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Cherokee Proud: A Guide for Tracing and Honoring Your Cherokee Ancestors

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Cherokee Messenger: Brief History of The Trail of Tears
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Sequoyah Birthplace Museum
History of The Cherokee tsa-la-gi Language
Sequoyah: A North Georgia Notable
Talking Leaves and the Cherokee Phoenix

Movies & Music

FAITA: First Americans in the Arts
NAMA: Native American Music Awards
Native Americans in the Movies: A Bibliography of Materials in the UC Berkeley Library
Stepfanie Kramer - Official Page
Tommy Wildcat
Rich-Heape Films
Wes Studi - Official Page

Genealogy Discussion Lists

The following mailing lists are free discussion groups who correspond via email. These lists have been created for the discussion of Native American genealogy. Read the descriptions for each mailing list to determine which lists are right for you. Each link leads to a page that details how to join that list. You can join any of the lists.

CherokeeGene-L -- A Yahoo E-Groups mailing list for anyone interested in Cherokee genealogy.
CHEROKEE-L -- A mailing list for the discussion of Cherokee history and culture. Please use the related CherokeeGene mailing list described below for genealogical discussions.
NA-CHEROKEE-FREEDMAN -- A mailing list for anyone with a genealogical interest in the Cherokee Peoples listed as Free.
TSALAGI-L -- A mailing list for the discussion of Cherokee history, culture, and genealogy.
Attakullakulla-L -- The ancestors and descendants of Attakullakulla, Chickamauga Cherokee, also known as the Little Carpenter and White Owl, and related lines. Of special interest is information about lines in east and south Tennessee and northeast Alabama (i.e., Watts, Webber, Jordan, Siniard, Leach, Ford).
FIVECIVILTRIB-L -- Anyone who is researching the Five "Civilized" Tribes (i.e., Cherokee, Choctaw, Chickasaw, Seminole, Creek).
OK-NATIVEAMERICAN-L -- A mailing list for anyone with a genealogical interest in the Indian Tribes who resided in the Indian Territory and the state of Oklahoma.
GA-NATIVEAMERICANS-L -- A mailing list for anyone with a genealogical interest in Native Americans in Georgia.
NA-FAMILY-LEGENDS-L -- A mailing list for anyone who is researching families with legends of Native American ancestry.
TSALAGI-MB-L -- Cherokee/Mixed-Blood ancestry of what is now known as the United States Of America. A genealogy mailing list for those who are seriously interested in keeping Cherokee culture, heritage traditions alive in a modern day society.
MIXED-BLOODS-L -- Indigenous/Mixed-Blood ancestry of what is now known as the United States Of America. This mailing list has great emphasis on the findings of the "Hidden Heritage". If you are searching for the truth regarding your mixed-blood ancestry, then this is the right path for you. All colors of the Rainbow are welcome here.
MIXED-MARRIAGES-L -- Native American and African American, Inter-Marriages, and the hidden culture/ancestry which so many of us didn't realize existed and still currently exists in today's society. This mailing list has great emphasis on the findings of the inter-marriages/heritage of the original inhabitors. If you are searching for the truth regarding an Inter-Marriages, then this is the right mailing list for you.
GRANNYS-NA-PANTRY-L -- A mailing list where Native American people can share recipes, remedies, memories, and stories of what their grannys taught and contributed to their families. List topics will include how clothing, cookware, utensils, basket wares, weaving, and anything related to the work of our Native American cultures and families traditions.

July Featured Items

Cherokee Proud
A straightforward guide, written by a Cherokee, for tracing your Cherokee Roots, suggesting the rolls, records and organizations that might be of help to you in your search.

Cherokee Heritage Trails Guidebook
The book is organized around seven geographical hubs or communities within the orginal Cherokee homeland. Each chapter covers sites, side trips, scenic drives, and events.

Plants of the Cherokee
This book is an organized, easy-to-read book on medicinal, edible, and other useful plants.

Genealogy Help

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