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  • DO Make sure your email address is correct and complete ( If people can't contact you, what's the point of posting?
  • DO Be specific! The more names, dates, and places you provide the more responses you'll likely get.
  • DO Proofread your query. Make sure it is clear and easy to understand. Check for spelling and punctuation errors.
  • DO Type all surnames in capital letters, for easy reading, however ...
  • DO NOT Submit your entire query in all capital letters. These will be deleted.
  • DO NOT Post highly personal or sensitive information about yourself or any other living person. This is a public forum on a public site, so don't overshare.
  • DO NOT Post your phone number or home address. As I mentioned before, these queries are highly visible.

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July Featured Items

Cherokee Proud
A straightforward guide, written by a Cherokee, for tracing your Cherokee Roots, suggesting the rolls, records and organizations that might be of help to you in your search.

Cherokee Heritage Trails Guidebook
The book is organized around seven geographical hubs or communities within the orginal Cherokee homeland. Each chapter covers sites, side trips, scenic drives, and events.

Plants of the Cherokee
This book is an organized, easy-to-read book on medicinal, edible, and other useful plants.

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