah Staunton (we think and have some records that indicate the possibility that she was adopted. Family story may have been that she was "found.") She married a man named Samuel McDaniel in the Augusta County or Rcokbrisge County area of Virginia.
Posted: April 2002

Sand Wall
Query: I am looking for John Green Hauk who married Laura Lee Taylor. Anyone with any info, please, please, please, let me know! I do know they they lived at least briefly in Rusk, TX.
Posted: April 2002

Brian Baitx
Query: I came across a charcoal drawing of a man with the artist signature of "G.E. Ward" and the notation of "1900 Lampasas, Texas" on the back. I checked and found many Ward familiy names attached to this town. Any information on this artist and connection to Lampasas, Texas would be appreciated.
Posted: April 2002

Heidi Shaw
Query: I am looking for a Iva Mae Lewallen. Her parents were James Jacob Lewallen and Hester Elnora Wilson. She married Albert Kieffaber. I am told she was Cherokee as was her mother. Any info on her line would be helpful.
Posted: April 2002

John Rowe
Query: Information on Everett Marcum is missing. He is the grandfather of Richard Marcum. He was married to a woman named Delta. He is full blooded Cherokee.
Posted: April 2002

Latonna Joyce
Query: I am trying to find my fathers ancestors. It was said that they are Cherokee. My ???grandfather was Joseph Willis b.1808 in VA and d. between 1871-1880. He married Sarah Mable Miller b.1814 and died after 1880. She was born in VA and they both died in mo. They had ten children: Abram, Levi, William, Nancy, Owen, Thomas, Hugh, Sarah, Mary Ann, Lucy A. All were born in VA except for the last three girls. They were born in TN. One of the boys has a roll number but I need to find the connection to the father. Can anyone help me?
Posted: April 2002

Sharon Hollis Sutter
Query: My great grandmother is Mary Jane Alverson, or Alberson, or Oberson. The family believes she was full blooded Cherokee. She married Abraham Ary and moved from Linden, TN to Thayer MO where she lived until her death in 1928. Birth date is recorded on the tombstone as 1843. Does anyone have record of this family name(s)?
Posted: April 2002

Loretta Clark
Query: Recently found evidence that my grandmother was born in the Cherokee Nation. Had been told as a child that she was Indian but no more info. Her name was Matilda Smith born in 1881. Her Father was Charles Smith. Wife listed as jane any help appreciated.
Posted: April 2002

Glenn O Parsons
Query: Dora Alice Trickel or Trickle. She was born Sept. 15, 1867 and died in 1942, she married Henry George Samuel Parsons 3/8/1887. They lived in Old Bliss, Oklahoma. She is a Cherokee woman. She is also my grandmother.
Posted: April 2002

Tim McIntosh
Query: Does anyone have any information about a young child raised by a woman on the Cherokee, NC reservation (eastern band) who was then given for adoption to a James McIntosh and his wife in the late 1880s. That child is my grandfather, whose name was Jesse Lee McIntosh, born about 1880 and died in 1976. Was he on the roll of Cherokee peoples in the early 1880s?
Posted: April 2002

Query: Looking for info on this line on Baldridge.

Generation No. 1
1. GEORGE1 BALDRIDGE was born Abt. 1793, and died Abt. 1846. He married NANCY NEE FOX. She was born Abt. 1800 in East of the Mississippi, and died Abt. 1863. Notes for NANCY NEE FOX: On Cherokee Drennen Roll of 1851 as Nancy Baldridge...#4....George Baldridge...#4, Going Snake District.
2. i. CAPTAIN2 BALDRIDGE, b. Abt. 1810; d. Abt. 1863.
ii. HAWK BALDRIDGE, b. Abt. 1818. Notes for HAWK BALDRIDGE: On the Cherokee Drennen Roll as Bird Baldridge # 2, Going Snake District.
3. iii. RUNABOUT BALDRIDGE, b. Abt. 1820.
4. iv. MARY MARGARET BALDRIDGE, b. Abt. 1822, East of the Miss.; d. Abt. 1882, Tahlequah, Indian Territory.
v. NANCY BALDRIDGE, b. Abt. 1824.
vi. LUCY BALDRIDGE, b. Abt. 1826.Notes for LUCY BALDRIDGE: On Cherokee Drennen Roll of 1851 as Lucy Baldridge # 3, Going Snake District.
vii. GEORGE BALDRIDGE, b. Abt. 1828.

Generation No. 2
2. CAPTAIN2 BALDRIDGE (GEORGE1) was born Abt. 1810, and died Abt. 1863. He married ANNIE MCDONALD. Notes for CAPTAIN BALDRIDGE: 1. Captain Baldridge can be found on the Henderson Roll: In which is a census of over 16,000 Cherokee residing in Alabama, Georgia, Tennessee, and North Carolina to be removed to Oklahoma under the terms of the treaty of New Echota in 1835. Also listed is Anna Baldridge- Ga, Fox Baldridge-Ga., George Baldridge-Ala., Gwen Baldridge-Ga., Hawk Baldridge-Ala. 2. There is a book called Little Will Valley.....information found is.

Captain Baldridge 1835 census: Blount Co. 6 full bloods, 1 farmer, 1 weaver, 2 spinners

George Baldridge 1818 Emigration roll, 9 in family

George Baldridge: 1835 Blount Co. , 1 full blood, 6 Half bloods, 5 slaves, 2 farmers, 1 weaver, 2 spinners

Hawk Baldridge: Wills Valley, 4 full bloods, 1 farmer, 1weaver and 1 reader of Cherokee
3. Captain Baldridge is listed on the Drennen Roll of 1851..IL District..# 24
4. Captain Baldridge was kill during the war. Testimony of Nancy Benge.
5. Captain Baldridge indian name was Gah-now-say-ski.
6. Edward McDonald, applicant # 173, was born December 17, 1840, in Marion County, TN. He gave little family information in his application as his mother, Annie ( Baldridge ) Mc Donald died when John was a small child. He did state his maternal grandparents were Captain and Annie Baldridge and his Baldridge uncles were George, Hank, Fox and Green.
7. Captain Baldridge, Anna, Fox, George, Gwen, Hawk on the Henderson Roll of 1835.
8. Dick, George, Jack, Katy Baldridge is on the 1817 Emigration Roll.9
9. He is also found on the list of Cherokee Indians who have emigrated under the treaty with the Cherokee Nation of the 29th of December 1835 with the amount due to each respectively on arrival in the cherokee country west of the Mississippi, as ajudged by the Commissioners authorized there to by the same treaty November 1837. ..# 328, Book B, Name: Capt. Baldridge, Residence east of the Mississippe River: Wills Valley, Alb., Balance to be paid west: $282.00.

5. i. ANNIE3 BALDRIDGE, d. Abt. 1848.
6. ii. WILLIAM BALDRIDGE, b. Abt. 1828.

3. RUNABOUT2 BALDRIDGE (GEORGE1) was born Abt. 1820. He married LUCY. She was born Abt. 1826. Notes for RUNABOUT BALDRIDGE: On Cherokee Drennen Roll of 1851 as Run about Baldridge # 1, Going Snake District. Notes for LUCY: On 1851 Drennen Roll #1, Going Snake District.

i. NANCY3 BALDRIDGE, b. Abt. 1848. Notes for NANCY BALDRIDGE: On 1851 Drennon Roll of 1851 # 1, Going Snake District.

4. MARY MARGARET2 BALDRIDGE (GEORGE1) was born Abt. 1822 in East of the Miss., and died Abt. 1882 in Tahlequah, Indian Territory. She married THEODORE BREWSTER. He was born Abt. 1820 in Mexico, and died Abt. 1872. Notes for MARY MARGARET BALDRIDGE: She is on the 1880 roll, District Tahlequah #225. Maiden name Margaret or Peggie Fox.

i. NANCY3 BREWSTER, b. Abt. 1845, Flint Dist. Cherokee North (raised in Going Smake Dist.); m. SAMUEL HOUSTON BENGE. Notes for NANCY BREWSTER: Dawes # 33068, Family census # 9821, Miller # 4862, Miller apl. 6792, Address Ft. Gibson, Okla.

In her application she states:
By what right do you claim to share? If you claim through more than on relative living in 1851. Set forth each claim seperately: as an Enrolled Eastern Cherokee in 1851, and as an heir to my Mother Margaret or Peggie Brewster nee Baldridge and my sisters Mary, Sarah, and Deliah or Polly Brewster and my Uncles Runabout, and Hawk Baldridge and my aunt Nancy Baldridge and my Grand Mother Nancy Baldridge nee Fox and my Grand Aunts Lucy, Jinnie, Anna or Cah-na, and Martha or Ca-hu-ka Fox and my Uncle Captain Baldridge and my Grand Uncle Gar-na-e Baldridge and Grand Aunts Alsey or Oo-squ-lun Baldridge and Oo-lu-ste Baldridge and my cousins Younge Deer, Grapes and Cul-sti-yah-Baldridge and Cousins Nellie Sides, Grap Sides, Chi-yu-ka Sides and Des-qua-gah Sides and Cousins Hanna Baldridge, Te-can-yes-ke Baldridge.
ii. MARY BREWSTER, b. 1846; d. 1869.
iii. SARAH BREWSTER, b. 1850; d. 1853.
iv. DELILA BREWSTER, b. 1858; d. 1873.
Posted: April 2002

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