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All Things Cherokee has helped thousands of families with their Cherokee genealogy research. We offer tons of free information as well as genealogy services to help you find answers to your genealogy questions.

FacultyCNFSAll Things Cherokee Query Board
The All Things Cherokee Query Board is a FREE genealogy service which allows you to get in touch with other researchers exploring their genealogy. You can browse or search, comment on existing posts, or post your own query. [Learn More]

cherokee art ancient and eternalOld All Things Cherokee Query Boards
People have been posting queries to the site since 1998. This page contains an archive of all of the old Cherokee genealogy queries (1998-2014) for browsing and research. [Learn More]

Cherokee Roll ReportCherokee Roll Report
This service is a great tool for do-it-yourself Cherokee genealogy researchers. It includes tons of Cherokee genealogy and history information as well as custom surname searches of all the Cherokee rolls to help you determine if your family ever enrolled. [Learn More]

Dawes Roll IndexCherokee Tribal Enrollment Research
This service helps determine if you are eligible for Cherokee enrollment with one of the federally-recognized Cherokee tribes. Cherokee enrollment in all three federally-recognized tribes is based on records taken in the 20th century, so I will explore your family tree from that time period to see if your ancestors were enrolled on the final rolls. [Learn More]

GenealogyIn-Depth Genealogy Research
This service providing 6-hours of dedicated genealogy research into your family tree. This research can include anything you wish to have research — census, marriage, birth, and death records; Cherokee rolls; records of other tribes — you name it. [Learn More]


Cherokee Genealogy Articles

men_sittingCherokee Tribal Enrollment FAQ
Joining the tribe is a common goal among Cherokee genealogy hobbyists. Well, first of all, did you know there are actually three federally-recognized Cherokee tribes? These tribes are the Cherokee Nation, the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians, and the United Keetoowah Band… [Read More]

Blood Quantum - Why It Matters, and Why It Shouldn'tBlood Quantum – Why It Matters, Why It Shouldn’t
“You’re an Indian? What part?” That’s the universal question many mixed-blood American Indians are asked every day. How many times have you mentioned in passing that you are Cherokee to find your conversation interrupted by intrusive questions… [Read More]

GenealogyI Know I’m Cherokee, But How Do I Prove It?
It is one thing to know you are Cherokee, but it is quite another to “prove” it. This article helps guide you to the records that can help with that elusive proof… [Read More]

DNAGenealogy Vs. Genetics
As technology improves, it becomes more and more possible to use genetic testing to understand your family’s genealogy, but there are still some major limitations. This article explores the pros and cons of genetic testing… [Read More]

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